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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Misumena (Misumenops) tuckeri Lessert 1919
Misumenops F. Pickard Cambridge 1900
Misumenops Cambridge 1900
Misumenops Pickard Cambridge 1900
Misumenops Pickard-Cambridge 1900
Misumenops (?) buhleri Schenkel 1944
Misumenops achiapelliae Mello-Leitao 1944
Misumenops aikoae Schick 1965
Misumenops americanus
Misumenops andamanensis Tikader 1980
Misumenops anguliventris (Simon)
Misumenops argenteus (Mello-Leitao 1929)
Misumenops argenteus
Misumenops aridus Simian 1970
Misumenops asperatus
Misumenops balteus Simian 1970
Misumenops bellulus
Misumenops bivittatus
Misumenops califomicus
Misumenops californicus
Misumenops callinurus
Misumenops carletonicus
Misumenops carletonicus Dondale & Redner 1976
Misumenops carneus Mello-Leitao 1944
Misumenops cavatus Simian 1970
Misumenops celer
Misumenops celer (Hentz)
Misumenops coloradensis
Misumenops croceus
Misumenops cruentatus
Misumenops curadoi Soares 1943
Misumenops damnosus
Misumenops de corus
Misumenops delmasi
Misumenops delmasi Berland 1927
Misumenops deserti
Misumenops deserti Schick 1965
Misumenops desidiosus
Misumenops devius
Misumenops devius Gertsch 1939
Misumenops discretus Simian 1970
Misumenops dubiuns
Misumenops dubius
Misumenops editus Simian 1970
Misumenops fluminensis
Misumenops forcatus Song 1994
Misumenops forcipatus Song & Zhu 1993
Misumenops gabrielensis Schick 1965
Misumenops gertschi Kraus 1955
Misumenops gibbosus
Misumenops guyannensis
Misumenops haemorrhous Mello-Leitao 1949
Misumenops hiatus Simian 1970
Misumenops hongkong Song Daxiang, Zhu Mingsheng & Wu Kar Yee 1997
Misumenops hongkong Song, Zhu & Wu 1997
Misumenops hubeiensis Song Daxiang & Zhao Jingzhao 1994
Misumenops hubeiensis Song & Zhao 1994
Misumenops ignobilis
Misumenops imbricatus Simian 1970
Misumenops importunus
Misumenops importunus belkini Schick 1965
Misumenops importunus importunus
Misumenops iners
Misumenops insulanus (Keyserling)
Misumenops insulanus Petrunkevitch 1930
Misumenops junctus Simian 1970
Misumenops kanakanus (Karsch 1880)
Misumenops kanakanus (Karsch)
Misumenops khandalaensis
Misumenops kumadai
Misumenops kumadai Ono 1985
Misumenops kumaonensis Tikader 1980
Misumenops lenis
Misumenops lepidus
Misumenops lepidus (Thorell)
Misumenops litteratus (Piza 1933)
Misumenops maculissparsus
Misumenops maygitgitus Barrion & Litsinger 1995
Misumenops melloleitao
Misumenops melloleitaoi Berland 1942
Misumenops morrisi Barrion & Litsinger 1995
Misumenops morrisis Barrion & Litsinger 1995
Misumenops munieri
Misumenops nepenthicola
Misumenops nigrofrenatus (Simon)
Misumenops obasulus Gertsch & Davis 1940
Misumenops oblongus
Misumenops oblongus (Keyserling 1880)
Misumenops octoguitatus Mello-Leitao 1941
Misumenops oreades (Simon)
Misumenops pallens Keyserling 1880
Misumenops pallens
Misumenops palliclus
Misumenops pallida Keyserling 1880
Misumenops pallida
Misumenops pallida Berland 1935
Misumenops pallidus
Misumenops pallidus var. reichlini Schenkel 1949
Misumenops pascalis
Misumenops persimilis Kraus 1955
Misumenops pratariae
Misumenops prosper
Misumenops pseudovatia (Schenkel 1936)
Misumenops pseudovatius (Schenkel 1936)
Misumenops quercinus Schick 1965
Misumenops rapaensis Berland 1934
Misumenops rapaensis
Misumenops revillagigedoensis Jimenez 1992
Misumenops robustus
Misumenops roseofuscus Mello-Leitao 1944
Misumenops rothi Schick 1965
Misumenops rubro-decorata Millot 1942
Misumenops rufithorax (Simon)
Misumenops schlingeri
Misumenops schlingeri Schick 1965
Misumenops sierrensis Schick 1965
Misumenops silvarum
Misumenops sjostedti Berland 1924
Misumenops souzai (Soares 1942)
Misumenops spinosus
Misumenops spinulosissimus
Misumenops spiralis
Misumenops subargentatus (Cambridge 1885)
Misumenops temihana Garb 2006
Misumenops thienemanni Reimoser 1931
Misumenops tricuspidalus
Misumenops tricuspidata (Fabricius 1775)
Misumenops tricuspidata
Misumenops tricuspidatus
Misumenops tricuspidatus (Fabricius 1775)
Misumenops tricuspidotus
Misumenops tucheri thomensis Bacelar 1958
Misumenops tuckeri
Misumenops velatus (Simon)
Misumenops verityi Schick 1965
Misumenops vitellinus (Simon)
Misumenops volutus
Misumenops wenensis Zhu, Song & Tang 1995
Misumenops wenensis Tang, Song & Zhu 1995
Misumenops xinjie Song Daxiang, Zhu Mingsheng & Wu Kar Yee 1997
Misumenops xinjie Song, Zhu & Wu 1997
Misumenops xiushanensis Song 1994
Misumenops xiushanensis Song & Chai 1990
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