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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Alloteratura muntiacus Gorochov 1998
Damalinia muntiacus (Seguy 1948)
Muntiacus Rafinesque 1815
Muntiacus Rafinesque
Muntiacus (Procops) feae
Muntiacus astylodon Matsumoto 1926
Muntiacus atherodes Groves & Grubb 1982
Muntiacus atherodes
Muntiacus atherodes Groves 1982
Muntiacus bumiajuensis Koenigswald 1933
Muntiacus cf. reevesi
Muntiacus crinifons
Muntiacus crinifro
Muntiacus crinifrons
Muntiacus feae
Muntiacus feai Thomar & Doria 1889
Muntiacus fenghoensis Chow 1956
Muntiacus ferae
Muntiacus flerovi Pidoplitchko 1951
Muntiacus flerovi Pidoplitschko 1951
Muntiacus gaoshanensis Xu Yuwu & Wei Feng 1980
Muntiacus gigas
Muntiacus gongshanensis
Muntiacus gongshanensis Ma 1990
Muntiacus hengduanshanensis Zong, Huang, Chen & Xu 1996
Muntiacus lachrymans teesdalei Lydekker 1915
Muntiacus lacrymans
Muntiacus lacustris
Muntiacus leilaoensis Dong, Pan & Liu 2004
Muntiacus m. curvostylis
Muntiacus montanus
Muntiacus munjak
Muntiacus muntak
Muntiacus muntiacus
Muntiacus muntiacus vaginalis
Muntiacus muntiak vaginalis
Muntiacus munticus vaginalis
Muntiacus muntijak vaginalis
Muntiacus muntjac
Muntiacus muntjac muntjac
Muntiacus muntjac vaginalis
Muntiacus muntjac var. vaginalis
Muntiacus muntjac X M reevesi
Muntiacus muntjac X M. reevesi
Muntiacus muntjak Drbidi 1970
Muntiacus muntjak
Muntiacus muntjak (Zimmermann 1780)
Muntiacus muntjak annamensis Kloss 1928
Muntiacus muntjak aureus
Muntiacus muntjak guangdongensis Li & Xu 1996
Muntiacus muntjak malabaricus
Muntiacus muntjak margae. Hooijer 1951
Muntiacus muntjak menglalis Wang & Groves 1988
Muntiacus muntjak montanus
Muntiacus muntjak muntjak
Muntiacus muntjak nainggolani
Muntiacus muntjak nainggolani Sody 1932
Muntiacus muntjak nigripes Allen 1930
Muntiacus muntjak nigripes
Muntiacus muntjak pleiharicus (Kohlbrugge 1895)
Muntiacus muntjak reevesi
Muntiacus muntjak rubidus
Muntiacus muntjak vaginalis
Muntiacus muntjak vaginalis x M. reevesi
Muntiacus muntjak x M. reevesi
Muntiacus muntjak yunnanensis Ma & Wang 1988
Muntiacus noringenensis Dong 2007
Muntiacus pliocaenicus Korotkevich 1965
Muntiacus polonicus Czyzewska 1968
Muntiacus putaoensis
Muntiacus putaoensis Amato, Egan & Rabinowitz 1999
Muntiacus reeves
Muntiacus reevesi Ogilby 1839
Muntiacus reevesi (Ogilby 1839)
Muntiacus reevesi
Muntiacus reevesi jiangkouensis Gu & Xu 1998
Muntiacus reevesi micrurus
Muntiacus reevesi ogilby
Muntiacus reevesi reevesi
Muntiacus reevesi x M. muntjak
Muntiacus reevesi x M. muntjak vaginalis
Muntiacus reevesii
Muntiacus reevsi
Muntiacus refinesque
Muntiacus rooseveltorum Osgood 1932
Muntiacus rooseveltorum
Muntiacus rubidus
Muntiacus sp.
Muntiacus truongsonensis Giao, Tuoc, Dung, Wikramanayake, Amato, Arctander & MacKinnon 1998
Muntiacus vaginalis
Muntiacus vuquangenis
Muntiacus vuquangensis
Muntiacus zhaotongensis Dong Wei, Ji Xue-Ping, Jablonski, Su & Li Wen-Qi 2014
Muntiacus? huangi Dong & Chen 2015
Solenopotes muntiacus Thompson 1938
Trichodectes muntiacus Hopkins 1949
Trichodectes muntiacus Seguy 1949
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