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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Kalocyrma oxygonia Wu & Park 1999
Neoglipa (N.) oxygonia
Oxygonia Fairmaire 1846
Oxygonia Mannerheim 1837
Oxygonia Mel.
Oxygonia accuminata
Oxygonia albitaenia
Oxygonia albitania
Oxygonia albitoenia
Oxygonia alliacea (Germ.)
Oxygonia annulipes
Oxygonia atroaptera Fairmaire 1846
Oxygonia batesi
Oxygonia boucardi
Oxygonia boucardi Chevr.
Oxygonia buckleyi
Oxygonia buckleyi Bates 1872
Oxygonia carissima
Oxygonia chrysura Fairmaire 1846
Oxygonia conica Fairmaire 1846
Oxygonia cyanopis Bates 1871
Oxygonia cyanopis Bates
Oxygonia cyanopis
Oxygonia dentipennis Germ.
Oxygonia dentipennis Germar 1843
Oxygonia dorsalis Fairmaire 1846
Oxygonia elongata Horn 1896
Oxygonia elongata
Oxygonia erichsoni Horn 1898
Oxygonia erichsoni
Oxygonia erythropus (Burm.)
Oxygonia fasciata
Oxygonia fleutiausi
Oxygonia fleutiauxi Horn 1896
Oxygonia floridula
Oxygonia floridula Bates 1872
Oxygonia ghriola
Oxygonia gloriola Bates 1872
Oxygonia gloriola
Oxygonia kippenhani Schuele 2008
Oxygonia kondratieffi Kippenhan 1997
Oxygonia lineosa Walker 1862
Oxygonia maculicornis Fairmaire 1846
Oxygonia moreti Deuve 1992
Oxygonia moronensis
Oxygonia nigricans Horn 1926
Oxygonia nigricans Horn 1930
Oxygonia nigrovenator Kippenhan 1997
Oxygonia oberthueri Horn 1896
Oxygonia oberthuri
Oxygonia onorei Cassola & Kippenhan 1997
Oxygonia pacifica Fairmaire 1846
Oxygonia prodiga Er.
Oxygonia prodiga
Oxygonia rufipes Fairmaire 1846
Oxygonia rufiventris (Germ.)
Oxygonia schaumi
Oxygonia schoenherri Mann.
Oxygonia schoenherrii Mannerheim 1837
Oxygonia schoenherrii albitaenia Bates 1871
Oxygonia schoenherrii cyanopis var. albitaenia Bates 1871
Oxygonia signata (Germ.)
Oxygonia simplipenis Horn 1901
Oxygonia simplipennis Horn 1901
Oxygonia uncifera Horn 1901
Oxygonia uncifera
Oxygonia uniformis Horn 1900
Oxygonia uniformis
Oxygonia viridula Fairmaire 1846
Oxygonia vuillefroyi
Oxygonia vuillefroyi Chaud 1869
Oxygonia vuillefroyi Chaud.
Oxygonia zebrina Fairmaire 1846
Palaeopsylla oxygonia
Schlotheimia cf. Schlotheimia oxygonia
Terebratula oxygonia
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