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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Macrophya Dahlbom 1835
Macrophya Dahlbom
Macrophya Dahlb.
Macrophya Rohwer 1912
Macrophya Dlbm.
Macrophya (?) saundersi
Macrophya (Macrophya) Dahlbom 1835
Macrophya (Macrophya) alboannulata Costa 1859
Macrophya (Macrophya) albomaculata (Norton 1860)
Macrophya (Macrophya) amediata Gibson 1980
Macrophya (Macrophya) bifasciata (Say 1823)
Macrophya (Macrophya) cassandra Kirby 1882
Macrophya (Macrophya) dejecta (Norton 1860)
Macrophya (Macrophya) epinolineata Gibson 1980
Macrophya (Macrophya) festana Ross 1931
Macrophya (Macrophya) flavolineata (Norton 1860)
Macrophya (Macrophya) flicta MacGillivray 1920
Macrophya (Macrophya) fuliginea Norton 1867
Macrophya (Macrophya) fumator Norton 1867
Macrophya (Macrophya) ligata (Muller 1776)
Macrophya (Macrophya) lineatana Rohwer 1912
Macrophya (Macrophya) macgillivrayi Gibson 1980
Macrophya (Macrophya) masneri Gibson 1980
Macrophya (Macrophya) masoni Gibson 1980
Macrophya (Macrophya) mensa Gibson 1980
Macrophya (Macrophya) mixta MacGillivray 1895
Macrophya (Macrophya) montana (Scopoli 1763)
Macrophya (Macrophya) nigra (Norton 1860)
Macrophya (Macrophya) nirvana Gibson 1980
Macrophya (Macrophya) oregona Cresson 1880
Macrophya (Macrophya) oregona var. dukiae Ross 1931
Macrophya (Macrophya) pannosa (Say 1836)
Macrophya (Macrophya) phylacida Gibson 1980
Macrophya (Macrophya) pulchella (Klug 1814)
Macrophya (Macrophya) pulchelliformis Rohwer 1909
Macrophya (Macrophya) senacca Gibson 1980
Macrophya (Macrophya) serratalineata Gibson 1980
Macrophya (Macrophya) simillima Rohwer 1917
Macrophya (Macrophya) smithi Gibson 1980
Macrophya (Macrophya) tibiator Norton 1864
Macrophya (Macrophya) trisyllaba (Norton 1860)
Macrophya (Macrophya) varia (Norton 1860)
Macrophya (Macrophya) zoe Kirby 1882
Macrophya (Paramacrophya) Forsius 1918
Macrophya (Pseudomacrophya) Enslin 1913
Macrophya (Pseudomacrophya) nizamii Ermolenko 1977
Macrophya (Pseudomacrophya) punctumalbum
Macrophya (Pseudomacrophya) punctumalbum group
Macrophya abboti
Macrophya abbreviata Takeuchi 1938
Macrophya acuminiclypeus Zhang & Wei 2006
Macrophya acutiscutellaris
Macrophya acutiscutellaris Wei, Li & Heng 2012
Macrophya adventitia
Macrophya adventitia Lewis 1969
Macrophya africana Forsius 1919
Macrophya africana
Macrophya africana megatlantica Lacourt 1991
Macrophya agnani
Macrophya aguadoi Lacourt 2005
Macrophya alba
Macrophya albannulata Wei & Nie 1998
Macrophya albicincta
Macrophya albicincta (Schr 1776)
Macrophya albicincta Schrank
Macrophya albicincta Thomson
Macrophya albicincta Sch.
Macrophya albicincta Th., nec Sch.
Macrophya albicincta (Schr.)
Macrophya albicincta (Schrank 1776)
Macrophya albifacies
Macrophya albifacies Kirby 1882
Macrophya albilabris Harrington 1893
Macrophya albilabris Slavonia
Macrophya albilabris
Macrophya albimacula
Macrophya albimacula Mocsary 1881
Macrophya albipes
Macrophya albipes Provancher 1895
Macrophya albipuncta (Fall.)
