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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Agabus (Platambus) maculatus
Platambus Thomson 1860
Platambus Thomson
Platambus Thomson 1859
Platambus (Agraphis) Guignot 1954
Platambus (Agraphis) confossus Nakane 1964
Platambus (Agraphis) confossus (Guignot 1954)
Platambus (Agraphis) khukri Brancucci 1990
Platambus (Agraphis) regulae
Platambus (Agraphis) sawadai (Kamiya 1932)
Platambus (Agraphis) wangi Brancucci 2006
Platambus (Anagabus) Jakovlev 1897
Platambus (Anagabus) wewalkai Brancucci 1982
Platambus (Paraplatynectes) Vazirani 1970
Platambus (Platambus) Thomson 1860
Platambus (Platambus) Thompson 1859
Platambus (Platambus) angulicollis
Platambus (Platambus) biswasi Vazirani 1965
Platambus (Platambus) dabieshanensis Nilsson 2003
Platambus (Platambus) excoffieri Regimbart 1899
Platambus (Platambus) fimbriatus Sharp 1884
Platambus (Platambus) guttulus (Regimbart 1899)
Platambus (Platambus) lindbergi Gueorguiev 1963
Platambus (Platambus) maculatus Linnaeus 1758
Platambus (Platambus) nepalensis (Gueorguiev 1968)
Platambus (Platambus) pictipennis Sharp 1873
Platambus (Platambus) princeps (Regimbart 1888)
Platambus (Platambus) schaefleini Brancucci 1988
Platambus (Platambus) schillhammeri Wewalka & Brancucci 1995
Platambus (Platambus) sisouthami Brancucci 2007
Platambus (Platambus) wulingshanesis Brancucci 2005
Platambus (Platambus) yuxiae Brancucci 2011
Platambus americanus (Aube 1838)
Platambus apache (Young 1981)
Platambus astrictovittatus (Larson & Wolfe 1998)
Platambus ater (Falkenstrom 1936)
Platambus balfourbrownei
Platambus bhutanensis Wewalka 1975
Platambus biswasi
Platambus brancuccii Hendrich & Przewozny 2015
Platambus confusus (Blatchley 1910)
Platambus convexus Okada 2011
Platambus coriaceus (Regimbart 1899)
Platambus dabieshanensis Nilsson 2003
Platambus dembickyi Brancucci 2006
Platambus denticulatus Nilsson 2003
Platambus elongatus Bian & Ji 2008
Platambus escalerai Regimbart 1900
Platambus escalerai
Platambus excoffieri
Platambus fimbriatus
Platambus fimbriatus excoffieri Reg.
Platambus flavovittatus (Larson & Wolfe 1998)
Platambus flavovittaus (Larson & Wolfe 1998)
Platambus fletcheri Zimmermann 1928
Platambus guignoti Vazirani 1965
Platambus guignoti
Platambus heteronychus Nilsson 2003
Platambus holzschuhi Wewalka 1975
Platambus ikedai (Nilsson 1997)
Platambus ikedai (Nilsson 1996)
Platambus incrassatus
Platambus insolitus (Sharp 1884)
Platambus jilanzhui Wewalka & Brancucci 1995
Platambus jilanzhui (Wewalka & Brancucci 1995)
Platambus johannis (Fall 1922)
Platambus kempi
Platambus koreanus (Nilsson 1997)
Platambus korgei Hendrich & Przewozny 2015
Platambus lindbergi Gueorguiev 1963
Platambus lineatus Gschwendtner 1935
Platambus lineatus
Platambus lineatus Gschwend.
Platambus lunulatus
Platambus maculatus
Platambus maculatus species group
Platambus macylatus
Platambus mexicanus (Larson 2000)
Platambus micropunctatus Nilsson 2003
Platambus nakanei (Nilsson 1997)
Platambus nepalensis
Platambus obtusatus (Say 1823)
Platambus optatus (Sharp 1884)
Platambus optatus
Platambus phufahensis Brancucci 2004
Platambus pictipennis
Platambus pictipennis Sharp
Platambus planatus (Sharp 1882)
Platambus princeps (Regimbart 1888)
Platambus punctatipennis
Platambus punctatipennis Brancucci 1984
Platambus satoi Brancucci 1982
Platambus schaefleini
Platambus schillhammeri Wewalka & Brancucci 1995
Platambus schillhammeri (Wewalka & Brancucci 1995)
Platambus semenowi species group
Platambus semivittatus (LeConte 1859)
Platambus semivittatus
Platambus sharpi
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