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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Amarodytes (Uvarus) ejuncidus Belg.
Amarodytes (Uvarus) gschwendtneri Guignot 1945
Uvarus Guignot
Uvarus Guignot 1939
Uvarus absconditus Bilardo & Rocchi 2008
Uvarus angustulus Bistrom 1988
Uvarus baoulicus bicolor (Guignot 1948)
Uvarus barombicus Bilardo 1982
Uvarus barombicus
Uvarus bilineatus Guignot 1956
Uvarus binaghii Pederzani & Sanfilippo 1978
Uvarus bredoi (Gschwendtner 1943)
Uvarus caprai Pederzani & Sanfilippo 1978
Uvarus cilunculus (Guignot 1950)
Uvarus densepunctatus Bilardo & Rocchi 2002
Uvarus devroeyi
Uvarus devroyei (Gschwendtner 1932)
Uvarus falli
Uvarus fastuosus Bistrom 1988
Uvarus flavicans
Uvarus galla (Regimbart 1895)
Uvarus garambanus Bruneau de Mire & Legros 1963
Uvarus genitilis (Sharp)
Uvarus granarius (Aube)
Uvarus ibonum Bistrom 1988
Uvarus lanzai Pederzani & Rocchi 1982
Uvarus laurentius Bistrom 1995
Uvarus leptometis Guignot 1955
Uvarus limicola Bilardo & Pederzani 1978
Uvarus livens
Uvarus lorenzoi Bilardo & Rocchi 2008
Uvarus medleri Bistrom 1988
Uvarus melanopterus Guignot 1959
Uvarus miser Bilardo & Pederzani 1979
Uvarus monticola Guignot 1957
Uvarus nigeriensis Bistrom 1988
Uvarus nubilus
Uvarus occultus (Sharp 1882)
Uvarus omalus Guignot 1956
Uvarus omichlodes Guignot 1957
Uvarus opacus (Gschwendtner 1935)
Uvarus osserensis Bilardo & Rocchi 2008
Uvarus pearsonae Bilardo & Rocchi 2008
Uvarus peringueyi
Uvarus peringueyi (Regimbart 1895)
Uvarus pictipes (Lea 1898)
Uvarus pinheyi Bistrom 2000
Uvarus poecilopterus (Regimbart 1899)
Uvarus poggii Franciscolo & Sanfilippo 1990
Uvarus quadrilineatus (Zimmermann)
Uvarus quadrimaculatus Bilardo & Rocchi 1990
Uvarus rivolurum
Uvarus rivulorum (Regimbart 1895)
Uvarus satyrus (Guignot 1939)
Uvarus sechellensis
Uvarus straleni Bistrom 1988
Uvarus subtilis (LeConte 1852)
Uvarus taitii Rocchi 1991
Uvarus tokarensis Sato 1972
Uvarus ugandae Bistrom 1988
Uvarus vagefasciatus Bilardo & Rocchi 2000
Uvarus vitticollis (Boheman 1848)
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