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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Cicindela (Pentacomia) lanei W. Horn 1924
Pentacomia Bates
Pentacomia Bates 1872
Pentacomia (Beckerium) leptalis
Pentacomia (Mesacanthina) Rivalier 1969
Pentacomia (Mesacanthina) cribrata (Brulle 1837)
Pentacomia (Mesacanthina) cribrata argentina (Lynch Arribalzaga 1878)
Pentacomia (Mesacanthina) cribrata chalceola (Bates 1872)
Pentacomia (Mesacanthina) cribrata setopronotalis (W. Horn 1909)
Pentacomia (Mesacanthina) punctum (Klug 1834)
Pentacomia (Mesacanthina) reductesignata (W. Horn 1905)
Pentacomia (Mesacanthina) ronhuberi Moravec 2012
Pentacomia (Mesochila) Rivalier 1969
Pentacomia (Mesochila)
Pentacomia (Mesochila) conformis (Dejean 1831)
Pentacomia (Mesochila) procera (Chaudoir 1860)
Pentacomia (Mesochila) proceroides Moravec 2016
Pentacomia (Mesochila) skrabali Duran & Moravec 2013
Pentacomia (Mesochila) smaragdula (Dejean 1825)
Pentacomia (Mesochila) wappesi Moravec & Brzoska 2013
Pentacomia (P.)
Pentacomia (Pentacomia)
Pentacomia (Pentacomia) chrysamma Bates 1872
Pentacomia (Pentacomia) chrysammoides Moravec, Huber & Dheurle 2015
Pentacomia (Pentacomia) davidpearsoni Moravec & Brzoska 2014
Pentacomia (Pentacomia) fernandezi Cassola 2000
Pentacomia (Pentacomia) fernandezi
Pentacomia (Pentacomia) lanei (W. Horn 1924)
Pentacomia (Pentacomia) nigrimarginata Huber 1999
Pentacomia (Pentacomia) pentacomioides Wiesner 1992
Pentacomia (Pentacomia) speculifera (Brulle 1837)
Pentacomia (Pentacomia) vallicola Huber 1999
Pentacomia (Poecilochila) Rivalier 1969
Pentacomia (Poecilochila) brzoskai Wiesner 1999
Pentacomia (Poecilochila) championi
Pentacomia (Poecilochila) cupricollis Kollar 1836
Pentacomia (Poecilochila) drechseli Sawada & Wiesner 1997
Pentacomia (Poecilochila) gilletti Cassola 2009
Pentacomia (Poecilochila) lacordairei
Pentacomia (Poecilochila) pearsoni Wiesner 1999
Pentacomia (Poecilochila) rietscheli Wiesner 2007
Pentacomia chrysamma Bates 1872
Pentacomia chrysamma
Pentacomia cupricollis
Pentacomia egregia
Pentacomia eurytarsipennis (Horn 1905)
Pentacomia fernandezi Cassola 2000
Pentacomia lacordairei Gory
Pentacomia trispecularis
Phyllodroma (Pentacomia) microtheres (Bates 1872)
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