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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Oxycheila Dejean
Oxycheila Dejean 1825
Oxycheila (Oxycheila) gracillima weyrauchi Mandl 1967
Oxycheila (Oxycheila) opacipennis cophognatoides Horn 1913
Oxycheila acutipennis Buquet 1835
Oxycheila affinior Horn 1900
Oxycheila affinis Horn 1900
Oxycheila aquatica Guerin-Meneville 1843
Oxycheila aquatica Guerin-M. 1843
Oxycheila aquatica group
Oxycheila aquatica species group
Oxycheila arrogans Montrouzier 1860
Oxycheila barkleyi Wiesner 1999
Oxycheila binotata Gray
Oxycheila binotata Gray 1832
Oxycheila binotata Gray in Griffith's Cuvier 1832
Oxycheila binotata species group
Oxycheila bipustulata (Latr.)
Oxycheila bisignata Guerin-M. 1838
Oxycheila bolivari Horn 1897
Oxycheila bolivari oberthueri Horn 1896
Oxycheila bolivari strandi Horn 1913
Oxycheila brzoskai Wiesner 1999
Oxycheila buestani Wiesner 1999
Oxycheila chabrillacii Thomson 1857
Oxycheila chaudoiri Horn 1894
Oxycheila cophognatoides Horn 1913
Oxycheila costaricana Huber & Brzoska 2000
Oxycheila distigma Gory 1831
Oxycheila femoralis Laporte 1833
Oxycheila femoralis Castelnau 1833
Oxycheila femoralis species group
Oxycheila fleutiauxi Horn 1898
Oxycheila germaini Fleutiaux 1893
Oxycheila glabra Waterhouse 1880
Oxycheila gracillima Bates 1876
Oxycheila gracillima species group
Oxycheila gratiosa Bates 1874
Oxycheila guatemalensis Cassola 2011
Oxycheila haenschi Horn 1900
Oxycheila hangayi Wiesner 2003
Oxycheila howdeni Nidek 1980
Oxycheila immaculata Horn 1913
Oxycheila ingridae Wiesner 1999
Oxycheila labiata Brulle in d'Orbigny 1837
Oxycheila labiata Brulle 1837
Oxycheila labiata species group
Oxycheila laportei Hope 1838
Oxycheila lucasi Horn 1938
Oxycheila nigroaenea Bates 1872
Oxycheila nigroaenea species group
Oxycheila oberthueri Horn 1896
Oxycheila obscura Wiesner 1999
Oxycheila opacipennis (Waterhouse 1889)
Oxycheila oxyoma de Chaudoir 1848
Oxycheila oxyoma Chaudoir 1848
Oxycheila pearsoni Wiesner 1999
Oxycheila pearsoni columbiensis Wiesner 1999
Oxycheila pearsoni pearsoni
Oxycheila peruviana Mandl 1970
Oxycheila pinelii Guerin-Meneville 1843
Oxycheila plaumanni Mandl 1963
Oxycheila pochoni Mandl 1953
Oxycheila polita
Oxycheila polita Bates 1872
Oxycheila polita chaudoiri Horn 1897
Oxycheila polita wittmeri Wiesner 1981
Oxycheila pseudoaquatica Wiesner 1999
Oxycheila pseudofemoralis Horn 1938
Oxycheila pseudoglabra Wiesner 1999
Oxycheila pseudonigroaenea Horn 1938
Oxycheila pseudostrandi Wiesner 1999
Oxycheila raminagrobis species group
Oxycheila schmalzi Horn 1896
Oxycheila similis dissimilis Horn 1896
Oxycheila similis longilabris Horn 1896
Oxycheila similis schmalzi Horn 1896
Oxycheila similis similis Horn 1892
Oxycheila similis species group
Oxycheila strandi Horn 1913
Oxycheila tristis
Oxycheila tristis Fabricius
Oxycheila tristis (Fabricius 1775)
Oxycheila tristis (Fab.)
Oxycheila tristis species group
Oxycheila weyrauchi Mandl 1967
Oxycheila wiesneri Dheurle 2012
Oxycheila wittmeri Wiesner 1981
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