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An indispensable tool for taxonomic and biodiversity researchers

Why is ION so valuable? How is it different from other sources of organism names? ION is unique in that it is the most complete source of organism names available, which reflects the focus of published literature. Organism names are a key element in organizing all biological information, but prior to the creation of ION, researchers had to check several disparate and incomplete name lists to find the information they need.

No more - now they can save valuable time with the comprehensive answer: ION.

ION contains millions of animal names, both fossil and recent, at all taxonomic ranks, reported from the scientific literature. (Bacteria, plant and virus names will be added soon).

These names are derived from premier Clarivate Analytics databases: Zoological Record®, BIOSIS Previews®, and Biological Abstracts®. All names are tied to at least one published article. Together, these resources cover every aspect of the life sciences - providing names from over 4 million scientific records, including approximately 15,000 international journals, patents, books, and conference proceedings. They provide a powerful foundation for the most complete collection of organism names available today.

When you search for a name on ION, your results include:

  • Basic nomenclatural and hierarchical information
  • Original description reference and related articles from Clarivate Analytics databases with links to citations via Web of ScienceSM*
  • Related, evaluated Web resources

This data allows you to:

  • Identify the taxonomic group to which an organism belongs
  • Verify that newly published animal names have been correctly reported in Zoological Record, as recommended by the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature, and submit articles to have names included
  • Keep up to date with newly published names in your organism group
  • Track changes in the actual usage of names (and their variant spellings) in the literature
  • Check homonyms - avoid homonym creation for new names and identify existing homonyms within and between phyla or kingdoms
  • Obtain literature references about a name
  • View latest research carried out on a name through the recent articles list
  • Access full text and gain access to the full literature record of a given name

For further information please contact us.

* Subscription to ISI Web of KnowledgeSM required.