Macrophya albipuncta (Fallen 1808)
Macrophya albipuncta
Macrophya albipunctata Fall.
Macrophya alboannulata Costa
Macrophya alboannulata
Macrophya alboannulata Costa 1859
Macrophya albocincta
Macrophya albolapidaria
Macrophya albotrochantera Wei 2001
Macrophya allominutifossa
Macrophya allominutifossa Wei & Li 2013
Macrophya analis Thoms.
Macrophya andreasi Saini & Vasu 1997
Macrophya annulata (Geoffroy 1785)
Macrophya annulicornis
Macrophya annulipes Cresson 1889
Macrophya annulipes Cresson 1880
Macrophya annulipes
Macrophya annulitibia
Macrophya annulitibia group
Macrophya annulitibia species group Liu, Chu, Xiao & Li 2015
Macrophya aphrodite
Macrophya apicalis Rohwer 1925
Macrophya apicalis
Macrophya arcticus Thoms.
Macrophya bakeri
Macrophya bellula MacGillivray 1923
Macrophya berlandi
Macrophya bertolinii
Macrophya bicincta (Nort)
Macrophya bicolorata
Macrophya bicolorata Cress.
Macrophya bilineata Dyar 1897
Macrophya bimaculata Mocsary 1909
Macrophya bimaculata (Mocsary)
Macrophya birmanica Forsius 1935
Macrophya birmanica Mallach 1936
Macrophya birmanica Will 1934
Macrophya blanda Fabr.
Macrophya blanda
Macrophya blanda (Fabricius 1775)
Macrophya blanda-duodecimpunctata
Macrophya blanda-duodecimpunctata group
Macrophya bllula MacGillivray 1923
Macrophya borealis
Macrophya brancuccii Muche 1983
Macrophya brevicinctata
Macrophya brevicinctata Li, Liu & Wei 2016
Macrophya brevicornis
Macrophya brevilabris
Macrophya brevitheca Wei & Nie 2003
Macrophya brunnipes
Macrophya bui
Macrophya bui Wei & Li 2012
Macrophya c. albimacula
Macrophya cabrerae
Macrophya canescens
Macrophya carbonaria
Macrophya carinthiaca Htg.
Macrophya cassandra
Macrophya castanea
Macrophya castaneae Rohwer 1917
Macrophya caucasica
Macrophya caucasica (Mocsary 1880)
Macrophya changbaina
Macrophya changbaina Li, Liu & Heng 2015
Macrophya cheni Li, Liu & Wei 2014
Macrophya cheni Wei 2001
Macrophya chrysura (Klug 1817)
Macrophya chrysura
Macrophya chrysura group
Macrophya circulotibialis
Macrophya circulotibialis Li, Liu & Heng 2015
Macrophya cognata
Macrophya cognata Mocsary 1881
Macrophya cognata Kirby
Macrophya cognata Mocs.
Macrophya coloritarsalina
Macrophya coloritarsalina Wei & Li 2013
Macrophya coloritibialis
Macrophya coloritibialis Li, Liu & Wei 2016
Macrophya commixta Wei & Nie 2002
Macrophya compressicornis Wei 2001
Macrophya compressicornis Fabr.
Macrophya concolor Saini, Singh, Singh & Singh 1986
Macrophya concolor Saini et al 1986
Macrophya confusa MacGillivray 1914
Macrophya consobrina
Macrophya contaminata
Macrophya contaminata Provancher 1878
Macrophya convexina
Macrophya convexina Wei & Li 2013
Macrophya convexiscutellaris Muche 1969
Macrophya coquilletti (Rohwer 1912)
Macrophya cora
Macrophya corynetes
Macrophya corynetes Kirby
Macrophya coxalis Motsch.
Macrophya coxalis group
Macrophya coxalis species group Li, Dai & Wei 2013
Macrophya coxalis species group
Macrophya crassicornis Provancher 1888
Macrophya crassiventris
Macrophya crassula
Macrophya crassula Kl.
