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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Veigaia Oudemans 1905
Veigaia (Gamasus)
Veigaia . nernorensis
Veigaia aerrata
Veigaia agilis (Berlese 1916)
Veigaia alba Hurlbutt 1965
Veigaia anmashanensis Tseng 1994
Veigaia arvensis
Veigaia arvensis Ishikawa 1969
Veigaia ashizuriensis Ishikawa 1978
Veigaia bakeri
Veigaia bakeri Farrier 1957
Veigaia beinaxinae Chen & Gao 2015
Veigaia beklemischeri Davydova
Veigaia beklemischevi
Veigaia beklemischevi Davydova 1965
Veigaia belovae Davydova 1979
Veigaia benoiti Loots 1980
Veigaia bogdanovi Davydova 1978
Veigaia bouvieri
Veigaia bregetovae Petrova & Makarova 1989
Veigaia capreolus (Berlese 1905)
Veigaia carpathica
Veigaia carpathica Masan & Fenda 2008
Veigaia carpillaris Tseng 1994
Veigaia cerva
Veigaia cervus
Veigaia chenbaifangi
Veigaia chenbaifangi Bai, Yan & Qi 2010
Veigaia claggi Hunter 1970
Veigaia clavata Ma Liming & Wang Shenrong 1998
Veigaia cuneata Ma 1996
Veigaia cuneata
Veigaia decurtata Athias-Henriot 1961
Veigaia decurtata
Veigaia dendritica Hurlbutt 1965
Veigaia exigua (Berlese 1916)
Veigaia exigua
Veigaia exigua species group
Veigaia extremi-orientis Bregetova 1961
Veigaia formosana Tseng 1994
Veigaia fujianensis Ma & Lin 2012
Veigaia garraldensis Athias-Henriot 1961
Veigaia gentiles Womersley 1956
Veigaia giganta Pike & Jarroll 1977
Veigaia grandipes
Veigaia grandiuseula Bregetova 1961
Veigaia helvetica Schweizer 1961
Veigaia henanensis Ma & Lin 2012
Veigaia herculeana
Veigaia herculeanus
Veigaia hohuanshanensis Tseng 1994
Veigaia hubarti Masan & Madej 2011
Veigaia hurlbutti Pike & Jarroll 1977
Veigaia ignaseta Farrier 1957
Veigaia igolkini Bregetova 1961
Veigaia incisa Hurlbutt 1984
Veigaia incisilobata
Veigaia incisilobata Masan 2008
Veigaia indica Bhattacharya 2008
Veigaia inexpectata Kaluz 1993
Veigaia kawasawai Ishikawa 1982
Veigaia kochi
Veigaia kocki
Veigaia koroljevae Davydova 1965
Veigaia lauseggeri Schmolzer 1992
Veigaia leruthi
Veigaia leruthi Willmann 1935
Veigaia letovae Davydova 1979
Veigaia limulus Tseng 1994
Veigaia locha Hurlbutt 1965
Veigaia lucilia Farrier 1957
Veigaia malimingi Bai 2005
Veigaia mirabilis
Veigaia mirabilis Bregetova 1961
Veigaia mitis (Berlese 1916)
Veigaia mitis
Veigaia mollis
Veigaia mollis Karg 1971
Veigaia nemorensis
Veigaia nemorensis (Koch 1839)
Veigaia nemotensis
Veigaia nodosa Hurlbutt 1965
Veigaia nodosoides Hurlbutt 1984
Veigaia ochracea
Veigaia ochracea Bregetova 1961
Veigaia paradoxa Willmann 1951
Veigaia paradoxa
Veigaia partitus
Veigaia pentachaeta
Veigaia pentachaeta Masan 2008
Veigaia perinsolita Athias-Henriot 1961
Veigaia philippiensis Hurlbutt 1984
Veigaia piliseta
Veigaia piliseta Farrier 1957
Veigaia planicola
Veigaia planicola Berlese 1892
Veigaia praeconcava Ma & Lin 2004
Veigaia preendopodalia Hurlbutt 1984
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