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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Cicindela (Thopeutica) Schaum 1861
Cicindela (Thopeutica) aurothoracica Horn
Cicindela (Thopeutica) aurothoracica
Cicindela (Thopeutica) chloe (Laferte)
Cicindela (Thopeutica) clara Schaum
Cicindela (Thopeutica) eustalacta Schaum
Cicindela (Thopeutica) eximia var. fulvescens (Horn 1892)
Cicindela (Thopeutica) glorioparadoxa Horn 1914
Cicindela (Thopeutica) gloriosa Schaum 1861
Cicindela (Thopeutica) gloriosa gloriosa Schaum 1861
Cicindela (Thopeutica) gloriosa prolongata Kibby 1985
Cicindela (Thopeutica) gloriosula Horn 1914
Cicindela (Thopeutica) guttula Fabricius
Cicindela (Thopeutica) rhytidopteroides
Cicindela (Thopeutica) schaumi (Horn 1892)
Cicindela (Thopeutica) simulatrix
Cicindela (Thopeutica) sphaericollis Horn
Cicindela (Thopeutica) tambusisii Kibby 1985
Cicindela (Thopeutica) theratoides Schaum
Cicindela (Thopeutica) waltheri
Thopeutica Chaudoir in Schaum 1861
Thopeutica Schaum 1861
Thopeutica Chaudoir 1861
Thopeutica (Philippinella) bourgoini Deuve 2015
Thopeutica (Philippiniella) Cassola & Ward 2004
Thopeutica (Philippiniella) aenula (Horn 1905)
Thopeutica (Philippiniella) bourgoini Deuve 2015
Thopeutica (Philippiniella) clara (Schaum 1860)
Thopeutica (Philippiniella) rugothoracica (Horn 1907)
Thopeutica (Philippiniella) suavissima (Schaum 1862)
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) Cassola 1991
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates)
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) afonini Matalin 1998
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) albapicalis Horn 1892
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) alexanderriedeli Werner & Wiesner 1999
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) apiceflava Cassola 1991
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) beccarii Cassola 1991
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) djufriana Matalin 1998
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) flavilabris (Horn 1914)
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) gerstmeieri Werner & Wiesner 1997
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) guttula flavilabris (Horn 1914)
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) guttula guttula
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) guttula paluensis Cassola 1991
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) hiro Cassola 1991
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) luwuk Cassola 1991
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) major Cassola 1991
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) muna Cassola 1997
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) palopoensis Wiesner 2013
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) parva Cassola 1991
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) pseudopaluensis Sawada & Wiesner 1994
Thopeutica (Pseudotherates) punctipennis (Jordan 1894)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) albolabiata Cassola & Brzoska 2009
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) angulihumerosa (Horn 1929)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) anichtchenkoi Wiesner 2015
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) ashidai Cassola 1997
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) boettcheri Cassola & Ward 2004
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) bugis Cassola 1991
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) clara (Schaum 1860)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) clara aenula (Horn 1905)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) clara rugothoracica (Horn 1907)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) clara suavissima (Schaum 1862)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) conspicua (Schaum 1862)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) conspicua species group Cassola & Ward 2004
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) darlingtonia Cassola & Ward 2004
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) davaoensis Cassola & Ward 2004
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) diana species group Cassola & Ward 2004
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) fugax (Schaum 1862)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) grossipenis Cassola & Brzoska 2009
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) hinabanganensis Wiesner 2015
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) interposita (Horn 1892)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) labrosetosa Cassola & Brzoska 2009
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) luzona Cassola & Ward 2004
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) microcephala (Horn 1924)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) milanae Wiesner 1992
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) naja Cassola & Brzoska 2009
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) negrosicola Cassola & Ward 2004
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) palawanensis Cassola & Ward 2004
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) pauper (Horn 1896)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) perconspicua Cassola & Ward 2004
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) pseudointerposita (Horn 1924)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) pseudoluzona Cassola & Ward 2004
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) pseudoschaumi Cassola & Brzoska 2009
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) rolandmuelleri Cassola 2000
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) sawadai Cassola 1991
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) sawadai
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) simulatrix (Horn 1896)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) stenodera species group Cassola & Ward 2004
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) suavis (Horn 1896)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) subaurothoracica Cassola & Brzoska 2009
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) toraja Cassola 1991
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) vantoli Cassola 1991
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) vantoli
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) virginalis (Horn 1901)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) virginea (Schaum 1860)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) virginea interposita (Horn 1892)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) virginea pauper (Horn 1896)
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) werneriana Cassola 1991
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) whitteni Cassola 1991
Thopeutica (Thopeutica) zetteli Cassola & Ward 2004
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