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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Odontocheila Laporte 1834
Odontocheila Laporte de Castelnau 1834
Odontocheila (Cenothyla) consobrina postica (Chaudoir 1860)
Odontocheila adonis Laporte de Castelenau 1835
Odontocheila adonis de Laporte 1835
Odontocheila albiventris Cassola 2009
Odontocheila angelsolisi Moravec & Brzoska 2015
Odontocheila angulipenis Horn 1932
Odontocheila atripes
Odontocheila batesii (Chaud.)
Odontocheila batesii Chaudoir 1860
Odontocheila batesii batesii Chaudoir 1860
Odontocheila batesii primitiva W. Horn 1920
Odontocheila bicolor W. Horn 1923
Odontocheila bipunctata (Fabricius 1792)
Odontocheila cajennensis (Fabricius 1787)
Odontocheila cajennensis species group
Odontocheila cajennensis species group Moravec & Brzoska 2015
Odontocheila camuramandibula Huber 1999
Odontocheila castelnaui (Lucas 1857)
Odontocheila castelnaui (Lucas)
Odontocheila castelnaui species group Moravec & Brzoska 2014
Odontocheila cayennensis Dejean 1825
Odontocheila cayennensis (Fab.)
Odontocheila cayennensis bicolor W. Horn 1923
Odontocheila cayennensis bipunctata (Fabricius 1792)
Odontocheila cayennensis erythropus Chaudoir 1860
Odontocheila cayennensis femoralis Chaudoir 1860
Odontocheila cayennensis ochreata (Reiche 1842)
Odontocheila cayennensis oseryi (Lucas 1857)
Odontocheila cayennensis rubefacta Bates 1869
Odontocheila cayennensis rufipes (Dejean 1825)
Odontocheila chiriquina Bates 1881
Odontocheila chiriquina excisipenis Horn 1932
Odontocheila chrysis Fabricius
Odontocheila chrysochloris Mannerheim 1837
Odontocheila cinctula Bates 1881
Odontocheila cognata Chaudoir 1843
Odontocheila cognata de Chaudoir 1843
Odontocheila confusa
Odontocheila davidbrzoskai Moravec 2013
Odontocheila desmarestii Laporte 1834
Odontocheila dilatoscapis Huber 1999
Odontocheila distinguenda de Chaudoir 1843
Odontocheila egregia de Chaudoir 1833
Odontocheila emilerivalieri Moravec 2016
Odontocheila erythropus Chaudoir 1860
Odontocheila excisipenis Horn 1932
Odontocheila exilis Bates 1884
Odontocheila femoralis Chaudoir 1860
Odontocheila fraternum Moravec & Duran 2013
Odontocheila gilli Johnson 2000
Odontocheila hamulipenis Horn 1933
Odontocheila ignita Chaudoir 1860
Odontocheila ignita exilis Bates 1884
Odontocheila iodopleura Bates 1872
Odontocheila iodopleuroides Mandl 1972
Odontocheila janvybirali Moravec & Brzoska 2014
Odontocheila lucididollis Chaud 1869
Odontocheila marginata (Fischer von Waldheim 1821)
Odontocheila mexicana de Laporte 1834
Odontocheila mexicana Laporte de Castelnau 1834
Odontocheila microptera Moravec, Huber & Brzoska 2017
Odontocheila mirekklichai Moravec 2016
Odontocheila mirekskrabali Moravec & Brzoska 2015
Odontocheila molesta Nidek 1957
Odontocheila nicaraguensis Bates 1874
Odontocheila nicaraguensis
Odontocheila nigrotarsalis Horn 1929
Odontocheila nitidicollis (Dejean 1825)
Odontocheila nodicornis
Odontocheila nodicornis nodicornis
Odontocheila ochreata (Reiche 1842)
Odontocheila oseryi (Lucas)
Odontocheila oseryi (Lucas 1857)
Odontocheila parallelaruga Huber 1999
Odontocheila pentacomioides W. Horn 1900
Odontocheila potosiana Moravec, Brzoska & Huber 2017
Odontocheila quadrina (Chevrolat 1835)
Odontocheila rondoniana Huber 2000
Odontocheila rostripenis Moravec & Brzoska 2014
Odontocheila rubefacta
Odontocheila rubefacta Bates 1869
Odontocheila rufipes (Dejean 1825)
Odontocheila rugatula
Odontocheila rugipennis Mannerheim 1837
Odontocheila semicincta W. Horn 1892
Odontocheila spinipennis de Chaudoir 1843
Odontocheila spinipennis Chaudoir 1843
Odontocheila suareziana Huber 1999
Odontocheila tawahka Johnson 1996
Odontocheila tricuspipenis Horn
Odontocheila trochanterica
Odontocheila yunga Huber 1999
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