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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Prothyma Hope 1838
Prothyma (G.) birmanica
Prothyma (G.) fallaciosa
Prothyma (Genoprothyma) annamica Deuve 2002
Prothyma (Genoprothyma) bouvieri bouvieri
Prothyma (Genoprothyma) bouvieri saiyokensis Naviaux 1991
Prothyma (Genoprothyma) cassolai Naviaux 1991
Prothyma (Genoprothyma) fallaciosa oblita Naviaux 1991
Prothyma (Genoprothyma) laophila Deuve 2002
Prothyma (Genoprothyma) ornata Naviaux 1989
Prothyma (Genoprothyma) rapillyi Naviaux 1989
Prothyma (Genoprothyma) rosalinae Naviaux 1990
Prothyma (Genoprothyma) rosalinae Naviaux 1991
Prothyma (Genoprothyma) shancola Sawada & Wiesner 1998
Prothyma (Genoprothyma) vientianensis Sawada & Wiesner 1996
Prothyma (Grandopronotalia) Horn 1936
Prothyma (Grandopronotalia) browni Horn 1936
Prothyma (M.) adonis Maran 1942
Prothyma (M.) dubia
Prothyma (M.) hajni
Prothyma (M.) madari
Prothyma (M.) pohornyi
Prothyma (M.) rufosignata Maran 1942
Prothyma (Megalomma) biguttula tricolorata Horn 1934
Prothyma (Megalomma) centropunctata Horn 1934
Prothyma (Megalomma) dubia Maran 1942
Prothyma (Megalomma) flagellicornis rectipenis Horn 1934
Prothyma (Megalomma) hajni Maran 1942
Prothyma (Megalomma) komorousi Maran 1942
Prothyma (Megalomma) komorousi
Prothyma (Megalomma) madari Maran 1942
Prothyma (Megalomma) pokornyi Maran 1942
Prothyma (Megalomma) pseudotrimaculata Horn 1934
Prothyma (Megalomma) viridicyanea natalia Horn 1934
Prothyma (Physodeutera) rectolabialis Horn 1914
Prothyma (Prothyma) bordonii Cassola 1980
Prothyma (Prothyma) concinna anosignata
Prothyma (Prothyma) guttipennis
Prothyma (Prothyma) leprieurii leprieurii
Prothyma (Prothyma) quadripustulata
Prothyma (Prothyma) werneri (Sawada & Wiesner 1998)
Prothyma (S.) caerulea
Prothyma (S.) heteromallicollis
Prothyma (S.) incerata
Prothyma (S.) nitida Rivalier 1964
Prothyma (Symplecthyma)
Prothyma (Symplecthyma) Rivalier 1964
Prothyma (Symplecthyma) boholensis Dheurle 2012
Prothyma (Symplecthyma) claudinae Dheurle 2012
Prothyma (Symplecthyma)? lautissima (Dokhtouroff 1888)
Prothyma (Symplecthyma)? pseudocylindriformis Horn 1914
Prothyma (Symplecthyma)? triumphalis (Horn 1902)
Prothyma abbreviata
Prothyma aeneoparva
Prothyma apicenotata
Prothyma assamensis
Prothyma babaulti
Prothyma bakeri Horn 1926
Prothyma banksi Horn 1923
Prothyma belloides Horn 1907
Prothyma bidentilabris
Prothyma biguttula Horn 1934
Prothyma browni Horn 1936
Prothyma centropunctata
Prothyma collarti
Prothyma concinna
Prothyma concinna anostignata
Prothyma concinna concinna
Prothyma concinna flammea
Prothyma concinna hiermeieri Werner 1993
Prothyma confluenteangustata
Prothyma confusa Muller 1939
Prothyma cuprata
Prothyma deficiens
Prothyma discretepunctata Peyerimhoff 1926
Prothyma discretepunctata Horn 1924
Prothyma erythropyga Rivalier 1964
Prothyma erythropyga erythropyga (Putzeys 1880)
Prothyma festiva Horn 1926
Prothyma festiva Horn 1913
Prothyma flagellicornis Horn 1934
Prothyma flammea Chad
Prothyma fulgens Horn
Prothyma gibbosa Horn
Prothyma gigantea
Prothyma Grandopronotalia Horn 1936
Prothyma guttipennis
Prothyma guttipennis lateviridicincta Mandl 1982
Prothyma heteromallicollis
Prothyma heteromallicollis coerulea
Prothyma hilaris Maran 1942
Prothyma hopkinsi Horn 1924
Prothyma hopkinsi Horn 1923
Prothyma hopkinsi
Prothyma humeralis
Prothyma interrupta
Prothyma lautissima
Prothyma leprieuri Dej.
Prothyma leprieuri cupreodorsalis Mandl 1982
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