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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Procladius Skuse
Procladius Skuse 1889
Procladius Skuse 1887
Procladius (Calotanypus) Roback 1971
Procladius (Calotanypus) bifidus Chaudhuri & Debnath 1983
Procladius (Calotanypus) maculatus Roback 1971
Procladius (Calotanypus) pulcher (Johannsen 1908)
Procladius (Calotanypus) reidi Freeman 1955
Procladius (Holotanypus) Roback 1982
Procladius (Holotanypus)
Procladius (Holotanypus) Roback
Procladius (Holotanypus) barbatulus Sublette
Procladius (Holotanypus) brevipetiolatus Goetghebuer
Procladius (Holotanypus) choreus (Meigen 1804)
Procladius (Holotanypus) clavus Roback
Procladius (Holotanypus) culiciformis (Linnaeus 1767)
Procladius (Holotanypus) denticulatus Sublette 1964
Procladius (Holotanypus) denticulatus Sublette
Procladius (Holotanypus) freemani Sublette 1964
Procladius (Holotanypus) prolongatus Roback
Procladius (Holotanypus) rugulosus Saether 2010
Procladius (Holotanypus) sagittalis (Kieffer 1909)
Procladius (Holotanypus) signatus (Zetterstedt)
Procladius (Holotanypus) sublettei Roback 1971
Procladius (P.) albitalus Kenya
Procladius (P.) brevipetiolatus Goetgh.
Procladius (P.) maculosus
Procladius (P.) noctivagus K.
Procladius (P.) nudipennis Brundin 1947
Procladius (Procladius)
Procladius (Procladius) abetus Roback 1971
Procladius (Procladius) australiensis Kieffer 1917
Procladius (Procladius) bipunctatus Kieffer 1917
Procladius (Procladius) brevipetiolatus
Procladius (Procladius) cf. P. (P.) australiensis Kieffer 1917
Procladius (Procladius) clavus Roback 1971
Procladius (Procladius) culiciformis (Linnaeus 1767)
Procladius (Procladius) curtus Roback 1971
Procladius (Procladius) dentus Roback 1971
Procladius (Procladius) desis Roback 1971
Procladius (Procladius) goanna Roback 1982
Procladius (Procladius) gretis Roback 1971
Procladius (Procladius) jeris Roback 1971
Procladius (Procladius) johnsoni Roback 1980
Procladius (Procladius) martini Roback 1982
Procladius (Procladius) mozambique Roback 1982
Procladius (Procladius) noctivagus Kieffer 1910
Procladius (Procladius) paludicola (Skuse)
Procladius (Procladius) paludicola Skuse 1889
Procladius (Procladius) paludicola species group
Procladius (Procladius) paragretis Roback 1971
Procladius (Procladius) prolongatus Roback 1971
Procladius (Procladius) recurva Johannsen 1932
Procladius (Procladius) runs Roback 1971
Procladius (Procladius) squamifer Freeman 1961
Procladius (Procladius) sublettei Roback 1971
Procladius (Procladius) tridentus Sanyal & Hazra 2016
Procladius (Procladius) umbrosus Lehmann 1981
Procladius (Procladius) vesus Roback 1971
Procladius (Procladius) villosimanus Kieffer 1917
Procladius (Psilotanypus)
Procladius (Psilotanypus) bellus
Procladius (Psilotanypus) bellus (Loew 1866)
Procladius (Psilotanypus) bellus Loew
Procladius (Psilotanypus) deltaensis Wrubleski & Roback 1987
Procladius (Psilotanypus) duplexus Chaudhuri & Debnath 1983
Procladius (Psilotanypus) etatus Roback 1982
Procladius (Psilotanypus) flavifrons
Procladius (Psilotanypus) fuscipes Chaudhuri & Debnath 1983
Procladius (Psilotanypus) macrotrichus Roback 1971
Procladius (Psilotanypus) nietus Roback 1971
Procladius (Psilotanypus) reidi Freeman 1955
Procladius (Psilotanypus) reidi
Procladius (Psilotanypus) ruffovittatus
Procladius (Psilotanypus) rufovittatus
Procladius (Psilotanypus) shibrui Harrison 1991
Procladius (Psilotanypus) stroudi Roback 1982
Procladius (Psilotanypus) tedoriprimus (Sasa)
Procladius (Psilotanypus) tedoriprimus (Sasa 1994)
Procladius (Psilotanypus) travassosi (Oliveira, Messias & Silva-Vasconcelos 1992)
Procladius adumbratus Johannsen 1905
Procladius adumbratus
Procladius albinervis
Procladius albinervis Kieffer 1918
Procladius aterrimus
Procladius atratus
Procladius auatraliensis
Procladius barbatulus
Procladius barbatus
Procladius bathyphilus
Procladius bellus
Procladius bilobatus Kieffer 1913
Procladius bilobatus
Procladius breviatus Remmert 1953
Procladius brevipalpis Kieffer 1921
Procladius brunetti (Kieffer 1911)
Procladius caliginosus Johannsen 1905
Procladius caliginosus
Procladius choreus
Procladius choreus Meigen 1804
Procladius cinereus
Procladius crassinervis
Procladius crassinervis Zett.
Procladius culici formis
Procladius culiciformis
Procladius culiciformis (Linnaeus)
Procladius denticulatus
Procladius enigmaticus Doitteau & Nel 2007
Procladius eocenicus Seredszus & Wichard 2011
Procladius ferrugineous
Procladius ferrugineus
Procladius fimbriatus Wulker 1959
Procladius flavidua
Procladius flavidus Kieff.
Procladius flavidus
Procladius flavifrons Edwards 1929
Procladius floralis Kieffer 1915
Procladius formosanus Kieffer 1912
Procladius freemani
Procladius fumipennis
Procladius fuscosignatus
Procladius fuscosignatus var aterrimus Kieffer 1910
Procladius fuscosignatus var flavidus Kieffer 1910
Procladius fuscus
Procladius heterocerus
Procladius humeralis Lw.
Procladius imicola
Procladius inconspicuus
Procladius Ipectinatus
Procladius karahutoensis Tokunaga 1940
Procladius latifrons
Procladius leucocoma
Procladius lugens Kieffer 1915
Procladius maillardi (Doitteau & Nel 2007)
Procladius malifero Garrett 1925
Procladius nigriventris
Procladius nilicola K.
Procladius nipponicus Tokunaga 1937
Procladius nipponicus
Procladius noctivagus (Kieffer 1919)
Procladius novempunctatus
Procladius ornatissimus
Procladius paivai
Procladius palliaus
Procladius paludicola
Procladius paludicola Skuse
Procladius pectinatus
Procladius pectlnatus
Procladius pentastictus Kieff.
Procladius pentastictus
Procladius philippinensis Kieffer 1921
Procladius pictipennis Skuse
Procladius pictipennis
Procladius profundorum Holstein
Procladius prolongatus
Procladius recurva Johannsen 1932
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