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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Brueelia wallacei Mey & Barker 2014
Caccobius wallacii
Caenorhabditis wallacei Felix, Braendle & Cutter 2014
Caerostris wallacei Gregoric, Blackledge, Agnarsson & Kuntner 2015
Callidosoma wallaceanum Southcott 1972
Callithea wallacei
Callopistria wallacei (Felder 1874)
Calodema wallacei
Calodema wallacei Deyrolle 1864
Calodema wallacei Thery 1922
Calodema wallacei Thery 1923
Calodema wallacei Deyrolle
Calodera wallacei Broun 1912
Calonecrus wallacei (Thoms.)
Cambroinyoella wallacei Lieberman 2001
Campodea (Campodea) wallacei Bagnall 1918
Campodea (Campodea) wallacei
Campodea wallacei
Capito wallacei O'Neill, Lane, Kratter, Capparella & Fox Joo 2000
Cardipeltis wallacii Branson & Hehl 1931
Cardipeltis wallacii
Carnoya wallacei Hunt 1997
Cartorhynchites (Hyperinvolvulus) wallacei (Voss 1935)
Cassena wallacei
Catophaga wallacei
Catophaga wallacei Butler 1898
Catreus wallachii
Ceratanaphes wallacei (Girault 1912)
Ceratus wallacei
Ceyx wallacii
Chabria wallacei (Jacoby 1896)
Chaetocnema (Chaetocnema) wallacei Baly 1877
Chaetocnema wallacei Baly 1877
Chalcophaps a. wallacei
Chalcophaps stephani wallacei
Chalcophaps wallacii
Champaka wallacei (Beuk 1999)
Charaxes wallacei Butl.
Charaxes wallacii
Chilocoris (Statanus) wallacei Lis 1994
Chilocorus wallacii Crotch 1874
Chilocorus wallacii Crotch
Chiton wallacei Winckworth 1927
Chlamys wallacei
Chloriona (Sogatella) wallacei Muir
Choaspes hemixanthus wallacei Tsukiyama & Chiba 1991
Chrysochroa wallacei Deyrolle 1864
Chrysochroa wallacei
Chrysodema (Chrysodema) wallacei Deyrolle 1864
Chrysodema (Thymedes) wallaceae Holynski 1994
Chrysodema wallacei Deyrolle 1864
Chrysodema wallacei
Cicindela wallacii
Cithna wallacei Oliver 1915
Cladognathus wallacei
Cladophorus wallacei
Clambus wallacei Endrody-Younga 1995
Clinteria cinctipennis wallacei Miksic 1977
Clivina wallacei
Clivina wallacei Kult 1951
Cnemaspis wallaceii Pal, Mirza, Dsouza & Shanker 2021
Coelocorynus wallacei Krikken
Coelophora wallacii Crotch
Coelophora wallacii Crotch 1874
Colobostema diversum wallacei Cook 1971
Columba plumbea wallacei Chubb 1917
Colydodes wallacei (Pascoe 1863)
Congrina wallacei Castle 1968
Contacyphon wallacei (Yoshitomi 2012)
Copelatus wallacei
Coroebus wallacei
Coroebus wallacei Obenb.
Cosmetolaelaps wallacei Costa
Cosmoscarta wallacii
Crenicichla wallacii
Crenicichla wallacii Regan 1905
Crenicichla wallacii group Ploeg 1991
Crocisa wallacei
Cryphaeus wallacei Ando 2018
Cryptarcha wallacei andrewesi Grouvelle 1908
Cryptarcha wallacii
Cryptocephalus wallacci
Cryptolaemus wallacei Crotch 1874
Cryptospira wallacei Wakefield 2010
Ctenoceridion (Ctenoceridion) wallacei Matile 1990
Culicoides wallacei Wirth & Blanton 1973
Cussolenis wallacei Muona 2020
Cyclopides wallacei
Cylidrus wallacei
Cylidrus wallacei Thoms.
Cyobius wallacei
Cyphogastra wallacsi
Cyphon wallacei Yoshitomi 2012
Cyriola imperialis ab. wallacei Obenberger 1947
Cyriopalpus wallacei
Cyrtodactylus wallacei Hayden, Brown, Gillespie, Setiadi, Linkem, Iskandar, Umilaela, Bickford, Riyanto, Mumpuni & McGuire 2008
Cytheridea wallacei
Dacus (Callantra) wallacei White 1998
Danis wallacei hermogenes (Fruhstorfer 1915)
Dcndrocincla fuliginosa wallacci Chubb 1919
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