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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Lasioderma Stephens 1835
Lasioderma Stephens
Lasioderma Stephens 1860
Lasioderma Dejean 1833
Lasioderma Stephens 1833
Lasioderma amabile Sakai 1975
Lasioderma anatolica Zahradnik 1996
Lasioderma antoinei Peyerimhoff 1949
Lasioderma aterrimum
Lasioderma aterrimum Roubal 1916
Lasioderma atrorubrum Toskina 1999
Lasioderma atrum Toskina 1999
Lasioderma atrum arnoldi Toskina 1999
Lasioderma b.
Lasioderma babadjanidesi Reitter 1913
Lasioderma badium White 1975
Lasioderma baudii
Lasioderma bicolor
Lasioderma breve Reitter 1891
Lasioderma brevis
Lasioderma brunneum Toskina 2013
Lasioderma bubalus (Fairmaire 1860)
Lasioderma buettikeri Toskina 1998
Lasioderma bukhariensis Toskina 2015
Lasioderma castaneum Melsheimer 1846
Lasioderma cervelloi Vinolas 2017
Lasioderma corsicum
Lasioderma costulatum
Lasioderma creperum Toskina 2013
Lasioderma curtum
Lasioderma dedyukhini Toskina 2014
Lasioderma degachesis Toskina 2013
Lasioderma densepunctata
Lasioderma dermestinum LeConte 1865
Lasioderma dermestinum
Lasioderma dolini Toskina 2011
Lasioderma enode Toskina 2014
Lasioderma erdosi Toskina 2014
Lasioderma exiguum Toskina 2014
Lasioderma festai Pic 1926
Lasioderma florieni
Lasioderma formosana
Lasioderma fuligineum Toskina 2013
Lasioderma fulvescens
Lasioderma gallagheri Toskina 1998
Lasioderma gilvum Toskina 2013
Lasioderma gracilipes Toskina 1993
Lasioderma griseopilosum Toskina 2014
Lasioderma haemorrhoidale Illiger 1807
Lasioderma haemorrhoidale (Illiger)
Lasioderma haemorrhoidale
Lasioderma hemiptychoides
Lasioderma hreblayi Toskina 2013
Lasioderma impexum Toskina 1998
Lasioderma impunctatum
Lasioderma iordanicum Toskina 2014
Lasioderma japonica
Lasioderma karlae Zahradnik 2015
Lasioderma kaszabi Espanol 1971
Lasioderma kiesenwetteri
Lasioderma kieswenwetteri
Lasioderma kirgizicum Toskina 1999
Lasioderma klapperichi Toskina 2014
Lasioderma kryzhanovskii Logvinovskii 1977
Lasioderma kurbatovi Toskina 1999
Lasioderma laevis
Lasioderma latifrons Toskina 1998
Lasioderma leonensis Pic 1927
Lasioderma leveiilei
Lasioderma linnmani Zahradnik 2008
Lasioderma loeve
Lasioderma logvinovskii Toskina 1998
Lasioderma longepilosum Espanol 1972
Lasioderma luminosum Logvinovskii 1977
Lasioderma mahunkai Toskina 2013
Lasioderma mazokhini Toskina 1999
Lasioderma megalops White 1975
Lasioderma melanocephalum
Lasioderma mexicanunt White 1975
Lasioderma micros Vinolas 2015
Lasioderma mikheechevi Toskina 1999
Lasioderma minima Pic 1935
Lasioderma minutum Logvinovskij 1977
Lasioderma minutum Logvinovskii 1977
Lasioderma minutum Lindberg 1950
Lasioderma mongolicum Espanol 1971
Lasioderma morulum Toskina 2011
Lasioderma mulsanti
Lasioderma multipunctatum Toskina 1999
Lasioderma nikitskii Toskina 1999
Lasioderma nitentis Toskina 2014
Lasioderma obnigrum Toskina 2014
Lasioderma obscurum (Solsky 1857)
Lasioderma obscurum Solsky 1867
Lasioderma oculeum Toskina 1999
Lasioderma opacum Toskina 2014
Lasioderma parahybana
Lasioderma parallela
Lasioderma parvipenne Toskina 2014
Lasioderma parvwn White 1975
Lasioderma pici White 1970
Lasioderma prolixum Toskina 2011
Lasioderma puberulum
Lasioderma pulverulenta
Lasioderma punctulata
Lasioderma punctulatissimus (Wollaston 1867)
Lasioderma purpurea
Lasioderma purpurea Pic 1931
Lasioderma pusillum Espanol 1979
Lasioderma quasiquadratum Toskina 2014
Lasioderma querceum Toskina 2014
Lasioderma rabusculum Toskina 2013
Lasioderma raffrayi
Lasioderma raffrayi Zanzibar
Lasioderma redtenbachen
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