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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Melanopsacus Jordan 1924
Melanopsacus abdominalis
Melanopsacus acerbus
Melanopsacus aeneus Frieser 2001
Melanopsacus alius Frieser 2001
Melanopsacus anthracinus
Melanopsacus argentellus Frieser 2001
Melanopsacus atollens
Melanopsacus atratus
Melanopsacus atratus obtusus Frieser 1990
Melanopsacus bhutanensis Frieser 2001
Melanopsacus calculus
Melanopsacus calvulus Wolfrum 1959
Melanopsacus caudatus Frieser 1992
Melanopsacus colossus Frieser 1992
Melanopsacus corpulentus Frieserp nov 2007
Melanopsacus corrutinus
Melanopsacus depexus Jordan 1933
Melanopsacus difficilis
Melanopsacus dilatipes Frieser 2001
Melanopsacus dulcis
Melanopsacus elongatus Senoh 1984
Melanopsacus fenestratus Frieser 1990
Melanopsacus flavicollis Frieser 2001
Melanopsacus fortis
Melanopsacus funebris Jordan 1924
Melanopsacus gagates
Melanopsacus glenis
Melanopsacus gravatus
Melanopsacus grenieri
Melanopsacus hopkinsi
Melanopsacus inaequalis Shibata 1984
Melanopsacus iniquus Frieser 1992
Melanopsacus janus
Melanopsacus kinke Morimoto 1978
Melanopsacus lapillus
Melanopsacus latifrons
Melanopsacus latus Frieser 2001
Melanopsacus makiharai Morimoto 1978
Melanopsacus manias Jordan 1929
Melanopsacus minutus
Melanopsacus morio
Melanopsacus nanus
Melanopsacus nox Jordan 1924
Melanopsacus nox
Melanopsacus parvulus Zimmerman 1942
Melanopsacus pulex Frieser 2001
Melanopsacus punctatus Senoh 1984
Melanopsacus pusillus
Melanopsacus rapaae Zimmerman 1938
Melanopsacus remissus
Melanopsacus rufobrunneus Frieser 2001
Melanopsacus schuhi Frieser 2001
Melanopsacus sejugatus Frieser 2001
Melanopsacus solidus Frieser 1990
Melanopsacus specialis
Melanopsacus spiniger
Melanopsacus stilbus Jordan 1939
Melanopsacus subfasciatus
Melanopsacus subglaber (Jordan 1895)
Melanopsacus tridens Frieser 2001
Melanopsacus veitchi
Melanopsacus vestitus
Melanopsacus volvulus Frieser 2001
Melanopsacus xanthaspis Frieser 2001
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