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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Haideotriton cf. wallacei
Haideotriton wallacei
Haideotriton wallacei Carr 1939
Halmaheramys wallacei Fabre, Reeve, Fitriana, Aplin & Helgen 2018
Halovelia wallacei Andersen 1989
Haplocytheridea cf. Haplocytheridea wallacei
Haplocytheridea wallacei
Haplodiplatys wallacei (Bey-Bienko 1959)
Haplosonyx wallacei
Helicarion wallacei
Heliconia wallacei-parvimaculata
Heliconius (Heliconius) wallacei Reak.
Heliconius wallacei Kaye 1925
Heliconius wallacei Kruger 1933
Heliconius wallacei (Bates, MS.))
Heliconius wallacei flavescens Neustetter 1925
Heliconius wallacei latus Kaye 1925
Hemicera wallacei (Kraatz 1880)
Hemicycliophora wallacei Reay 1984
Hemiprocne longipennis wallacii
Henicocephalus wallacei
Herbertia wallacei
Hesperus wallacei De Rougemont 2017
Heteromarginatus wallacei Bukry 1969
Heteropelma wallacii
Histanocerus wallacei Burckhardt & Lobl 1992
Hydrolycus wallacei Toledo-Piza, Menezes & Mendes dos Santos 1999
Hydrolycus wallacei
Hylesinus wallacei
Hyperodes wallacei
Hyphasis wallacei Baly 1874
Hyphasis wallacei Baly.
Hyphasis wallacii
Ichthyurus wallacei
Inversia wallacei (Chandler 1952)
Iodamoeba wallacei Reyes 1970
Ipoella wallacei Evans 1973
Ischiopsopha wallacei
Ischiopsopha wallacei wallisiana (Thomson 1860)
Ishiopsopha wallacci
Isospora wallacei Tadros & Laarman 1976
Ixobrychiphilus wallacei Skoracki, Zmudzinski & Solarczyk 2017
Junonia wallacii
Kahaono wallacei
Kleothrips wallacei Buffa nec Bagn.
Krotovia wallacei
Krotovia wallaciana
Lagena wallacei
Laius wallacei
Lamprodila (Ovalisia) wallacei Levey 2016
Languria wallacii
Lebadea wallacei
Lema wallacei
Lembeja wallacei de Jong 1987
Leptacis wallaceii Veenakumari & Buhl 2018
Leptacis wallaceii
Leptatherina wallacei (Prince, Ivantsoff & Potter 1982)
Leptatherina wallacei
Leptocyclopodia (Leptocyclopodia) ferrarii wallacei Maa 1974
Leptomonas wallacei Romeiro, Sole-Cava, Sousa, de Souza & Attias 2000
Leptomonas wallacei
Leptotrombidium (Ericotrombidium) wallacei (Mitchell & Nadchatram 1966)
Leptotrombidium (Hypotrombidium) wallacei (Mitchell & Nadchatram 1966)
Leptotrombidium wallacei Mitchell & Nadchatram 1966
Lestes wallacei
Leucoraja wallacei
Lilliconus wallacei Lorenz & Morrison 2004
Liodopria wallacei Angelini & Cooter 1993
Llanoaspis wallacensis
Lomaptera wallacei
Longitarsus wallacei Baly 1877
Lorius (Eos) wallacii
Lucidina wallacei
Lycaena wallacei Felder & Felder 1865
Lycosa wallacei Chamberlin & Ivie 1944
Macratria wallacei
Macrobrachium wallacei Wowor & Ng 2008
Macrocheles wallacei Halliday 2000
Macronema wallacei
Malukubenna wallacei Hoch 2013
Malurus wallacii capillatus Mayr 1986
Marava wallacei Dohrn
Marginella wallaceorum Lussi 2013
Marginella wallacii Jousseaume 1875
Marginulina wallacei Hedberg 1937
Marpissa wallacei
Marpissa wallacei Barnes 1958
Mathericrinus wallacei (Termier & Termier 1950)
Mathevotaenia wallacei (Chandler 1952)
Mecometopus wallacei (White 1855)
Mecopus wallacii
Mecynothrips wallacei Bagnall 1908
Mecynothrips wallacei
Mecysmoderes (Wallaceolus) kipyatkovi Korotyaev 2013
Mecysmoderes (Wallaceolus) wallacei Korotyaev 2013
Mecystnoderes (Wallaceolus) Korotyaev 2013
Megachile wallacei
Megalomyrmex wallacei Mann 1916
Megalopinus wallacei Puthz 2012
Megapodius wallacei
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