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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Acrilla godeffroyi Distant 1882
Agraecia godeffroyi
Amynthas godeffroyi Michaelsen 1899
Anampses godeffroyi Gunther 1881
Anampses godeffroyl Gunther 1881
Anomalopus godeffroyi Peters 1867
Anthene lycaenoides godeffroyi
Anthene lycaenoides godeffroyi (Semper)
Benhamia godeffroyi Michaelsen 1890
Bidessus godeffroyi Sharp 1882
Boarmia godeffroyi
Calumia godeffroyi (Gunther 1877)
Calumia godeffroyi
Cardita (Actinobolus) godeffroyi Dunker 1871
Cardita godeffroyi Dunker
Chilinus godeffroyi Gunther 1871
Colpospira (Acutospira) godeffroyana Donald 1900
Cucumaria godeffroyi Semper 1868
Cucumaria godeffroyi
Cybister godeffroyi
Cycloxanthus godeffroyi Milne-Edwards 1874
Diplommatina godeffroyana
Diplommatina godeffroyana Mousson 1870
Diplommatina godeffroyana var. latecostata Mousson 1870
Distira godeffroyi
Ditropidus godeffroyi
Ectatorrhinus godeffroyi
Eleotris godeffroyi Gunther 1877
Euapta godeffroyi
Euapta godeffroyi (Semper)
Euapta godeffroyii
Eutrigaster godeffroyi (Michaelsen 1890)
Geolycosa godeffroyi
Godeffroyia Kolliker 1869
Godeffroyia elegans Kolliker 1869
Goniocephalus godeffroyi
Gonyocephalus godeffroyi
Guignotus godeffroyi (Sharp 1882)
Halcyon godeffroyi Finsch 1877
Hermarchus godeffroyi Redt.
Hermarchus godeffroyi
Hermarchus godeffroyi Redtenbacher 1908
Heterocucumis godeffroyi (Semper 1868)
Hydroglyphus godeffroyi
Hydrophis godeffroyi
Hyphydrus godeffroyi (Wehncke, MS.)
Hypsilurus godeffroyi Peters 1867
Imarus godeffroyi Haag-Rutenberg 1878
Lophura (Hypsilurus) godeffroyi Peters 1867
Lophura godeffroyi Peters 1867
Lycaenesthes godeffroyi
Lycosa godeffroyi
Lycosa godeffroyi L. Koch
Lycosa godeffroyi L. Koch 1865
Mareta godeffroyi
Melania godeffroyana
Microcyphus godeffroyi
Microcyphus maculatus var. godeffroyi Mortensen 1942
Monarcha godeffroyi Hartl.
Monarcha godeffroyi
Muraenichthys godeffroyi
Muraenichthys godeffroyi Regan 1909
Nanina godeffroyana Garrett 1872
Nisyrus godeffroyi Redtenbacher 1905
Noloproclus godeffroyi Augener 1922
Oryctoderus godeffroyi Fairmaire 1877
Oryctoderus godeffroyi Mioko
Oryctoderus godeffroyi
Oryctoderus godeffroyi hebridarum Endrodi 1971
Palaina (Palaina) godeffroyana latecostata (Mousson 1870)
Pamponerus godeffroyi Fairmaire 1881
Papilio godeffroyi
Papilio godeffroyi Semper 1867
Papilio godeffroyi Semper
Percichthys godeffroyi Gthr.
Percichthys godeffroyi Gunther 1873
Phasmotaenia godeffroyi (Redtenbacher 1908)
Pithemara godeffroyl (Michaelsen 1899)
Platyphanes (?) godeffroyi Haag-Rutenberg 1878
Pseudogorgia godeffroyi
Pseudoscarus godeffroyi Gunther 1909
Ptychochilus godeffroyi
Rhamphoschisma godeffroyi
Rhytiphora godeffroyi (Breuning 1943)
Risbecia godeffroyana (Bergh in Garrett 1877)
Sapyga godeffroyi Sauss.
Sinployea godeffroyana Solem 1983
Siphonogorgia godeffroyi
Siphonogorgia godeffroyi KoLLIKER 1874
Sphex godeffroyi
Strumigenys (S.) godeffroyi Mayr
Strumigenys godeffroyi
Strumigenys godeffroyi Mayr 1866
Strumigenys godeffroyi Mayr.
Strumigenys godeffroyi geococci Calilung 2000
Synapta godeffroyi
Synapta godeffroyi Semper 1868
Syntherata godeffroyi Butler 1882
Syntherata godeffroyi Niepelt 1934
Syntherata godeffroyi
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