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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Agrilus phoenicopterus Waterhouse 1889
Agrilus phoenicopterus
Ampedus phoenicopterus Germar 1844
Belus phoenicopterus Germar 1848
Brachypus phoenicopterus (Teram.)
Camptomorpha phoenicopterus Schubart 1943
Carpodacus phoenicopterus (Gould)
Ceblepyris phoenicopterus Geoffroy St H. 1832
Cercotrichas phoenicopterus (Temm.)
Cimex phoenicopterus Gmelin in Linn. 1789
Crocopus p. phoenicopterus
Crocopus phoenicopterus
Crocopus phoenicopterus chlorogaster
Cytherea phoenicopterus Romer 1867
Eulissus phoenicopterus (Erichson 1839)
Falsanchonus phoenicopterus Meregalli 2003
Ixos phoenicopterus Temminck in T. & Laugier 1839
Lamprotornis phoenicopterus Swainson 1837
Liparetrus phoenicopterus Germar 1848
Microplinthus phoenicopterus (Meregalli 2003)
Phoeniconaias (Phoenicopterus) rubeus
Phoenicopterus Milne-Edwards 1874
Phoenicopterus Linnaeus 1758
Phoenicopterus aethiopicus Harrison & Walker 1976
Phoenicopterus americanus d'Orbigny in Sagra 1839
Phoenicopterus andersoni Brooks 1876
Phoenicopterus andinus
Phoenicopterus antiquorum
Phoenicopterus antiquorum x P ruber
Phoenicopterus bahamensis Lesson 1831
Phoenicopterus cf. P. ruber
Phoenicopterus chikmis
Phoenicopterus chilensis
Phoenicopterus chilensis Molina 1782
Phoenicopterus chilensis x P. ruber ruber
Phoenicopterus chiliensis
Phoenicopterus copei
Phoenicopterus copei Shufeldt 1891
Phoenicopterus copei Shufeldt 1892
Phoenicopterus crassipes
Phoenicopterus croisiti Gervais 1852
Phoenicopterus croizeti Gervais 1852
Phoenicopterus croizeti
Phoenicopterus erythraesus
Phoenicopterus erythroeus
Phoenicopterus foridanus Brodkorb 1953
Phoenicopterus goliath
Phoenicopterus gracilipes
Phoenicopterus ignipalltatus
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