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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Marcusenius Gill 1862
Marcusenius Gill.
Marcusenius abadii (Boulenger 1901)
Marcusenius abadii
Marcusenius acquipinnis
Marcusenius adspersus Gunther 1866
Marcusenius adustus Fowler 1936
Marcusenius aequi pinnis
Marcusenius aequipinnis Pellegrin 1924
Marcusenius altisambesi Kramer, Skelton, Van der Bank & Wink 2007
Marcusenius altisambesi
Marcusenius angolensis (Boulenger 1905)
Marcusenius angolensis
Marcusenius annamariae (Parezan 1939)
Marcusenius ansorgi
Marcusenius ansorgii
Marcusenius ansorgii Boulenger 1905
Marcusenius batesii Boulenger 1906
Marcusenius bentleyi (Boulenger 1897)
Marcusenius brachyistius Gill 1862
Marcusenius brachyistius
Marcusenius brevis
Marcusenius brevis Boulenger 1913
Marcusenius brucii
Marcusenius brucii (Boulenger 1910)
Marcusenius bruyeri (Pellegrin 1904)
Marcusenius budgetti Boulenger 1904
Marcusenius cabroe Boulenger 1900
Marcusenius castelnaui Boulenger 1911
Marcusenius caudisquamatus
Marcusenius caudisquamatus Maake, Gon & Swartz 2014
Marcusenius conicephalus Taverne et al 1976
Marcusenius conicephalus Taverne, Thys van den Audenaerde & Heymer 1976
Marcusenius conicephalus
Marcusenius cuangoanus (Poll 1968)
Marcusenius cuangoanus
Marcusenius cubangoensis Pellegrin 1936
Marcusenius cyprinoides
Marcusenius cyprinoides (Linne 1758)
Marcusenius deboensis (Daget 1954)
Marcusenius desertus Kramer, van der Bank & Wink 2016
Marcusenius devosi Kramer, Skelton, Van der Bank & Wink 2007
Marcusenius dundoensis
Marcusenius dundoensis (Poll 1967)
Marcusenius dundoensis (Poll 1968)
Marcusenius elongatus (Pfaff 1933)
Marcusenius fasciaticeps Boulenger 1920
Marcusenius fasciaticeps
Marcusenius friteli
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