Macrophya crassula (Kl.)
Macrophya crassuliformis
Macrophya curvatisaeta
Macrophya curvatisaeta Wei & Li 2010
Macrophya curvatitheca
Macrophya curvatitheca Li, Liu & Heng 2015
Macrophya cyrus
Macrophya dabieshanica
Macrophya dabieshanica Wei & Xu 2013
Macrophya dalmatina
Macrophya depressina Wei 2005
Macrophya diaphenia Benson?
Macrophya diaphenia Benson 1968
Macrophya dibowskii
Macrophya diqingensis
Macrophya diqingensis Li, Liu & Wei 2017
Macrophya discrete
Macrophya diversipes
Macrophya diversipes (Schrank 1782)
Macrophya doanei (Rohwer 1909)
Macrophya dolichogaster Wei & Ma 1997
Macrophya dukiae
Macrophya duodecimpunctata
Macrophya duodecimpunctata duodecimpunctata (Linnaeus 1758)
Macrophya duodecimpunctata duodecimpunctata Linne 1758
Macrophya duodecimpunctata sodalitia
Macrophya dyari Rohwer 1911
Macrophya dyari
Macrophya elegansoma Li, Liu & Wei 2014
Macrophya enslini
Macrophya epinota
Macrophya epinota group
Macrophya errans Rohwer 1911
Macrophya errans
Macrophya errata
Macrophya erythrocephalica Wei & Nie 2003
Macrophya erythrocnema A. Costa
Macrophya erythrocnema
Macrophya erythrocnema Costa 1859
Macrophya erythrogastra (Spinola 1843)
Macrophya esakii
Macrophya exilis
Macrophya eximia Mocsary 1877
Macrophya externa
Macrophya externiformis Rohwer 1912
Macrophya externiformis
Macrophya extrema Turner 1919
Macrophya fallax (Mocs. nec Smith)
Macrophya falsifica Mocsary 1909
Macrophya farannulata Wei 1998
Macrophya fascialis Norton 1867
Macrophya fascialis Ross 1931
Macrophya fascialis var. puella Ross 1931
Macrophya fascipennis
Macrophya feminina
Macrophya femorata
Macrophya femorata Marl.
Macrophya ferox
Macrophya ferox Smith 1874
Macrophya festana
Macrophya fistula MacGillivray 1920
Macrophya flaccida MacGillivray 1920
Macrophya flavicoxae (Norton 1860)
Macrophya flavicoxae
Macrophya flavipennis
Macrophya flavipes
Macrophya flavomaculata (Cameron 1876)
Macrophya flavomaculata species group
Macrophya formosana
Macrophya formosana Rohwer
Macrophya formosana Rohwer 1916
Macrophya forsiusi
Macrophya forsuisi
Macrophya fovcifrons
Macrophya foveifrons Cam.
Macrophya friesei
Macrophya friesei Konow 1884
Macrophya fujisana Mats.
Macrophya fukaii Rohwer 1910
Macrophya fumator Nort.
Macrophya funiushana Wei 1998
Macrophya fuscoterminata Rohwer 1911
Macrophya fuscoterminata
Macrophya glaboclypea Wei & Nie 2003
Macrophya glabrifrons
Macrophya glabrifrons Li, Liu & Wei 2017
Macrophya gnava
Macrophya gopeshwari Saini, Singh, Singh & Singh 1986
Macrophya haematopus
Macrophya hainanensis Wei & Nie 2002
Macrophya hamata Benson 1968
Macrophya hamata caucasicola Muche 1969
Macrophya harai Shinohara & Li 2015
Macrophya harbina Li, Liu & Wei 2016
Macrophya hartigi
Macrophya hastulata
Macrophya hei Wei 2001
Macrophya hergovitsi Haris & Roller 2007
Macrophya hispana
Macrophya hispana africa
Macrophya hispana africana Forsius 1919
Macrophya hispana africana Foresius 1919
Macrophya hispana hispana
Macrophya hispania Kon.
