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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Polyrhanis Rivalier 1963
Polyrhanis aethofi Van N.
Polyrhanis ancorifera W. Horn
Polyrhanis arfakensis Matalin & Wiesner 2008
Polyrhanis aruana Dokht
Polyrhanis barbata W. Horn
Polyrhanis barbata (Horn 1895)
Polyrhanis bennigsenia W. Horn
Polyrhanis boisduvali W. Horn
Polyrhanis cheesmannae Van N.
Polyrhanis cristobalica Cassola 1987
Polyrhanis d. angustiformis W. Horn
Polyrhanis dabraensis Matalin & Cassola 2012
Polyrhanis declivis W. Horn
Polyrhanis delicata Bates
Polyrhanis denudata W. Horn
Polyrhanis deuvei Cassola 1987
Polyrhanis excisilabris W. Horn
Polyrhanis funerata
Polyrhanis gressitti Cassola 1987
Polyrhanis guineensis W. Horn
Polyrhanis holgeri Schule 1998
Polyrhanis holynskii Wiesner 2000
Polyrhanis innocens W. Horn
Polyrhanis innocentior W. Horn
Polyrhanis io microgemmea (Horn 1932)
Polyrhanis jo W. Horn
Polyrhanis jo microgemma W. Horn
Polyrhanis kampeni W. Horn
Polyrhanis kampeni
Polyrhanis kibbyi Cassola 1987
Polyrhanis klynstrai Van N.
Polyrhanis korupuncola Wiesner 1999
Polyrhanis latipalpis Cassola 1987
Polyrhanis loriai Horn 1897
Polyrhanis loriai W. Horn
Polyrhanis microgemmea (Horn 1932)
Polyrhanis neopupilligera Cassola & Werner 2001
Polyrhanis paulae Cassola 1987
Polyrhanis perrinae Cassola 1987
Polyrhanis placida Schaum
Polyrhanis plurigemmosa W. Horn
Polyrhanis postmarginata Cassola 1987
Polyrhanis pseudopupillata W. Horn
Polyrhanis pseudopupilligera Cassola 1987
Polyrhanis pupillata Schaum
Polyrhanis pupilligera (Chaudoir 1865)
Polyrhanis pupilligera Chaud.
Polyrhanis ribbei W. Horn
Polyrhanis riedeli Cassola & Werner 1996
Polyrhanis samuelsoni Cassola 1987
Polyrhanis sedlaceki Cassola 1987
Polyrhanis toxopei Van N.
Polyrhanis tuberculifera Cassola 1987
Polyrhanis vannideki Cassola 1987
Polyrhanis variolosa Blanch.
Polyrhanis waigeoensis Cassola & Werner 2001
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