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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Rhagovelia tricoma Nancy Padilla-Gil 2015
Tricoma Cobb 1894
Tricoma Cobb 1893
Tricoma (Quadricoma) Filipjev 1922
Tricoma (Quadricoma) cobbi Steiner 1916
Tricoma (Quadricoma) jindoensis Lim & Chang 2005
Tricoma (Quadricoma) loricata Filipjev 1922
Tricoma (Quadricoma) magnafenestra Decraemer 1998
Tricoma (Quadricoma) maxima (Schepotieff 1907)
Tricoma (Quadricoma) media (Reinhard 1881)
Tricoma (Quadricoma) tripapillata Soetaert & Decraemer 1989
Tricoma (Tricoma)
Tricoma (Tricoma) albimaris Decraemer & Tchesunov 1996
Tricoma (Tricoma) apophysis Soetaert & Decraemer 1989
Tricoma (Tricoma) blomei Decraemer 1996
Tricoma (Tricoma) brevirostris (Southern 1914)
Tricoma (Tricoma) capitata Decraemer 1987
Tricoma (Tricoma) corsicana Soetaert & Decraemer 1989
Tricoma (Tricoma) duopapillata Soetaert & Decraemer 1989
Tricoma (Tricoma) euxenica Paladian & Andriescu 1963
Tricoma (Tricoma) hopperi Timm 1970
Tricoma (Tricoma) islandica Kreis 1963
Tricoma (Tricoma) latispicula Soetaert & Decraemer 1989
Tricoma (Tricoma) multiannulata Kreis 1937
Tricoma (Tricoma) parabrevirostris Decraemer 1996
Tricoma (Tricoma) paracapitata Decraemer & Tchesunov 1996
Tricoma (Tricoma) pygmaea Soetaert & Decraemer 1989
Tricoma (Tricoma) setosa Soetaert & Decraemer 1989
Tricoma (Tricoma) similis Cobb 1912
Tricoma (Tricoma) tertia Blome 1982
Tricoma (Tricoma) vincxae Soetaert & Decraemer 1989
Tricoma aberrans
Tricoma absidata lizardiensis Decraemer 1978
Tricoma aculeata Decraemer 1978
Tricoma aff. T. maxima
Tricoma africana
Tricoma allgerii Decraemer 1978
Tricoma atlantica Freudenhammer 1975
Tricoma bathycola Freudenhammer 1975
Tricoma beata Freudenhammer 1975
Tricoma bipapillata Decraemer 1987
Tricoma brevirostris (Southern 1914)
Tricoma brevispicula Decraemer 1978
Tricoma bullapophysa Decraemer 1984
Tricoma capitata Decraemer 1987
Tricoma cincta
Tricoma cincta Cobb 1893
Tricoma cobbi (Timm 1970)
Tricoma cobbi
Tricoma coralicolla Decraemer 1987
Tricoma crassicoma
Tricoma crenata
Tricoma curvespiculata Decraemer 1984
Tricoma demanema Decraemer 1985
Tricoma deuterum (Timm 1970)
Tricoma dimorpha Decraemer 1978
Tricoma dimorpha Decraemer 1977
Tricoma dimorpha papuensis Decraemer 1987
Tricoma euxinica Paladian & Andriescu 1963
Tricoma filipjevi Chitwood 1951
Tricoma filipjevioides Gerlach & Riemann 1973
Tricoma fisheri Timm 1970
Tricoma globulosa
Tricoma gloriosa Decraemer 1984
Tricoma glutinosa Steiner 1916
Tricoma glutinosa
Tricoma goldeni Decraemer 1978
Tricoma hoplostoma Decraemer 1978
Tricoma hopperi australiensis Decraemer 1978
Tricoma hopperi hopperi Timm 1970
Tricoma incomposita Freudenhammer 1975
Tricoma intermedia
Tricoma islandica Kreis 1963
Tricoma islandica Kreis 1965
Tricoma lobata Juario 1974
Tricoma longirostris (Southern 1914)
Tricoma longirostris
Tricoma longispicula Decraemer 1978
Tricoma lucida Timm 1978
Tricoma major
Tricoma mauretania Freudenhammer 1975
Tricoma meridionalis
Tricoma meteora Freudenhammer 1975
Tricoma mirabilis Timm 1970
Tricoma mirabilis Timm 1961
Tricoma multiannulata
Tricoma nematoides
Tricoma nematoides (Greeff)
Tricoma oblita Blome 1982
Tricoma pachycephala Decraemer 1978
Tricoma paralucida Decraemer 1987
Tricoma parasitifera
Tricoma paratimmi Decraemer 1987
Tricoma paravaspiculata Decraemer 1987
Tricoma pellucida Allgen 1935
Tricoma platapophysa Decraemer 1978
Tricoma platycephala Filipjev 1922
Tricoma polydesma (Southern 1914)
Tricoma riemanni Decraemer 1978
Tricoma robusta
Tricoma rostralis Decraemer 1978
Tricoma scanica (Allgen)
Tricoma secunda Blome 1982
Tricoma septentrionalis Timm 1978
Tricoma septuaginta Schuurmans Stekhoven 1942
Tricoma septuaginta Stekhoven 1942
Tricoma similis Cobb 1912
Tricoma similis
Tricoma sp.
Tricoma spinosa Chitwood 1936
Tricoma spinosoides Chitwood 1951
Tricoma spuria Inglis 1968
Tricoma steineri de Man 1922
Tricoma steineri Man 1922
Tricoma suecica Allg.
Tricoma suecica Allgen 1930
Tricoma suilla Allgen 1952
Tricoma tenuis gracilis
Tricoma tertia Blome 1982
Tricoma timmi Decraemer 1978
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