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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Eriocheir leptognatha Rathbun 1913
Forcipomyia (Trichohelea) leptognatha Wirth & Messersmith 1971
Hippolyte leptognatha (Stimps.)
Leptognatha Rivalier 1963
Leptognatha (Leptognatha) albertisi (Gestro 1879)
Leptognatha (Leptognatha) curvidentis Cassola 1987
Leptognatha (Leptognatha) darlingtoni (Brouerius van Nidek 1953)
Leptognatha (Leptognatha) flavoantennalis Cassola & Werner 1998
Leptognatha (Leptognatha) hornabrooki Cassola 1987
Leptognatha (Leptognatha) latreillei (Guerin-Meneville 1830)
Leptognatha (Leptognatha) latreillei
Leptognatha (Leptognatha) longidentis Cassola 1987
Leptognatha (Leptognatha) occidentalis Cassola 1987
Leptognatha (Leptognatha) papua Cassola 1987
Leptognatha (Leptognatha) pseudovelutina Cassola 1987
Leptognatha (Leptognatha) riedeliana Cassola & Werner 1998
Leptognatha (Leptognatha) robusta Rivalier 1972
Leptognatha (Leptognatha) sedlacekorum Cassola 1987
Leptognatha (Leptognatha) septentrionalis Cassola 1987
Leptognatha (Thylacina)
Leptognatha (Thylacina) bishopi Cassola 1987
Leptognatha (Thylacina) fraudulenta Cassola 1987
Leptognatha (Thylacina) inexspectata Cassola 1987
Leptognatha (Thylacina) longipenis Cassola & Matalin 2010
Leptognatha (Thylacina) spinilabris Rivalier 1972
Leptognatha (Thylacina) sumliniana Cassola 1987
Leptognatha alticola Van N.
Leptognatha crassimana
Leptognatha denhoedi Van N.
Leptognatha fasciata Rivalier 1972
Leptognatha fuscilabris Rivalier 1972
Leptognatha gracilipes Rivalier 1972
Leptognatha nigrivestis Van N.
Leptognatha orientalis Rivalier 1972
Leptognatha rivalieri Van N.
Leptognatha robusta Rivalier 1972
Leptognatha rudolfbennigseni W. Horn
Leptognatha spinilabris Rivalier 1972
Leptognatha velutina Van N.
Leptognatha viridimicans Van N.
Leptognatha viridithoracia Van N.
Ninoe leptognatha Ehlers 1900
Ninoe leptognatha
Palaeolama leptognatha Ameghino 1889
Palaeolama leptognatha Ameghino 1928
Palaeolama leptognatha
Spironlocaris leptognatha
Tetragnatha leptognatha
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