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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Hydroglyphus Motschulsky 1853
Hydroglyphus africanus (Regimbart 1895)
Hydroglyphus angularis
Hydroglyphus balkei Hendrich 1999
Hydroglyphus balkei Hendrich
Hydroglyphus bilardoi Bistrom 1986
Hydroglyphus bivirgatus (Guignot 1952)
Hydroglyphus browni (Pederzani 1982)
Hydroglyphus capitatus (Regimbart 1895)
Hydroglyphus confusus
Hydroglyphus coreanus Lee & Ahn 2016
Hydroglyphus daemeli
Hydroglyphus dakarensis
Hydroglyphus dakarensis (Regimbart 1895)
Hydroglyphus farquharensis (Scott 1912)
Hydroglyphus flammulatus
Hydroglyphus flavoguttatus (Regimbart 1895)
Hydroglyphus gabonicus Bilardo & Rocchi 1990
Hydroglyphus geminodes (Regimbart 1895)
Hydroglyphus geminus
Hydroglyphus godeffroyi
Hydroglyphus grammopterus (Zimmermann 1928)
Hydroglyphus gujaratensis
Hydroglyphus gujaratensis (Vazirani 1973)
Hydroglyphus hamulatus
Hydroglyphus harrisoni (Omer-Cooper 1955)
Hydroglyphus hormuzensis Hajek & Brancucci 2011
Hydroglyphus incisus Bistrom 1986
Hydroglyphus incognitus Bistrom 1986
Hydroglyphus inconstans
Hydroglyphus infirmus
Hydroglyphus intermedius Bistrom 1986
Hydroglyphus japonicus
Hydroglyphus kifunei (Nakane 1987)
Hydroglyphus koppi (Regimbart 1895)
Hydroglyphus longipilis (Regimbart 1895)
Hydroglyphus longivittis (Regimbart 1903)
Hydroglyphus major
Hydroglyphus occultus (Sharp 1882)
Hydroglyphus orarius (Omer-Cooper 1931)
Hydroglyphus parilis (Guignot 1950)
Hydroglyphus perssoni Bistrom & Nilsson 1990
Hydroglyphus pradhani
Hydroglyphus pseudoctoguttatus Bistrom 2000
Hydroglyphus pusillus
Hydroglyphus rocchii Bistrom 1986
Hydroglyphus roeri Bistrom & Wewalka 1984
Hydroglyphus signatellus
Hydroglyphus signatellus (Klug 1834)
Hydroglyphus sinuspersicus Hajek & Wewalka 2009
Hydroglyphus socotraensis Wewalka 2004
Hydroglyphus sordidus (Sharp 1882)
Hydroglyphus sordidus robustus (Omer-Cooper 1959)
Hydroglyphus thermalis (Germar 1838)
Hydroglyphus thienemanni
Hydroglyphus thienemanni (Csiki 1938)
Hydroglyphus trifasciatus
Hydroglyphus trilineatus (Watts 1978)
Hydroglyphus virgatipennis (Guignot 1939)
Hydroglyphus zanzibarensis (Regimbart 1906)
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