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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Myriochila Motschulsky 1857
Myriochila Motschulsky
Myriochila (Lophyra) neglecta neglecta
Myriochila (Monelica) akhteri Cassola & Wiesner 2009
Myriochila (Monelica) confluentesubtilis
Myriochila (Monelica) dorsata
Myriochila (Monelica) dumolinii
Myriochila (Monelica) fastidiosa
Myriochila (Monelica) fastidiosa leucoloma (Chaudoir 1852)
Myriochila (Monelica) flavidens
Myriochila (Monelica) haladai Kudrna 2010
Myriochila (Monelica) jucunda
Myriochila (Monelica) legalli Kudrna 2008
Myriochila (Monelica) leucoloma (Chaudoir 1852)
Myriochila (Monelica) mirei
Myriochila (Monelica) vicina confluentesubtilis (W. Horn 1914)
Myriochila (Myriochila)
Myriochila (Myriochila) Motschulsky 1857
Myriochila (Myriochila) congrua (Klug 1853)
Myriochila (Myriochila) dubia
Myriochila (Myriochila) melancholica melancholica
Myriochila (Myriochila) melanocholica tril (Klug 1832)
Myriochila (Myriochila) peringueyi
Myriochila (Myriochila) perplexa aldabrica (Kolbe 1902)
Myriochila (Myriochila) perplexa perplexa (Dejean 1825)
Myriochila (Myriochila) perplexa rodriguensis Moravec 2010
Myriochila (Myriochila) semicircumcincta
Myriochila (Myriochila) sinica
Myriochila (Myriochila) specularis brevipennis (Horn 1897)
Myriochila (Myriochila) specularis brevipennis
Myriochila (Myriochila) trilunaris (Klug 1832)
Myriochila (Myriochila) trilunaris mauritiana Moravec 2010
Myriochila (Myriochila) trilunaris trilunaris (Klug 1832)
Myriochila (Myriochila) undulata
Myriochila albomarginalis
Myriochila albomarginalis (W. Horn 1900)
Myriochila confluentesubtilis (W. Horn 1914)
Myriochila congrua (Klug 1853)
Myriochila dohrnii Motschulsky 1857
Myriochila jucunda
Myriochila melancholica
Myriochila melancholica melancholica
Myriochila peringueyi immaculipennis
Myriochila philippinensis (Mandl 1956)
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