Macrophya histrio species group
Macrophya histrioides Wei 1998
Macrophya histrionica
Macrophya huangi
Macrophya huangi Li & Wei 2014
Macrophya hyaloptera Wei & Nie 2003
Macrophya ignava Smith 1874
Macrophya ignava Smith
Macrophya imitator
Macrophya imitator group
Macrophya imitator species group
Macrophya incrassitarsalia
Macrophya incrassitarsalia Wei & Wu 2012
Macrophya indica Forsius 1933
Macrophya infumata
Macrophya infuscipennis
Macrophya infuscipennis Wei & Li 2012
Macrophya intermedia (Norton 1860)
Macrophya irritans
Macrophya japonica Marl
Macrophya japonica
Macrophya jiangi
Macrophya jiangi Wei & Zhao 2011
Macrophya jiaozhaoae
Macrophya jiaozhaoae Wei & Zhao 2010
Macrophya jiuzhaina Chen & Wei 2005
Macrophya jugosa Cress.
Macrophya jugosa
Macrophya jugurtha
Macrophya jugurtha Kirby
Macrophya kangdingensis
Macrophya kangdingensis Wei & Li 2012
Macrophya kathmanduensis Haris 2000
Macrophya khasiana Saini, Bharti & Singh 1996
Macrophya kibunensis
Macrophya kisuji Togashi 1974
Macrophya klugi
Macrophya klugii
Macrophya kongosana
Macrophya koreana
Macrophya koreana subgroup Wei, Xu & Li 2013
Macrophya koreana subgroup
Macrophya koreanu
Macrophya langtangiensis Haris 2000
Macrophya laocoxalis Haris 2014
Macrophya laticarpus
Macrophya latidentata
Macrophya latidentata Li, Liu & Wei 2016
Macrophya latimaculana Li, Dai & Wei 2013
Macrophya leucotrochanterata
Macrophya leucotrochanterata Wei & Li 2012
Macrophya leyii Chen & Wei 2005
Macrophya ligata Mull.
Macrophya ligustri Wei & Huang 1997
Macrophya ligustri species group Liu, Ji, Li & Wei 2017
Macrophya limbata
Macrophya lineata (Mocs. nec Nort.)
Macrophya lineata
Macrophya lineata Norton 1867
Macrophya lineatana
Macrophya linzhiensis
Macrophya linzhiensis Wei & Li 2013
Macrophya liui
Macrophya liui Wei & Li 2013
Macrophya liukinana Takeuchi 1928
Macrophya liukiuana
Macrophya longipetiolata
Macrophya longipetiolata Wei & Zhong 2013
Macrophya longitarsis
Macrophya longitarsis Konow 1898
Macrophya loui Wei 2001
Macrophya lubens
Macrophya lucasi
Macrophya lucida Rohwer 1921
Macrophya luctifera
Macrophya luridicarpa
Macrophya maculata F.
