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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Parochlus Enderlein 1912
Parochlus Enderlein
Parochlus aotearoae
Parochlus araucanus
Parochlus araucanus species group
Parochlus ayseni
Parochlus bassianus
Parochlus bassianus Brundin
Parochlus brevis Sublette & Wirth 1980
Parochlus carinatus
Parochlus carolinae Rodriguez, Paggi & Medina 2009
Parochlus carolinae
Parochlus carolinae (Rodriguez 2009)
Parochlus chiloensis
Parochlus conjugens
Parochlus crassicornis
Parochlus cristatus
Parochlus crozetensis Serra-Tosio 1986
Parochlus darwini
Parochlus duseni
Parochlus fascipennis
Parochlus fuegianus Enderlein 1912
Parochlus glacialis
Parochlus grandilobus
Parochlus gressitti Sublette & Wirth 1980
Parochlus incaicus
Parochlus kiefferi
Parochlus kiefferi (Garrett)
Parochlus latipalpis (Brundin)
Parochlus longicornis
Parochlus maorii
Parochlus montiragus
Parochlus nigrinus nigrinus (Edw.)
Parochlus nigrinus peruvians
Parochlus novaezelandiae
Parochlus novaezelandiae Brundin 1964
Parochlus novaezelandiae Brundin 1966
Parochlus nr maorii Brundin 1967
Parochlus ohakunensis (Freem.)
Parochlus ohakunensis (Freeman 1959)
Parochlus patagonicus
Parochlus pattidus
Parochlus pauperatus
Parochlus petecranstoni Ashe & O'Connor 2009
Parochlus pilosus (Bigot)
Parochlus reductus Sublette & Wirth 1980
Parochlus rennelli Sublette & Wirth 1980
Parochlus rieki
Parochlus selkirki (Wirth)
Parochlus skottsbergi
Parochlus spinipalpis
Parochlus spinosus
Parochlus squamipalpis (Edw.)
Parochlus steineni
Parochlus steineni brevipennis
Parochlus steineni steineni
Parochlus steineni steineni (Gercke)
Parochlus steinenii
Parochlus steinenii (Gerke 1889)
Parochlus subantarcticus
Parochlus tonnoiri
Parochlus tricornis
Parochlus trigonecerus
Parochlus tublicornis
Parochlus villarricensis
Parochlus wellingtoni
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