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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Agra limulus
Agra limulus Erwin 1982
Anommatoxenus limulus Jacobson & Kistner 1975
Aphanistes limulus Gauld 1978
Ceratium (Orthoceratium) limulus
Ceratium (Tripoceratium) limulus
Ceratium limulus Gourret 1883
Ceratium limulus
Dactylogyrus limulus
Dalmanites limulus (Green)
Eurycheilichthys limulus Reis & Schaefer 1998
Famea ? limulus Rghr.
Fumea ? limulus
Fumea limulus Rog.
Fusus limulus Conrad 1833
Heterosmylus limulus Yang 1987
Limulus Mueller 1785
Limulus Muller 1785
Limulus Fabricius 1798
Limulus (Carcinoscorpius) rotundicauda
Limulus (Tachypleus) polyphemus
Limulus agnosius
Limulus agnotus v. Meyer 1838
Limulus albus Bosc 1801
Limulus americanus Leach 1819
Limulus anthrax Milne-Edwards 1840
Limulus australis Say 1818
Limulus cancriformis Lamarck 1801
Limulus coffini Reeside & harris 1952
Limulus cyclops Fabricius 1793
Limulus darwini Kin & Blazejowski 2014
Limulus decheni
Limulus decheni Zincken 1862
Limulus giganteus v. Muenster 1839
Limulus gigas Mueller 1785
Limulus gottingensis
Limulus henkeli
Limulus heterodactylus Latreille 1802
Limulus latreillii Leach 1819
Limulus liaso-keuperinus
Limulus longispina Hoeven 1838
Limulus longispinus
Limulus macleaii Leach 1819
Limulus moluccanus Latreille 1802
Limulus moluccanus
Limulus nathorsti Jackson 1906
Limulus noctilucus Macartney 1810
Limulus oculatus Kutorga 1838
Limulus orientalis Oken 1815
Limulus palustris Muller 1785
Limulus pennigerus Mueller 1785
Limulus polphemus
Limulus polyhemus
Limulus polyphemua
Limulus polyphemus
Limulus polyphemus (Linnaeus 1758)
Limulus polyphemus Linnaeus 1758
Limulus polyphemus (L.)
Limulus polyphemus (Lat.)
Limulus polyphemus (L., F.)
Limulus polyphenols
Limulus polythemus
Limulus priscus v. Muenster 1839
Limulus priscus
Limulus productus Lamarck 1801
Limulus rotundatus Prestwich
Limulus rotundatus Milne-Edwards 1840
Limulus rotundicauda Latreille 1817
Limulus rotundicaudae Latreille 1802
Limulus sand-bergeri
Limulus sandbergi Kirchner 1923
Limulus serricaudus Hermann 1804
Limulus sowerbii Leach 1815
Limulus sp. aff. vicensis
Limulus steinlae Geinitz 1843
Limulus suevicus Quenstedt 1857
Limulus syriacus
Limulus tridentatus
Limulus tridentatus Leach 1819
Limulus trilobitoides Buckland 1836
Limulus unguis
Limulus vicensis Bleicher 1897
Limulus vicensis
Limulus virescens Latreille 1806
Limulus walchi Desmarest 1822
Limulus walchi
Limulus walchii Desmarest 1817
Limulus woodwardi Watson 1909
Metamasius limulus Vaurie 1967
Neoceratium limulus (Gourret 1883)
Parasitus limulus Tseng 1995
Philonthus limulus Tottenham 1954
Philonthus limulus
Termitopscnius limulus Wasmann 1902
Termitopsenius limulus
Veigaia limulus Tseng 1994
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