Macrophya maculicornis
Macrophya maculilabris
Macrophya maculilabris Konow 1899
Macrophya maculipennis Wei & Li 2009
Macrophya maculitibia
Macrophya maculoclypeatina Wei & Nie 2003
Macrophya maculoepimera
Macrophya maculoepimera Wei & Li 2013
Macrophya maculotarsalina Wei & Liu 2005
Macrophya magnifica
Macrophya malaisei Takeuchi 1937
Macrophya malaisei
Macrophya malaisei species group
Macrophya malaisei var. kibunensis Takeuchi 1937
Macrophya manganensis Saini, Bharti & Singh 1996
Macrophya marginata
Macrophya marlatti
Macrophya maroccana Muche 1979
Macrophya maura
Macrophya mclanosoma Rudow 1871
Macrophya megapunctata
Macrophya megapunctata Li, Liu & Wei 2017
Macrophya melanolabria Wei 1998
Macrophya melanosomata
Macrophya melanosomata Wei & Xin 2012
Macrophya melanostoma
Macrophya melanota
Macrophya melanoventralis Wei 2001
Macrophya menetriesi
Macrophya metepimerata Singh, Singh & Dhillon 1984
Macrophya metepimerata Balbir Singh, Tarlok Singh & Dhillon 1984
Macrophya metepimerata Singh et al 1984
Macrophya micromaculata Wei & Nie 2002
Macrophya mikagei Togashi 2005
Macrophya militaris
Macrophya minerva Benson 1968
Macrophya minuta MacGillivray 1895
Macrophya minuta
Macrophya minutifossa
Macrophya minutifossa Wei & Nie 2003
Macrophya minutissima
Macrophya minutitheca Wei & Nie 2002
Macrophya mixta
Macrophya mocsarii
Macrophya monastiresis Pic 1918
Macrophya morvandica
Macrophya muliebris
Macrophya multicincta Rohwer 1909
Macrophya multicincta
Macrophya naga Saini & Vasu 1997
Macrophya napensis
Macrophya nebraskensis
Macrophya nebulosa
Macrophya neglecta Kl.
Macrophya nemesis Muche 1969
Macrophya ni gripes
Macrophya nidonea MacG.
Macrophya nidonea
Macrophya nigra Marlatt 1898
Macrophya nigra
Macrophya nigra Marl.
Macrophya nigricans
Macrophya nigricornis Rohwer 1909
Macrophya nigricornis
Macrophya nigrina
Macrophya nigripleuris
Macrophya nigriscutis
Macrophya nigrispuralina Wei 2005
Macrophya nigristigma
Macrophya nigrita Ensl.
Macrophya nigrita
Macrophya nigrita Enslin 1910
Macrophya nigritarsis and masculina
Macrophya nigro-picta
Macrophya nigromaculata
Macrophya nigromaculata Wei & Li 2010
Macrophya nigronepalensis Haris 2000
Macrophya nigroscutellata
Macrophya nigrotibia
Macrophya nigrotibia Wei & Huang 2013
Macrophya nivosa
Macrophya nodifoviata Wei 2001
Macrophya nordicola
Macrophya o. Ross 1931
Macrophya obaerata MacGillivray 1923
Macrophya obaerata
Macrophya obaerata MacG.
Macrophya obesa
Macrophya obnata
Macrophya obnata MacG.
Macrophya obrussa
Macrophya obrussa MacG.
Macrophya occidentalis
Macrophya oedipus Benson 1968
Macrophya oligomaculella
Macrophya oligomaculella Wei & Zhu 2009
Macrophya opacifrontalis
Macrophya opacifrontalis Li, Lei & Wei 2014
Macrophya opacifrontalis Wei 2001
Macrophya opposita
Macrophya oregona
Macrophya oregona Cress.
Macrophya orientalis Mocs.
Macrophya orientalis (Mocsary 1968)
Macrophya ornata MacGillivray 1914
Macrophya ottomana
Macrophya pacifica
Macrophya pacifica Smith 1874
Macrophya pallidilabris A. Costa 1890
Macrophya pallidilabris Costa 1890
Macrophya pallidilabris
Macrophya paraminutifossa Wei & Nie 2003
Macrophya parapompilina Wei & Nie 1999
Macrophya parimitator Wei 1998
Macrophya parviserrula Chen & Wei 2005
Macrophya parvula
Macrophya parvula Endre 1927
Macrophya parvula (Konow 1884)
Macrophya passerinii
Macrophya pedatoria
Macrophya pendleburyi Forsius 1933
Macrophya pervetusta Brues 1908
Macrophya pheuralis
Macrophya pilotheca Wei & Ma 1997
Macrophya planata group
Macrophya planatoides Wei 1997
Macrophya pleuralis Thoms.
