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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Cicindela (Neocicindela) Rivalier 1963
Cicindela (Neocicindela) perhispida giveni (Brouerius van Nidek 1965)
Cicindela (Neocicindela) spilleri (Brouerius van Nidek 1965)
Neocicindela Rivalier 1963
Neocicindela austromontana Bates
Neocicindela austromontana (Bates 1878)
Neocicindela brevilunata W. Horn
Neocicindela brevilunata
Neocicindela brevilunata (Horn 1926)
Neocicindela circumpictoides W. Horn
Neocicindela circumpictoides (Horn 1900)
Neocicindela dunedensis Laporte de Castelnau 1867
Neocicindela dunedensis (Laporte de Castelnau 1867)
Neocicindela dunedensis Cast.
Neocicindela feredayi Bates
Neocicindela feredayi (Bates 1867)
Neocicindela garnerae Larochelle & Lariviere 2013
Neocicindela giveni
Neocicindela halli Broun
Neocicindela hamiltoni (Broun 1921)
Neocicindela hamiltoni
Neocicindela hamiltoni Broun
Neocicindela helmsi (Sharp 1886)
Neocicindela helmsi Sharp
Neocicindela helmsi (Sharp 1876)
Neocicindela huttoni Broun
Neocicindela latecincta (White 1846)
Neocicindela latecincta White
Neocicindela novaseelandica (Horn 1892)
Neocicindela p. campbelli Broun
Neocicindela parryi White
Neocicindela perhispida
Neocicindela perhispida (Broun 1880)
Neocicindela perhispida Brouerius van Nidek 1965
Neocicindela perhispida Broun
Neocicindela perhispida campbelli
Neocicindela perhispida campbelli (Broun 1886)
Neocicindela perhispida giveni (Brouerius van Nidek 1965)
Neocicindela perhispida giveni Brouerius van Nidek 1965
Neocicindela perhispida giveni
Neocicindela perhispida giveni van Nidek 1965
Neocicindela perhispida perhispida
Neocicindela perhispida perhispida (Broun 1880)
Neocicindela perhispida savilli Wiesner 1988
Neocicindela spilleri Brouerius van Nidek 1965
Neocicindela spilleri Van N.
Neocicindela tuberculata (Fabricius 1775)
Neocicindela waiouraensis
Neocicindela waiouraensis Broun
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