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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Hydrovatus Motschoulsky 1855
Hydrovatus Motschulsky 1853
Hydrovatus Motschulsky 1855
Hydrovatus Motschulsky
Hydrovatus (H.) absonus Bruneau de Mire & Legros 1963
Hydrovatus (H.) berdoa
Hydrovatus (H.) brunneus
Hydrovatus (H.) charactes
Hydrovatus (H.) dama Guignot 1958
Hydrovatus (H.) diffidlis Guignot 1957
Hydrovatus (H.) dyscheres
Hydrovatus (H.) ischyrus
Hydrovatus (H.) metrius
Hydrovatus (H.) niokolensis
Hydrovatus (H.) tristis
Hydrovatus (Hydrovatus) pallidus Bilardo & Pederzani 1979
Hydrovatus (Oxynoptilus) ferrugatus Regimbart 1887
Hydrovatus (Oxynoptilus) ferrugatus Regimbart 1877
Hydrovatus (V) subsimilis
Hydrovatus (V.) adelphus
Hydrovatus (V.) bedoanus
Hydrovatus (V.) bicolor
Hydrovatus (V.) browneanus
Hydrovatus (V.) bullatus
Hydrovatus (V.) cessatus
Hydrovatus (V.) collega
Hydrovatus (V.) compotor
Hydrovatus (V.) confossus
Hydrovatus (V.) continentalis
Hydrovatus (V.) crassus
Hydrovatus (V.) cristatus
Hydrovatus (V.) cryptus Guignot 1956
Hydrovatus (V.) cunctator
Hydrovatus (V.) discifer
Hydrovatus (V.) fulvicollis
Hydrovatus (V.) granosus
Hydrovatus (V.) katangensis
Hydrovatus (V.) kivuanus G.
Hydrovatus (V.) kivuanus
Hydrovatus (V.) marlieri
Hydrovatus (V.) nachtigali
Hydrovatus (V.) nepos
Hydrovatus (V.) ocnerus
Hydrovatus (V.) ornatus
Hydrovatus (V.) patens Guign.
Hydrovatus (V.) piceus
Hydrovatus (V.) proximus Guignot 1958
Hydrovatus (V.) pyrrus
Hydrovatus (V.) satanas
Hydrovatus (V.) savanicola
Hydrovatus (V.) scholaeus
Hydrovatus (V.) singularis Guignot 1956
Hydrovatus (V.) vagetinctus
Hydrovatus (V.) vicinus
Hydrovatus (V.) villiersi Guignot 1955
Hydrovatus (Vathydrus) bomansi Guignot 1955
Hydrovatus (Vathydrus) cessatus Guign.
Hydrovatus (Vathydrus) cicer
Hydrovatus (Vathydrus) humilis Sharp
Hydrovatus (Vathydrus) lintrarius
Hydrovatus (Vathydrus) parameces
Hydrovatus (Vathydrus) patens
Hydrovatus (Vathydrus) propinquus Guignot 1955
Hydrovatus (Vathydrus) quezeli
Hydrovatus (Vathydrus) reclusus
Hydrovatus (Vathydrus) sporas
Hydrovatus abaonus
Hydrovatus abraeoides Regimbart 1895
Hydrovatus abraeoides
Hydrovatus abraeoides Regimbart 1892
Hydrovatus abroeoides
Hydrovatus absonus
Hydrovatus absonus Guignot 1948
Hydrovatus absonus borkuanus Bruneau de Mire & Legros 1963
Hydrovatus acuminatus Motschulsky
Hydrovatus acuminatus Motschulsky 1859
Hydrovatus acuminatus Guignot 1950
Hydrovatus acuminatus
Hydrovatus acutus Sharp 1882
Hydrovatus acutus
Hydrovatus adachii Kamiya 1932
Hydrovatus adelphus Guignot 1956
Hydrovatus aequatorius Gschwendtner 1943
Hydrovatus aequatorius Gschw.
Hydrovatus aeuminatus
Hydrovatus affinis Regimbart 1895
Hydrovatus affinis
Hydrovatus agathodaemon
Hydrovatus agathodaemon Bistrom 1997
Hydrovatus albertianus Guignot 1954
Hydrovatus amplicornis
Hydrovatus angusticornis Bistrom 1997
Hydrovatus antennatus (Peschet 1924)
Hydrovatus aristides Leprieur 1879
Hydrovatus armstrongi Watts 1978
Hydrovatus asemus Bistrom 1997
Hydrovatus asymmetricus Bistrom & Wewalka 1994
Hydrovatus atricolor
Hydrovatus badeni Sharp 1882
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