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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Oedipina Gray 1850
Oedipina Keferstein 1868
Oedipina Keferstein
Oedipina (Oedipina) Keferstein 1868
Oedipina (Oedipina) chortiorum Brodie, Acevedo & Campbell 2012
Oedipina (Oedipina) koehleri Sunyer, Townsend, Wake, Travers, Gonzalez, Obando & Quintana 2011
Oedipina (Oedipina) leptopoda McCranie, Vieites & Wake 2008
Oedipina (Oedipina) motaguae Brodie, Acevedo & Campbell 2012
Oedipina (Oedipina) tzutujilorum Brodie, Acevedo & Campbell 2012
Oedipina (Oeditriton) McCranie, Vieites & Wake 2008
Oedipina (Oeditriton) kasios
Oedipina (Oeditriton) kasios McCranie, Vieites & Wake 2008
Oedipina (Oeditriton) nica Sunyer, Wake, Townsend, Travers, Rovito, Papenfuss, Obando & Koehler 2010
Oedipina (Oeditriton) quadra
Oedipina (Oeditriton) quadra McCranie, Vieites & Wake 2008
Oedipina (Oedopinola) Hilton 1946
Oedipina (Oedopinola) berlini Kubicki 2016
Oedipina (Oedopinola) fortunensis Koehler, Ponce & Batista 2007
Oedipina (Oedopinola) maritima Garcia-Paris & Wake 2000
Oedipina (Oedopinola) petiola McCranie & Townsend 2011
Oedipina (Oedopinola) savagei Garcia-Paris & Wake 2000
Oedipina (Oedopinola) tomasi McCranie 2006
Oedipina alfaroi
Oedipina alleni
Oedipina alleni Trulelli 1954
Oedipina alleni Taylor 1954
Oedipina altura Brame 1968
Oedipina bonitaensis
Oedipina capitalina Mario Solis, Espinal, Valle, O'Reilly, Itgen & Townsend 2016
Oedipina carablanca Brame 1968
Oedipina chortiorum
Oedipina collaris
Oedipina collaris (Stejn.)
Oedipina complex (Dunn 1924)
Oedipina complex
Oedipina cyclocauda
Oedipina elongata
Oedipina fortunensis
Oedipina gephyra
Oedipina gephyra McCranie, Wilson & Williams 1993
Oedipina grandis
Oedipina grandis Brame 1970
Oedipina ignea Stuart 1952
Oedipina ignea
Oedipina kasios
Oedipina laylori
Oedipina leptopoda
Oedipina nica
Oedipina nimaso Boza-Oviedo, Rovito, Chaves, Garcia-Rodriguez, Artavia, Bolanos & Wake 2012
Oedipina pacificensis
Oedipina parvipes
Oedipina paucidentata Brame 1968
Oedipina poelzi Brame 1963
Oedipina poelzi
Oedipina pseudouniformis
Oedipina pseudouniformis Brame 1968
Oedipina salvadorensis Mertens 1952
Oedipina salvadorensis Rand 1952
Oedipina salvadorensis
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