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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Trichodesma Hampson 1898
Trichodesma LeConte 1861
Trichodesma LeConte
Trichodesma albina
Trichodesma albistolata
Trichodesma armata
Trichodesma aurimacula
Trichodesma bahiensis
Trichodesma beyeri
Trichodesma clermonti Espanol 1984
Trichodesma convexa
Trichodesma dentatithorax
Trichodesma denticollis Blair 1928
Trichodesma dentitibia
Trichodesma discigera
Trichodesma donckieri
Trichodesma endroedyyoungai Vinolas & Maso 2007
Trichodesma fasciculata
Trichodesma fennosarmatica Bukejs, Hava & Alekseev 2018
Trichodesma fuliginosa White 1981
Trichodesma gibbosa
Trichodesma gorhami Pic 1901
Trichodesma gounellei
Trichodesma griseofasciata Pic 1937
Trichodesma hoffmannsi
Trichodesma imperator Gorh.
Trichodesma imperator
Trichodesma kirishimana
Trichodesma klagesi
Trichodesma kurosawai Sakai 1986
Trichodesma lateritia
Trichodesma latissima
Trichodesma lewisi
Trichodesma lisae Vinolas 2018
Trichodesma mexicana
Trichodesma michioi Sakai 2005
Trichodesma minima Pic 1931
Trichodesma multifasciculata Pic 1956
Trichodesma munyozi Vinolas 2018
Trichodesma nigrofasciata
Trichodesma nitens
Trichodesma notatipennis
Trichodesma oakleyi Fisher 1936
Trichodesma obliqua
Trichodesma obliterata
Trichodesma oceola Dyar 1910
Trichodesma parva
Trichodesma perplexa
Trichodesma pictipennis Champion
Trichodesma pictipennis
Trichodesma plumbea
Trichodesma pratti Fisher 1919
Trichodesma pulchella
Trichodesma pulchra
Trichodesma robustior
Trichodesma scripta
Trichodesma sellata
Trichodesma semialba
Trichodesma similis Rothschild 1912
Trichodesma similis
Trichodesma soleri Vinolas 2018
Trichodesma sordida
Trichodesma sublineata
Trichodesma texana
Trichodesma theresae Pic 1944
Trichodesma tricristata
Trichodesma truncata
Trichodesma uniformis Hampson 1898
Trichodesma uruma
Trichodesma uruma Sakai 1985
Trichodesma venusta
Trichodesma w-album
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