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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Bidessonotus (Liodessus) involucer Brinck 1948
Bidessonotus (Liodessus) luculentus Guignot 1948
Liodessus Guignot 1939
Liodessus Guignot
Liodessus abjectus (Sharp 1882)
Liodessus acollensis Guignot 1955
Liodessus affinis Say 1823
Liodessus affinis
Liodessus affinis (Say 1823)
Liodessus affinis microreticulatus (Hatch 1928)
Liodessus affinis species group
Liodessus amabilis
Liodessus andinus Guignot 1957
Liodessus antrias Guignot 1955
Liodessus atomus
Liodessus bogotensis
Liodessus bordoni Pederzani 2001
Liodessus burrus Guignot 1953
Liodessus cancellosus (Guignot 1957)
Liodessus cancellosus
Liodessus cantralli (Young 1953)
Liodessus charlottii (Clark 1862)
Liodessus cheesmanae (Balfour-Browne 1939)
Liodessus crotchi Nilsson 2001
Liodessus curviplicatus
Liodessus deflectus
Liodessus deflectus Ordish 1966
Liodessus dispar
Liodessus dispar (Sharp 1882)
Liodessus duplicatus
Liodessus emaciatus
Liodessus emilianus (Clark 1862)
Liodessus erythrostomus (Mannerheim 1852)
Liodessus flavicollis (LeConte 1855)
Liodessus flavofasciatus (Steinheil 1869)
Liodessus fuscatus (Crotch 1873)
Liodessus gemellus (Clark 1862)
Liodessus gemellus
Liodessus guttatus Bistrom 1988
Liodessus hobbsi Young 1950
Liodessus incrassatus Bistrom 1988
Liodessus inornatus
Liodessus inornatus (Sharp 1882)
Liodessus involucer (Brinck 1948)
Liodessus legrosi Bistrom 1988
Liodessus leonensis Franciscolo & Sanfilippo 1990
Liodessus luteopictus (Regimbart 1897)
Liodessus macularis (LeConte 1852)
Liodessus megacephalus (Gschwendtner 1931)
Liodessus megacephalus
Liodessus nanus (Aube 1838)
Liodessus nigrinus (Casey 1884)
Liodessus noviaffinis
Liodessus noviaffinis Miller 1998
Liodessus obscurellus (LeConte 1852)
Liodessus oliveri
Liodessus oliveri Ordish 1966
Liodessus ophonoides Guignot 1955
Liodessus patagonicus (Zimmerman 1923)
Liodessus plicatus Sharp 1882
Liodessus plicatus (Sharp)
Liodessus praelargus (Lea 1898)
Liodessus praelargus
Liodessus rhicnodes Guignot 1955
Liodessus saratogae Miller 1998
Liodessus shuckardii
Liodessus shuckhardi (Clark 1862)
Liodessus skottsbergi
Liodessus skottsbergi (Zimmermann 1924)
Liodessus strobeli
Liodessus youngi Larson & Roughley 1990
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