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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Microdytes Balfour-Browne 1946
Microdytes Balfour-Browne
Microdytes Simpson 1981
Microdytes Balfour-Browne 1949
Microdytes (Microdytes) venoi Sato 1972
Microdytes (Nipponhydrus) Guignot 1954
Microdytes (Nipponhydrus) bimaculatus Sato 1972
Microdytes akitai Wewalka 1997
Microdytes balkei Wewalka 1997
Microdytes belli
Microdytes bistroemi Wewalka 1997
Microdytes boukali Wewalka 1997
Microdytes boukali
Microdytes cameroni Miller & Wewalka 2010
Microdytes championi
Microdytes dimorphus Wewalka 1997
Microdytes elgae Hendrich, Balke & Wewalka 1995
Microdytes elgae
Microdytes feryi Wewalka 2011
Microdytes franzi Wewalka & Wang 1998
Microdytes gabrielae Wewalka 1997
Microdytes hainanensis Wewalka 1997
Microdytes heineri Wewalka 2011
Microdytes helenae Wewalka 2011
Microdytes hendrichi Wewalka 1997
Microdytes holzmanni Wewalka & Wang 1998
Microdytes holzmannorum Wewalka & Wang 1998
Microdytes huangyongensis Bian, Zhang & Ji 2015
Microdytes jaechi Wewalka 1997
Microdytes laccophiloides (Regimbart 1888)
Microdytes lotteae Wewalka 1998
Microdytes maculatus
Microdytes mariannae Wewalka 1997
Microdytes mazzoldii Wewalka & Wang 1998
Microdytes menopausis Wewalka 1997
Microdytes menopausis
Microdytes nilssoni
Microdytes nilssoni Wewalka 1997
Microdytes paoloi Wewalka 2011
Microdytes pasiricus (Csiki 1938)
Microdytes pederzanii Wewalka 2011
Microdytes rocchii Wewalka 2011
Microdytes sabitae Vazirani 1968
Microdytes sarawakensis Wewalka 1997
Microdytes satoi
Microdytes satoi Wewalka 1997
Microdytes schoedli
Microdytes schoedli Wewalka 1997
Microdytes schoenmanni
Microdytes schoenmanni Wewalka 1997
Microdytes schuhi Wewalka 1997
Microdytes schwendingeri Wewalka 1997
Microdytes shaverdoae Wewalka 2011
Microdytes shepardi
Microdytes shepardi Wewalka 1997
Microdytes shunichii
Microdytes shunichii Sato 1995
Microdytes sinensis Wewalka 1997
Microdytes sinensis
Microdytes svensoni Miller & Wewalka 2010
Microdytes taiwanus Sato
Microdytes taiwanus Sato 1990
Microdytes tomokunii Sato 1981
Microdytes tonnii Simpson 1981
Microdytes trontelji Wewalka, Ribera & Balke 2007
Microdytes uenoi Sato
Microdytes uenoi
Microdytes wewalkai Bian & Ji 2009
Microdytes whitingi Miller & Wewalka 2010
Microdytes zetteli
Microdytes zetteli Wewalka 1997
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