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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Megalobulimus Miller 1878
Megalobulimus (M.) arapotiensis
Megalobulimus (M.) pintoi
Megalobulimus (M.) rolandianus
Megalobulimus (M.) wohlersi
Megalobulimus (Megalobulimus) nodai
Megalobulimus (Microborus) incarum Pilsbry 1944
Megalobulimus (Phaiopharus) bertae
Megalobulimus (Phaiopharus) granulosus
Megalobulimus abbreviatus
Megalobulimus albescens (Bequaert 1948)
Megalobulimus albus (Bland & Binney 1872)
Megalobulimus amandus Simone 2012
Megalobulimus auritus (Sowerby 1838)
Megalobulimus auritus
Megalobulimus bereniceae (Lange-de-Morretes 1952)
Megalobulimus capillaceus (Pfeiffer 1855)
Megalobulimus capillaceus
Megalobulimus conicus (Bequaert 1948)
Megalobulimus conicus
Megalobulimus elongatus (Bequaert 1948)
Megalobulimus elsae Falconieri 1993
Megalobulimus elsae Falconieri 1994
Megalobulimus felipponei (Ihering 1928)
Megalobulimus florezi Borda & Ramirez 2013
Megalobulimus foreli (Bequaert 1948)
Megalobulimus garbeanus (Leme 1964)
Megalobulimus globosus (Martens 1876)
Megalobulimus granulosus
Megalobulimus granulosus abbreviatus (Bequaert 1948)
Megalobulimus gummatus
Megalobulimus haemstomus (Scopoli 1786)
Megalobulimus hector (Pfeiffer 1857)
Megalobulimus inambarisense Borda & Ramirez 2016
Megalobulimus intertextus
Megalobulimus jaguarunensis Fontenelle, Cavallari & Simone 2014
Megalobulimus klappenbachi
Megalobulimus klappenbachi (Leme 1964)
Megalobulimus leonardosi (Lange-de-Morretes 1952)
Megalobulimus leucostoma (Sowerby 1835)
Megalobulimus leucostoma species complex
Megalobulimus lichtensteinii
Megalobulimus lopesi Leme 1989
Megalobulimus lorentzianus
Megalobulimus mauricius Falconieri 1995
Megalobulimus maximus
Megalobulimus mogianensis
Megalobulimus mogianensis Simone & Leme 1998
Megalobulimus oblongus
Megalobulimus oblongus haemastomus (Scopoli 1786)
Megalobulimus parafragilior Lene & Indrusiak 1990
Megalobulimus paranaguensis
Megalobulimus popelairianus
Megalobulimus proclivis
Megalobulimus propelairianus
Megalobulimus riopretensis Simone & Leme 1998
Megalobulimus sanctipauli
Megalobulimus separabilis (Fulton 1903)
Megalobulimus tayacajus Borda & Ramirez 2016
Megalobulimus thammianus
Megalobulimus toriii Morretes 1938
Megalobulimus wichmanni Miquel & Mancenido 1999
Megalobulimus yporanganus
Strophocheilus (Megalobulimus)
Strophocheilus (Megalobulimus) albus (Bland & Binney 1872)
Strophocheilus (Megalobulimus) avus Parodiz 1949
Strophocheilus (Megalobulimus) capillaceus
Strophocheilus (Megalobulimus) carri keri Pilsbry 1930
Strophocheilus (Megalobulimus) garbeanus Leme 1964
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