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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Cillibaena (Uropoda) aquatica Piersig 1906
Uropoda Latreille 1806
Uropoda Latr. 1806
Uropoda De Geer
Uropoda Latr.
Uropoda Deg.
Uropoda (? Urodinychus) sartor Hull 1918
Uropoda (Acari)
Uropoda (Cilliba) Heyden 1827
Uropoda (Cilliba) australis Hutu 1987
Uropoda (Cilliba) cassidea (Hermann 1804)
Uropoda (Cilliba) insularis (Willmann 1938)
Uropoda (Cilliba) sellnicki
Uropoda (Cilliba) sopronensis Wisniweski & Hirschmann 1990
Uropoda (Cilliba) woelkei
Uropoda (Metadinychus) Berlese 1916
Uropoda (Metadinychus) argasiformis (Berlese 1916)
Uropoda (Metadinychus) argasiformis
Uropoda (Metadinychus) daelei Hirschmann 1981
Uropoda (Metadinychus) endrassyi Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Metadinychus) exilis Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1979
Uropoda (Metadinychus) kaszabi Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Metadinychus) loksai Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Metadinychus) mahunkai Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Metadinychus) nodosa Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Metadinychus) pura Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1979
Uropoda (Metadinychus) serrata Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Metadinychus) serratasimilis Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1983
Uropoda (Metadinychus) similiargasiformis Hirschmann 1981
Uropoda (Olouropoda) nitidissima
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus terrestrisa Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1977
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus)
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) Berlese 1903
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) alata Hirschmann 1981
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) amani Hirschmann 1973
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) ampla Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1979
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) amplior (Berlese 1924)
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) ancorae Hirschmann 1981
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) ancoraesimilis Hirschmann 1981
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) anguinea Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) aokii Hiramatsu 1979
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) argasiformis (Berlese 1916)
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) australiensis Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1978
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) berndti Wisniewski 1984
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) boliviensis Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1978
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) brasiliensis (Sellnick 1962)
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) castrii Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) chernobaii Wisniewski & Hirschmann 1992
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) chilesae Hirschmann 1984
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) cienfuegi Wisniewski & Hirschmann 1993
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) clara Hiramatsu 1980
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) cocuyensis Hirschmann 1984
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) compta Hiramatsu 1981
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) copridis (Oudemans 1916)
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) corbicularis (Womersley 1961)
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) cubaensis Hiramatsu 1980
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) deconincki Hirschmann 1981
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) depilata (Trouessart 1902)
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) diffusa Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1979
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) difoveolata group
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) difoveolatasimilis Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) disetosa Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) efferata Hiramatsu 1981
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) ehimensis Hiramatsu 1979
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) eustructura Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) fumiakii Hiramatsu 1980
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) garciai Hirschmann & Hiramatsu 1990
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) granata Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1978
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) grandis Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1979
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) granosa Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1978
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) gressitti Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) grolli Wisniewski & Hirschmann 1992
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) hamulifera Michael 1894
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) hamulifera (Michael 1894)
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) huilae Hirschmann 1984
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) huilaparva Hirschmann 1984
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) huilastructura Hirschmann 1984
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) imadatei Hiramatsu 1980
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) indonesiensis Hiramatsu 1980
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) insulana Hiramatsu 1979
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) insulanasimilis Hiramatsu 1981
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) interrupta Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) iriomotensis Hiramatsu 1979
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) ishikawai Hiramatsu 1978
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) japanorepleta Hiramatsu 1980
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) krantzi Hirschmann 1975
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) kurosai Hiramatsu 1978
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) langi Hirschmann 1981
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) laqueata Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) laqueatasimilis Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1979
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) levidensis Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1979
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) levigata Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1978
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) lindquisti Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) littorale (Trouessart 1902)
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) longicauliculi Hiramatsu 1981
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) luculenta Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1978
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) luminosa Hiramatsu & Hirschmann 1983
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) maeandralis Hirschmann 1972
Uropoda (Phaulodinychus) marihirschmanni Hiramatsu 1977
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