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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Ishikawatrechus Habu
Ishikawatrechus Habu 1950
Ishikawatrechus (I.) cerberus
Ishikawatrechus (I.) humeralis
Ishikawatrechus (I.) nipponicus
Ishikawatrechus (N.) intermedius
Ishikawatrechus (N.) ishikawai
Ishikawatrechus (N.) subtilis
Ishikawatrechus (N.) uozumii
Ishikawatrechus aquilonius Ueno 2008
Ishikawatrechus bidilatatus
Ishikawatrechus bidilatatus Sugaya 2014
Ishikawatrechus caurus Ueno 2008
Ishikawatrechus doiensis Ueno & Naito 2008
Ishikawatrechus hayashii Ueno 1999
Ishikawatrechus humeralis Ueno 1958
Ishikawatrechus humeralis Ueno 1957
Ishikawatrechus intermedius
Ishikawatrechus ishiharai Ueno 1994
Ishikawatrechus kusamai Ueno 1999
Ishikawatrechus longipes Ueno 1992
Ishikawatrechus masazii Ueno 2002
Ishikawatrechus murakamii Ueno 1997
Ishikawatrechus nipponicus Habu 1950
Ishikawatrechus obliquatus Ueno 1997
Ishikawatrechus ochii Ueno 1996
Ishikawatrechus orientalis Ueno 2008
Ishikawatrechus professoris Ueno 1999
Ishikawatrechus pubithoracis Ueno 2002
Ishikawatrechus pubithoracis masazii Ueno 2002
Ishikawatrechus pubithoracis pubithoracis Ueno 2002
Ishikawatrechus riozoi Ueno 1999
Ishikawatrechus robustior Ueno 1997
Ishikawatrechus satoi Ueno 2003
Ishikawatrechus saxatilis Ueno 2003
Ishikawatrechus septemtrionalis Ueno 2008
Ishikawatrechus squamosus Ueno 1997
Ishikawatrechus squamosus
Ishikawatrechus taichii Ueno 2008
Ishikawatrechus tuberculatus Ueno 2008
Ishikawatrechus yosiianus Ueno 1999
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