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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Hydrochus Leach 1817
Hydrochus Leach
Hydrochus Germar in Leach 1817
Hydrochus Fallen 1823
Hydrochus abditus Watts 1999
Hydrochus accinctus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus adelaidae Blackburn 1888
Hydrochus adelaidae
Hydrochus adiyamanensis Tasar 2017
Hydrochus aenigmatis Watts 1999
Hydrochus aequalis
Hydrochus aeruginosus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus albicans Regimbart 1906
Hydrochus aljibensis
Hydrochus aljibensis Castro & Delgado 1999
Hydrochus alternatus Perkins 2020
Hydrochus alternatus
Hydrochus amazonicus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus amictus
Hydrochus ampliarmus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus anandae Makhan 2002
Hydrochus anandi Makhan 1994
Hydrochus andrei Makhan 1994
Hydrochus angusi Valladores 1988
Hydrochus angusi Valladares 1988
Hydrochus angusi
Hydrochus angustatus Germar 1824
Hydrochus angustatus Roubal 1934
Hydrochus angustatus Germ.
Hydrochus angustatus
Hydrochus angustatus bicolor Rey 1885
Hydrochus angustatus flavipennis Kiister 1852
Hydrochus angustatus flavipennis
Hydrochus annamita
Hydrochus anthracinus
Hydrochus apicalis
Hydrochus argutissimus Perkins 2019
Hydrochus argutoides Perkins 2021
Hydrochus argutulus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus argutus Knisch 1921
Hydrochus argutus
Hydrochus armatus Perkins 2020
Hydrochus artus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus aschae (Makhan 2004)
Hydrochus aschnaae (Makhan 1994)
Hydrochus aschnaae species group
Hydrochus aschnakiranae Makhan 1994
Hydrochus astrictus Perkins 2020
Hydrochus astrictus
Hydrochus atratus Watts 1999
Hydrochus atynderi Makhan 2002
Hydrochus augustatus-flavipennis Kust.
Hydrochus australis Motschulsky 1860
Hydrochus australis
Hydrochus austrinus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus azureipennis
Hydrochus bakkeri Makhan 1995
Hydrochus baloghi Makhan 1993
Hydrochus basicornis
Hydrochus basilaris Perkins 2019
Hydrochus basilaris
Hydrochus battjai Makhan 1992
Hydrochus beeneni
Hydrochus beeneni Makhan 1992
Hydrochus bernardi Makhan 1994
Hydrochus bicarinatus Perkins 2019
Hydrochus bicarinatus
Hydrochus bicolor
Hydrochus biexcavatus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus binaraiae Makhan 1994
Hydrochus binodosus
Hydrochus bisinuatus Perkins 2020
Hydrochus bisinuatus
Hydrochus bisoeni Makhan 2001
Hydrochus bisoenpersadi Makhan 1994
Hydrochus bituberculatus Perkins 2019
Hydrochus bituberculatus
Hydrochus boedhani Makhan 1994
Hydrochus brevis (Herbst 1793)
Hydrochus brevis (Herbst 1988)
Hydrochus brevis (Herbst)
Hydrochus brevis
Hydrochus brevitarsis Knitsch 1922
Hydrochus brevitarsis
Hydrochus brianbrowni Makhan 2005
Hydrochus bruchi Knisch 1924
Hydrochus bruggei
Hydrochus bruggei Makhan 1992
Hydrochus brunneonitens Lea 1926
Hydrochus brunneonitens
Hydrochus bucapitus Perkins 2020
Hydrochus burdekinensis Watts 1999
Hydrochus burdikinensis Watts 1999
Hydrochus c.
Hydrochus callosus Leconte 1855
Hydrochus canalis Perkins 2021
Hydrochus capensis
Hydrochus carinatus Germar 1824
Hydrochus carinatus
Hydrochus casuarius Perkins 2021
Hydrochus cervicalis
Hydrochus chitaniei Makhan 1994
Hydrochus chitraae Makhan 1994
Hydrochus choennii Makhan 1992
Hydrochus chubu Balfour-Browne & Sato 1962
Hydrochus chubu
Hydrochus cinctus
Hydrochus clandestinus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus coeneni
Hydrochus coeneni Makhan 1992
Hydrochus collaris Perkins 2019
Hydrochus collaris
Hydrochus colossus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus compactus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus conjunctus Perkins 2019
Hydrochus constrictus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus corruscans Bruch 1915
Hydrochus corruscans
Hydrochus costatus Dejean 1821
Hydrochus costulatus
Hydrochus costulatus Fairman 1898
Hydrochus cracentis Perkins 2020
Hydrochus cracentis
Hydrochus crenatus (Fabricius 1792)
Hydrochus crenatus
Hydrochus crenatus (Fab.)
