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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Megalomma (Physodeutera) adonis parcepunctatum Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) heimi Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) punctum
Megalomma (Physodeutera) rubescens Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) rufo-signatum Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) rufosignatum nigrescens Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) rufosignatum var. anale Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) subescens Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) unciferum Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) unciferum sambiramense Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) unciferum sambiranense Jeannel 1946
Physodeutera Lacordaire 1843
Physodeutera (Axinomera) Jeannel 1946
Physodeutera (Axinomera) antsalovensis Moravec 1999
Physodeutera (Axinomera) boraensis Moravec 2000
Physodeutera (Axinomera) flagellicornis (Horn 1897)
Physodeutera (Axinomera) flagellicornis perfecta Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Axinomera) skrabali Moravec 1999
Physodeutera (Axinomera) vybirali Moravec 2000
Physodeutera (Coeliphora) Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Coeliphora) belalonensis Deuve 1987
Physodeutera (Coeliphora) taniae Moravec 2002
Physodeutera (Diarrhiza) Jeannel 1946
Physodeutera (Diarrhiza) murzini Moravec 2004
Physodeutera (Diarrhiza) perrieri Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Diarrhiza) ranomafanensis Moravec 2002
Physodeutera (Diarrhiza) viridicyanea sulcoprothoracica (Horn 1914)
Physodeutera (Homospila) Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Microlepidia) Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Microlepidia) longilabialis Moravec 2000
Physodeutera (Microlepidia) peyrierasi Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Minideutera) Moravec 2002
Physodeutera (Minideutera) kamilmoraveci Moravec 2004
Physodeutera (P). umbrosa Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (P.) debilis Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (P.) flammigera Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (P.) intermedia Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (P.) perroti Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (P.) sobrina Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) Lacordaire 1843
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) adonis (Laporte de Castelenau 1835)
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) apicesignata Moravec 1998
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) cassolai Moravec 2002
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) consimilis Moravec 2002
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) cyanea (Audouin & Brulle 1839)
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) didysilvae Cassola & Andriamampianina 2001
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) fairmairei Horn 1899
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) fairmairei hajni (Maran 1942)
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) fairmairei ornata Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) flammigera Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) intermedia Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) komorousi (Maran 1942)
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) minima Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) minima apicesignata Moravec 1998
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) minima minima (Horn 1893)
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) parcepunctata (Jeannel 1946)
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) perroti Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) pokornyi (Maran 1942)
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) pokornyi rivalieri Moravec 1998
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) pseudorubescens Deuve 1987
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) rubescens (Jeannel 1946)
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) rufosignata (Audouin & Brulle 1839)
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) rufosignata imitator Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) rufosignata obsoleta Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) subrufosignata Moravec 2002
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) truncatipenis Moravec 2002
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) uniguttata komorousi (Maran 1942)
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) uniguttata smaragdina Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Physodeutera) vadoni (Rivalier 1951)
Physodeutera (Toxoma) Rivalier 1967
Physodeutera (Toxoma) breviformis (Horn 1904)
Physodeutera (Toxoma) conturbata Moravec 2002
Physodeutera (Toxoma) dubia (Maran 1942)
Physodeutera (Toxoma) lobicornis Moravec 2000
Physodeutera (Toxoma) lobicornis lobicornis
Physodeutera (Toxoma) lobicornis nosybensis Moravec 2000
Physodeutera (Toxoma) sikorai breviformis (Horn 1904)
Physodeutera (Toxoma) sikorai dubia (Maran 1942)
Physodeutera (Toxoma) sulcoprothoracica (Horn 1914)
Physodeutera adonis (Aud. & Br.)
Physodeutera adonis Castelnau
Physodeutera angusticollis Boheman 1848
Physodeutera centropunctata Horn 1943
Physodeutera centropunctata Horn 1934
Physodeutera gigantea Horn 1914
Physodeutera megalommoides Horn 1896
Physodeutera sikorai Horn 1896
Prothyma (Physodeutera) rectolabialis Horn 1914
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