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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Cisticola lais oreodytes Clancey 1982
Hydroporus (Oreodytes) productotruncatus Hatch 1944
Oreodytes Seidl.
Oreodytes Seidl
Oreodytes Seidlitz 1887
Oreodytes Seidlitz
Oreodytes Seidlitz 1886
Oreodytes alaskanus (Fall 1926)
Oreodytes alaskanus clade
Oreodytes alaskanus species group
Oreodytes alpinus Payk.
Oreodytes alpinus auct.
Oreodytes alpinus (Paykull 1798)
Oreodytes alpinus
Oreodytes angelinii Fery 2015
Oreodytes babai (Sato 1990)
Oreodytes bidentatus Gyll.
Oreodytes borealis Gyll.
Oreodytes borealis Geitl.
Oreodytes borealis auct.
Oreodytes borealis
Oreodytes crassulus
Oreodytes dauricus (Motschulsky 1860)
Oreodytes davisi
Oreodytes davisi Curt.
Oreodytes davisii Curt.
Oreodytes davisii (Curtis 1831)
Oreodytes davisii
Oreodytes davisii rhianae Carr 2001
Oreodytes humboldtensis Zimmerman 1985
Oreodytes jakovlevi (Zaitzev 1905)
Oreodytes laevis
Oreodytes leechi Zimmermann 1985
Oreodytes leechi Zimmerman 1985
Oreodytes meridionalis Binaghi & Sanfilippo 1971
Oreodytes mongolicus Brinck
Oreodytes natrix (Sharp 1884)
Oreodytes obesus (LeConte 1866)
Oreodytes obesus cordillerensis Larson 1990
Oreodytes obesus species group
Oreodytes okulovi Lafer 1988
Oreodytes picturatus
Oreodytes picturatus Horn
Oreodytes picturatus species group
Oreodytes productotruncatus (Hatch 1944)
Oreodytes quadrimaculatus
Oreodytes recticollis (Fall 1926)
Oreodytes recticollis Fall 1926
Oreodytes rhyacophilus Zimmerman 1985
Oreodytes rivalis (Gyll.)
Oreodytes rivalis (Gyllenhal 1827)
Oreodytes rivalis Gyll
Oreodytes rivalis
Oreodytes sammarkii
Oreodytes sanmarki
Oreodytes sanmarkii (C. R. Sahlberg 1826)
Oreodytes sanmarkii (Sahlberg)
Oreodytes sanmarkii
Oreodytes sanmarkii (Sahlberg 1826)
Oreodytes sanmarkii alienus (Sharp 1872)
Oreodytes scitulus (LeConte)
Oreodytes scitulus species group
Oreodytes septentrionalis (Gyllenhal in Sahlberg 1826)
Oreodytes septentrionalis Heer
Oreodytes septentrionalis (Gyllenhal 1826)
Oreodytes septentrionalis
Oreodytes shorti
Oreodytes shorti Shaverdo & Fery 2006
Oreodytes sierrae Zimmerman 1985
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