Macrophya pluricincta Norton 1862
Macrophya pluricincta
Macrophya pluricinctella
Macrophya pluricinctellus Rohwer 1909
Macrophya pluricinctus Norton 1862
Macrophya postica
Macrophya potanini
Macrophya prasinipes
Macrophya prasinipes Konow 1891
Macrophya propinqua
Macrophya propinqua Harrington 1889
Macrophya provancheri Rohwer 1909
Macrophya provancheri
Macrophya proximata Norton 1867
Macrophya pseudofemorata
Macrophya pseudofemorata Li, Wang & Wei 2014
Macrophya pseudoplanata Saini, Bharti & Singh 1996
Macrophya puella
Macrophya pulchella (Klug 1814)
Macrophya pulchella
Macrophya pulcherrima
Macrophya pulcherrima Kirby 1882
Macrophya pumila Norton 1867
Macrophya pumilus Norton 1867
Macrophya punctata Saini, Bharti & Singh 1996
Macrophya punctata
Macrophya punctumalbum
Macrophya punctumalbum (Linnaeus 1767)
Macrophya punctumalbum maroccana Muche 1979
Macrophya pusilloides Mal.
Macrophya pusilloides
Macrophya qinlingium
Macrophya qinlingium Li, Liu & Wei 2016
Macrophya quadriclypeata Wei & Nie 2002
Macrophya quadrimaculata
Macrophya radoskowskii
Macrophya radoszkowskii Andre 1881
Macrophya rapae L.
Macrophya ratzeburgi Tischb.
Macrophya raui Rohwer 1917
Macrophya raui
Macrophya recognata Zombori 1978
Macrophya recognata Zombori 1979
Macrophya recognata
Macrophya regia Forsius 1930
Macrophya reni Li, Liu & Wei 2014
Macrophya revertana Wei 1998
Macrophya ribis
Macrophya ribis Pic 1952
Macrophya ribis Thoms.
Macrophya ribis Sch.
Macrophya ribis Th., nec Sch.
Macrophya rohweri
Macrophya rotundiventris Cam.
Macrophya rubripes
Macrophya ruficincta
Macrophya rufipes
Macrophya rufipes L.
Macrophya rufipes (Fall.)
Macrophya rufipes (Linnaeus 1758)
Macrophya rufipodus Saini, Bharti & Singh 1996
Macrophya rufipodus Saini et al 1996
Macrophya rufoclypeata Wei 1998
Macrophya rufopicta Enslin
Macrophya rufopicta Enslin 1910
Macrophya rufopicta
Macrophya rugosifossa
Macrophya rugosifossa Li, Liu & Wei 2016
Macrophya ruhli
Macrophya ruslica
Macrophya rustica Papp 1962
Macrophya rustica
Macrophya sambuci Rohwer 1909
Macrophya sambuci Rohwer
Macrophya sanguinipes
Macrophya sanguinoknta
Macrophya sanguinolenta Hellen 1943
Macrophya sanguinolenta
Macrophya sanguinolenta (Gmelin 1790)
Macrophya sanguinolenta species group
Macrophya sanguinolenta subgroup
Macrophya sanguinolenta tongi subgroup
Macrophya sanguinolenta var. trochanterica
Macrophya satoi Shinohara & Li 2015
Macrophya scutellala
Macrophya scutellaris
Macrophya shangae
Macrophya shangae Li, Liu & Wei 2017
Macrophya shengi
Macrophya shengi Li & Chu 2015
Macrophya sheni Wei 1998
Macrophya shennongjiana
Macrophya shennongjiana Wei & Zhao 2011
Macrophya shii Wei 2004
Macrophya sibirica
Macrophya sibirica group
Macrophya sibirica species group
Macrophya simillima
Macrophya sinannula
Macrophya slossonia
Macrophya sodalitia Mocsary 1909
Macrophya soror
Macrophya southa
Macrophya southa Li, Ji & Wei 2017
Macrophya stenogaster Forst.
