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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Apion megalomma
Cicindela (Megalomma) vigilans Westwood 1841
Horismenus megalomma Hansson 2009
Megalomma Johansson 1926
Megalomma Johansson 1927
Megalomma Johansson 1925
Megalomma Westwood 1842
Megalomma Smith 1873
Megalomma Westwood 1841
Megalomma ( Walterhornia) speculiferum Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Axinomera) Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Axinomera) andriai
Megalomma (D.) alluaudi Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (D.) lebisi Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Diarrhiza) Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Diarrhiza) alluaudi catalai Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Diarrhiza) lebisi Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Megalomma) Westwood 1842
Megalomma (P.) adonis Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Paramegalomma) Moravec 2010
Megalomma (Physodeutera) adonis parcepunctatum Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) heimi Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) punctum
Megalomma (Physodeutera) rubescens Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) rufo-signatum Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) rufosignatum nigrescens Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) rufosignatum var. anale Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) subescens Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) unciferum Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) unciferum sambiramense Jeannel 1946
Megalomma (Physodeutera) unciferum sambiranense Jeannel 1946
Megalomma acrophthalmos (Grube 1878)
Megalomma adriaticum Giangrande, Caruso, Mikac & Licciano 2015
Megalomma alluaudi Fleutiaux 1903
Megalomma alluaudi
Megalomma ambanurensis
Megalomma aspericornis Buysson 1897
Megalomma bellula
Megalomma biguttulum
Megalomma bioculata (Hartmann-Schroder 1959)
Megalomma bioculatum (Ehlers 1887)
Megalomma bioculatum
Megalomma bioculatum (Ehlers)
Megalomma carunculata Tovar-Hernandez & Salazar-Vallejo 2008
Megalomma cf. acrophthalmos
Megalomma cinctum Fitzhugh 2003
Megalomma circumspectum
Megalomma claparedei
Megalomma clara (Chamberlein 1919)
Megalomma coloratum (Chamberlin 1919)
Megalomma coloratum (Chamberlein 1919)
Megalomma dorri
Megalomma fauchaldi Giangrande, Licciano & Gambi 2007
Megalomma flagellicorns
Megalomma flaviceps Cameron 1910
Megalomma flaviceps
Megalomma georgiense Tovar-Hernandez & Carrera-Parra 2011
Megalomma gesae Knight-Jones 1997
Megalomma heterops Perkins 1984
Megalomma heterops
Megalomma hypsilophum (Ehlers 1920)
Megalomma inflata Capa & Murray 2009
Megalomma intermedium (Beddard 1889)
Megalomma intermedium (Beddard)
Megalomma interrupta Capa & Murray 2009
Megalomma janaki Moravec 2007
Megalomma janthinium
Megalomma janthinum Fairmaire 1903
Megalomma jubata Capa & Murray 2015
Megalomma kaikourense Knight-Jones 1997
Megalomma kaikourense
Megalomma lanigera (Grube 1846)
Megalomma lanigera
Megalomma leviceps Cameron 1910
Megalomma limbigera
Megalomma lobiferum (Ehlers 1887)
Megalomma longoventralis Giangrande, Caruso, Mikac & Licciano 2015
Megalomma maforense Cameron 1910
Megalomma melanoxanthum
Megalomma messapicum Giangrande & Licciano 2008
Megalomma minimum Horn 1893
Megalomma minimum
Megalomma miyukiae Nishi 1998
Megalomma mocquerysi Fleutiaux 1899
Megalomma modestum (Quatrefages 1866)
Megalomma monoculata Hartmann-Schroder 1965
Megalomma monophthalma (Augener 1922)
Megalomma multioculatum Fitzhugh 2002
Megalomma natalensis
Megalomma neapolitanum Clarapede 1868
Megalomma nechamae Knight-Jones 1997
Megalomma oculatum (Fabricius 1799)
Megalomma pacifici (Grube 1859)
Megalomma pacificum Johansson 1927
Megalomma perkinsi Tovar-Hernandez & Salazar-Vallejo 2006
Megalomma phyllisae Capa & Murray 2009
Megalomma pierreorum Deuve 2000
Megalomma pigmentum Reish 1963
Megalomma pseudogesae Mikac, Giangrande & Licciano 2013
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