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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Pseudoscopelus Lutken 1892
Pseudoscopelus (Trachinidarum ?)
Pseudoscopelus albeolus Prokofiev & Kukuev 2008
Pseudoscopelus albeolus Prokofiev & Kukuev 2007
Pseudoscopelus altipinnis Parr 1933
Pseudoscopelus altipinnis Parr 1938
Pseudoscopelus altipinnis
Pseudoscopelus altipinnis species group
Pseudoscopelus aphos Prokofiev & Kukuev 2006
Pseudoscopelus aphos Prokofiev & Kukuev 2005
Pseudoscopelus aphos species group
Pseudoscopelus astronesthidens Prokofiev & Kukuev 2006
Pseudoscopelus astronesthidens species group
Pseudoscopelus australis Prokofiev & Kukuev 2006
Pseudoscopelus bothrorrhinos Melo, Walker & Klepadlo 2007
Pseudoscopelus cephalus Fowler 1934
Pseudoscopelus cephalus
Pseudoscopelus cordilluminatus Melo 2010
Pseudoscopelus grossheimi (Daniltshenko 1960)
Pseudoscopelus lavenbergi Melo, Walker & Klepadlo 2007
Pseudoscopelus lavenbergi Melo Walker & Klepadlo 2007
Pseudoscopelus lavenbergi species group
Pseudoscopelus microps Fowler 1934
Pseudoscopelus microps
Pseudoscopelus obtusifrons
Pseudoscopelus obtusifrons (Fowler 1934)
Pseudoscopelus odontoglossum Melo 2010
Pseudoscopelus odontoglossus Melo 2010
Pseudoscopelus parini Prokofiev & Kukuev 2006
Pseudoscopelus paxtoni Melo 2010
Pseudoscopelus pierbartus Spitz, Quero & Vayne 2007
Pseudoscopelus pierbartus Sptiz, Quero & Vayne 2007
Pseudoscopelus sagamianus
Pseudoscopelus sagamianus Tanuka 1908
Pseudoscopelus sagamianus Tanaka 1908
Pseudoscopelus scriptus
Pseudoscopelus scriptus Luetken 1892
Pseudoscopelus scriptus Lutken 1892
Pseudoscopelus scriptus sagamianus Tanaka 1908
Pseudoscopelus scriptus species group
Pseudoscopelus scutatus Krefft 1971
Pseudoscopelus scutatus
Pseudoscopelus scutatus species group
Pseudoscopelus stellatus Beebe 1932
Pseudoscopelus stellatus
Pseudoscopelus stellatus Beebe & Tee-Van 1932
Pseudoscopelus vityazi Prokofiev & Kukuev 2008
Pseudoscopelus vityazi
Pseudoscopelus vityazi Prokofiev 2007
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