Macrophya stigmaticalis
Macrophya stigmaticalis Wei & Nie 2002
Macrophya strigosa (F.)
Macrophya sturmi
Macrophya sturmi Klug
Macrophya subriolacea Cresson 1880
Macrophya subviolacea
Macrophya succincta
Macrophya superba Tischb.
Macrophya superba
Macrophya supracoxalis
Macrophya sylvia
Macrophya tattakana Takeuchi 1927
Macrophya tattakonoides Wei 1998
Macrophya tegularis
Macrophya tenella Mocs.
Macrophya tenella
Macrophya tenella Mocsary 1881
Macrophya tenella Mocsary
Macrophya tenuicornis
Macrophya tenuitarsalina
Macrophya tenuitarsalina Li, Liu & Wei 2017
Macrophya teutona (Panzer 1799)
Macrophya teutona
Macrophya texana
Macrophya tianmunica Wei 2001
Macrophya tibialis
Macrophya tibiator
Macrophya timida
Macrophya timida Smith 1874
Macrophya timida Sm.
Macrophya togashii
Macrophya togashii Yoshida & Shinohara 2015
Macrophya tongi Wei & Ma 1997
Macrophya tongi subgroup
Macrophya tricoloripes
Macrophya trimicralba Wei 2006
Macrophya tristis
Macrophya trisyllaba
Macrophya trisyllabus
Macrophya trisyllabus Ross 1931
Macrophya trivialis
Macrophya truncata Rohwer 1909
Macrophya truncata
Macrophya turgidus Zadd.
Macrophya typhanoptera Wei & Nie 1999
Macrophya ukhrulensis Saini, Bharti & Singh 1996
Macrophya ukhrulensis Saini et al 1996
Macrophya v. eurythmia Nort.
Macrophya vacillans
Macrophya var. decipiens
Macrophya varia (Norton 1860)
Macrophya varius Ross 1931
Macrophya varius var. festana Ross 1931
Macrophya verticalis Konow 1898
Macrophya verticalis Kon.
Macrophya verticalis
Macrophya vexator
Macrophya vitta
Macrophya vittata
Macrophya weni Wei 1998
Macrophya wui
Macrophya wui Wei & Zhao 2010
Macrophya xanthonota
Macrophya xanthosoma Wei 2005
Macrophya xiaoi Wei & Nie 2003
Macrophya xinan
Macrophya xinan Li & Liu 2015
Macrophya yangi
Macrophya yangi Wei & Zhu 2012
Macrophya yichangensis Li, Liu & Wei 2014
Macrophya zabriskiei
Macrophya zhaoae Wei 1997
Macrophya zhejiangensis Wei 2001
Macrophya zhengi Wei 1997
Macrophya zhoui
Macrophya zhoui Wei & Li 2013
Macrophya zhui
Macrophya zhui Li, Liu & Wei 2016
Macrophya zoe
Macrophya zonalis
Macrophya zonalis Norton 1864
Macrophya zonota
Tenthredo (Macrophya) albicincta in A. G. Dahlbom 1835
Tenthredo (Macrophya) albipuncta Fall.
Tenthredo (Macrophya) blanda Kl.
Tenthredo (Macrophya) curvipes Gimmerthal 1847
Tenthredo (Macrophya) duodecim punctata Kl.
Tenthredo (Macrophya) femoralis (Eversm.)
Tenthredo (Macrophya) magnicornis Eversmann 1864
Tenthredo (Macrophya) neglecta Klug
Tenthredo (Macrophya) punctum Klug
Tenthredo (Macrophya) quadrimaculata Kl.
Tenthredo (Macrophya) rapae L.
Tenthredo (Macrophya) ribis Schr.
Tenthredo (Macrophya) rustica L.
Tenthredo (Macrophya) strigosa F. Klug
Tenthredo (Macrophya) variegata Kl.
Tethredo (Macrophya) flavilabris Gimmerthal 1847
Vorticella macrophya Stokes 1885
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