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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Abisara wallacei theodosia
Acanthoderus wallacii Westw.
Accipiter fosciatus wallacii
Aceraius wallacei (Kuwert 1898)
Achias wallacei McAlpine 1994
Acontia (Emmelia) wallaceana Hacker, Legrain & Fibiger 2008
Acorynus wallacei
Acropora wallaceae Veron 1990
Acrotocepheus wallacei Mahunka 1989
Actenoncus wallacei Tian & Deuve 2009
Actinopus wallacei F.O. Pickard-Cambridge 1896
Actinopus wallacei
Adelocera wallacei (Candeze 1874)
Adoretus wallacei
Aedes wallacei Edwards 1926
Aegotheles wallacei
Aegotheles wallacii
Aegotheles wallacii wallacii
Agalmopolynema wallacei (Girault)
Agarodes (Agarodes) wallacei Ross & Scott 1974
Agathidium (Microceble) wallacei Angelini & Cooter 1993
Agrilus (Wallaceilus) Holynski 2003
Agrilus (Wallaceilus) papua Holynski 2003
Agrilus (Wallaceilus) scutellaris (Deyrolle 1864)
Agrypnus wallacei (Candeze 1874)
Airapus wallaceanus Rakovic, Mencl & Kral 2019
Alcyone azurea wallaceana
Aleurodicus wallaceus Martin 1988
Alona wallaciana Henry 1919
Alona wallaciana
Alophonerpes wallacii
Amarygmus wallacei Bremer 2004
Amata wallacei paucicincta Holloway 1988
Amaurodera wallacei Kistner & McNairn 1991
Ambangia wallacei Bocakova 2006
Amphicnemis wallacei Selys
Anaphes wallacei
Anelosimus wallacei Agnarsson, Veve & Kuntner 2015
Anelosimus wallacei
Anomala wallacei Zorn 2011
Anomotarus (Anomotarus) wallacei Darlington 1968
Anomotarus wallacei Darlington 1968
Anthophora perpulchra wallaciella Rayment 1947
Anthophora perpulchra wallaciella Rayment 1944
Anthribus wallacei philippinensis
Antipha wallacei
Anystis wallacei
Anystis wallacei Otto 1992
Aphelenchoides wallacei Prakash Singh 1977
Apheliona wallacei Dworakowska 1994
Aphthona wallacei Baly 1877
Aphthona wallacei Baly
Aphthona wallacii
Aplosonyx wallacei
Apoaphelopus wallacei Olmi, Copeland & Van Noort 2019
Apocyrtus wallacei
Apoderus (Cygnotrachelus) wallacei
Apolinus lividigaster wallacii (Crotch 1874)
Aporodesminus wallacei
Aporodesminus wallacei Silvestri 1904
Apsarasa wallacei Moore 1881
Apsarasa wallacii
Apsidopis wallacei Shelford 1907
Archips wallacei Tuck 1990
Arhopala wallacei Corbet 1941
Arrhopalites wallacei Palacios-Vargas & Zeppelini 1996
Arrhopalites wallacei Palacios-Vargas & Zeppelini 1995
Arsipoda wallacii
Asceua wallacei Bosmans & Hillyard 1990
Ascleranoncodes wallacei Svihla & Akiyama 2009
Asteropyge wallacei Termier & Termier 1950
Asteropyge wallacei G. & H. Termier
Astreopora wallaceae Bromfield 2013
Astur torquatus wallacei
Astur wallacii Sharpe 1874
Atherina wallacei Prince, Ivantsoff & Potter 1982
Atherinosoma wallacei Prince, Ivantsoff & Potter 1982
Atherinosoma wallacei
Augochlora wallacei
Aulacophora wallacii
Aulexis wallacei
Austrarchaea wallacei Rix & Harvey 2012
Baconia wallacea Caterino & Tishechkin 2013
Bathycongrus wallacei (Castle 1968)
Batocera wallacei Kriesche 1928
Batocera wallacei
Batocera wallacei Thoms.
Beccaria wallacei
Belus wallacei Pascoe 1874
Belus wallacii
Bertula wallacea Holloway 2008
Besnoitia wallacei Tadros & Larman 1976
Besnoitia wallacei
Blairolepis wallacei Elliott 2018
Boiga wallachi Das 1998
Bourletides wallacei Betsch & Massoud 1972
Brachyorrhos wallacei Murphy, Mumpuni, de Lang, Gower & Sanders 2012
Brachypeplus wallacei
Bromacanthus wallacei Yoshii & Greenslade 1993
Brueelia wallacei Mey & Barker 2014
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