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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Megapodius wallacii
Megascogaster wallacei Kittel 2014
Melania wallacii (Reeve)
Melanorivulus wallacei Costa 2016
Meroplius wallacei Iwasa 1999
Metacanthina wallacei Termier & Termier 1950
Metapone wallaceana Taylor & Alpert 2016
Metriorrhynchus wallacei Kleine 1933
Miasa wallacei Muir 1923
Molycria wallacei Platnick & Baehr 2006
Monoceratina wallacei
Monoceromyia wallacei
Monolepta wallacei
Moruga wallaceae Raven 1994
Mulleripicus wallacii Lord Tweeddale 1877
Munia wallacii Sharpe 1890
Murrindalaspis wallacei Long 1984
Mutilla wallacei
Myoictis melas wallacei
Myoictis wallacei
Nanina wallacii (Pfr.))
Nassaria wallacei Fraussen 2006
Neophansia wallacei
Neophansia wallacei Wei & Webb 2010
Nephila wallacii Thorell 1877
Neritina wallacii (Dohrn)
Nipponaphera wallacei Petit & Harasewych 2000
Nodostoma wallacei
Nomia wallacei Cockerell 1939
Nososticta wallacei (Selys 1886)
Nososticta wallacei
Notoneura wallacei (Selys 1886)
Notoneura wallacii
Odochilus wallacei Petrovitz 1965
Odochilus wallacei
Odontacolus wallacei Valerio & Austin 2013
Odontacolus wallacei
Oedichirus wallacei De Rougemont 2017
Omadius wallacei Kuwert 1894
Ommadius wallacei
Omoglymmius (Omoglymmius) wallacei Bell & Bell 1988
Omophorus (Sinomophorus) wallacei Tseng, Hsiao & Hsu 2018
Omphalencyrtus wallacei Girault 1915
Onthophagus (Sunenaga) wallacei
Onthophagus wallacei Harold 1871
Onthophagus wallacii Har.
Onthophagus wallacii
Oochoristica wallacci Chandler 1952
Oochoristica wallacei
Ophrygonius wallacei Kuwert 1898
Ophrygonius wallacei (Kuwert 1898)
Opisthostoma (Plectostoma) wallacei teinostoma Vermeulen 1994
Oreolagus wallacei Dawson 1965
Ornithoptera (Ornithoptera) croesus croesus f. loc. wallacei Deslisle 1991
Ornithoptera (Ornithoptera) croesus croesus form. wallacei Deslisle 1991
Ornithoptera (Ornithoptera) croesus croesus form. wallacei Deslisle 2004
Ornithoptera (Ornithoptera) croesus wallacei Deslisle 1991
Ornithoptera (Ornithoptera) croesus wallacei form. bodnari Deslisle 2016
Ornithoptera (Ornithoptera) wallacei Deslisle 1991
Orolestes wallacei Kirby
Orolestes wallacei (Kirby)
Orolestes wallacei
Ortalia wallacei
Ortalia wallacii Crotch
Ortalia wallacii Crotch 1874
Orthorhynchoides (Guineorhinotia) wallacei (Pascoe 1874)
Oschmarenia (Chandleria) wallacei (Chandler 1952)
Oschmarenia (Chandlerid) wallacei (Chandler)
Oschmarenia wallacei Chandler 1952
Osmotreron wallacei pallidior
Osmotreron wallacii Salvadori 1893
Oxycephala wallacei
Oxyptilus wallacei
Oxyurella wallaciana (Henry 1919)
Oxyurella wallacina
Ozicrypta wallacei Raven & Churchill 1994
Pachycondyla wallacea Yamane 2007
Pachycraerus (Coryphaeus) wallacei Marseul 1864
Pachycraerus wallacei
Palaealeurodicus wallaceus (Martin 1988)
Paloptus (P.) wallacei
Pamphobeteus wallacei
Panesthia wallacei
Panesthia wallacii
Papuina wallaceana
Paradisaea (Semeioptera) wallacei Gray 1859
Paradisaea (Semeioptera) wallacii Gray 1859
Paradisaea (Semioptera) wallacii Gray 1859
Paraona wallaceana Spitsyn & Bolotov 2020
Pararrhopalites wallacei (Palacios-Vargas & Zeppelini 1995)
Parastasia wallacea Kuijten 1992
Paratonfania wallacei (Jacoby 1896)
Pardocephalus wallacei Broom 1948
Paromicrus wallacei Barmeul 1993
Parulocrinus wallacei Termier & Termier 1950
Parvimitrella wallacheri (Grill & Kozur 1986)
Peniticus wallacei Broun 1910
Peniticus wallacei Broun 1909
Pentagonica wallaceensis Baehr 2011
Periaman wallacei Distant 1916
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