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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Paralomis White
Paralomis White 1856
Paralomis aculeata
Paralomis aculeatus
Paralomis africana
Paralomis africana Macpherson 1982
Paralomis alcockiana Hall & Thatje 2009
Paralomis anamerae Macpherson 1988
Paralomis anamerae
Paralomis apectabilis
Paralomis arae Macpherson 2001
Paralomis arae
Paralomis arethusa Macpherson 1994
Paralomis aspera Faxon
Paralomis aspera
Paralomis birnsteini
Paralomis birsteini Macpherson 1988
Paralomis birsteini
Paralomis bouvieri
Paralomis ceres Macpherson 1989
Paralomis chilensis Andrade V. 1980
Paralomis chilensis Andrade
Paralomis cristata
Paralomis cristata Takeda & Ohta 1979
Paralomis cristata Takeda & Ohta 1978
Paralomis cristulata Macpherson 1988
Paralomis cristulata
Paralomis cubensis Chace 1939
Paralomis danida Takeda & Bussarawit 2007
Paralomis dawsoni
Paralomis dawsoni Macpherson 2001
Paralomis debodeorum Feldmann 1998
Paralomis diomedeae
Paralomis dofleini Balss 1911
Paralomis dofleini
Paralomis echidna Ahyong 2010
Paralomis elongata Spiridonov, Turkay, Arntz & Thatje 2006
Paralomis erinacea Macpherson 1988
Paralomis erinacea
Paralomis formosa
Paralomis formosus Henderson 1888
Paralomis gowlettholmes Ahyong 2010
Paralomis granulimanus var. biafrensis
Paralomis granulosa (Jacquinot 1846)
Paralomis granulosa
Paralomis granulosa Jacquinot
Paralomis grossmani Macpherson 1988
Paralomis haigae Eldredge 1976
Paralomis haigae
Paralomis heterotuberculata Tung Yumao, Wang Fuzhen & Li Zhicheng 1984
Paralomis hirtella
Paralomis hirtella de Saint Laurent & Macpherson 1997
Paralomis hystrix
Paralomis hystrix (de Haan 1846)
Paralomis hystrixoides
Paralomis hystrixoides Sakai 1980
Paralomis inca Haig 1974
Paralomis indica Alcock & Anderson
Paralomis indica
Paralomis investigatoris
Paralomis jamsteci Takeda & Hashimoto 1990
Paralomis japonica
Paralomis japonica Balls
Paralomis japonica Balss 1911
Paralomis kyushupalauensis Takeda 1985
Paralomis longidactylus Birshtein & Vinogradov 1972
Paralomis longipes
Paralomis macphersoni Munoz & Garcia-Isarch 2013
Paralomis makarovi Hall & Thatje 2009
Paralomis manningi Williams, Smith & Baco 2000
Paralomis medipacifica Takeda 1974
Paralomis mendagnai Macpherson 2003
Paralomis multispina (Benedict 1894)
Paralomis multispina
Paralomis nivosa Hall & Thatje 2009
Paralomis ochthodes Macpherson 1988
Paralomis okitoriensis Takeda 2019
Paralomis otsuae
Paralomis otsuae Wilson 1990
Paralomis pacifica Sakai 1978
Paralomis papillata
Paralomis pectinata Macpherson 1988
Paralomis phrixa Macpherson 1992
Paralomis poorei Ahyong 2010
Paralomis roeleveldae Kensley 1981
Paralomis seagranti Eldredge 1976
Paralomis serrata Macpherson 1988
Paralomis shinkaimaruae Takeda & Hatanaka 1984
Paralomis sonne Guzman 2009
Paralomis spectabilis
Paralomis spectabilis Hansen 1908
Paralomis spinosissima
Paralomis spinosissima Birstein & Vinogradov 1972
Paralomis spinosissimus Birshtein & Vinogradov 1972
Paralomis staplesi Ahyong 2010
Paralomis stella Macpherson 1988
Paralomis stevensi Ahyong & Dawson 2006
Paralomis taylorae Ahyong 2010
Paralomis truncatispinosa Takeda & Miyake 1980
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