Hydrochus crenulatus Motschulsky 1860
Hydrochus crenulatus Mots.
Hydrochus cristatus Oliva 1996
Hydrochus cuculatus Watts 1999
Hydrochus cucullatus Watts 1999
Hydrochus currani Brown 1929
Hydrochus curvus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus cyaneipennis
Hydrochus daviniaae Makhan 1995
Hydrochus debilis
Hydrochus debilis Sharp 1882
Hydrochus decorus Watts 1999
Hydrochus deepaki Makhan 1994
Hydrochus denarius Perkins 2019
Hydrochus denarius
Hydrochus deprinsi Makhan 1994
Hydrochus desenderi
Hydrochus desenderi Makhan 1992
Hydrochus dewganeshi Makhan 2004
Hydrochus dewnaraini Makhan 1992
Hydrochus diffusus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus directus Perkins 2020
Hydrochus distinctulus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus distinctus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus diversiceps Blackburn 1898
Hydrochus diversiceps
Hydrochus diversus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus drakei Knisch 1920
Hydrochus drakei
Hydrochus drakei Knisch 1921
Hydrochus drechseli Makhan 1995
Hydrochus drechseli
Hydrochus dualis Perkins 2020
Hydrochus ducalis Knisch 1921
Hydrochus ducalis
Hydrochus elineae Makhan 1994
Hydrochus elongatus (Schaller 1783)
Hydrochus elongatus (Schaller)
Hydrochus elongatus (Schall.)
Hydrochus elongatus
Hydrochus elongatus (Fab.)
Hydrochus elsjeae Makhan 1994
Hydrochus endrodyi Makhan 2002
Hydrochus ensifer Hansen 1998
Hydrochus equicarinatus Blatchley 1928
Hydrochus eurypleuron Watts 1999
Hydrochus fabiani Makhan 2001
Hydrochus falsus
Hydrochus falsus Hellman 2016
Hydrochus farsicus Hidalgo-Galiana, Jach & Ribera 2010
Hydrochus farsicus
Hydrochus flavipennis Kuster
Hydrochus flavipennis Kuster 1852
Hydrochus flavipennis
Hydrochus flavipes
Hydrochus flavofoveata
Hydrochus flexibilis Makhan 1994
Hydrochus forcipuloides Perkins 2021
Hydrochus forcipulus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus formosus Perkins 2019
Hydrochus formosus
Hydrochus fossulatus
Hydrochus foveatus Haldeman 1852
Hydrochus foveicollis
Hydrochus foveostriatus Fairmaire Balfour-Browne 1958
Hydrochus fritillus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus gemellatus Ill.
Hydrochus gibbosus (F. V. Melsh.)
Hydrochus gitaraiae Makhan 1994
Hydrochus grandi collis Schaefer 1964
Hydrochus grandicollis Kiesenwetter 1870
Hydrochus grandicollis
Hydrochus granicollis Lea 1926
Hydrochus granicollis
Hydrochus granulatus Blatchley 1910
Hydrochus hamulus Perkins 2020
Hydrochus hanoewanti Makhan 1994
Hydrochus harrydeepaki Makhan 1994
Hydrochus harryi Makhan 1994
Hydrochus hellenae Makhan 2004
Hydrochus hellenae Makhan 2002
Hydrochus hellmani Perkins 2019
Hydrochus hellmani
Hydrochus hiekei Makhan 1994
Hydrochus horni Blackburn 1896
Hydrochus horni
Hydrochus ibericus Valladares, Diaz & Delgado 1999
Hydrochus ibericus
Hydrochus iduae Makhan 1994
Hydrochus ignicollis Motschulsky 1860
Hydrochus ignicollis Motschulsky
Hydrochus ignicollis
Hydrochus ignicollis (Motschulsky 1860)
Hydrochus imamkhani Makhan 1994
Hydrochus impressus Zimmerm.
Hydrochus inaequalis LeConte 1855
Hydrochus incanus
Hydrochus incornutus
Hydrochus inornatus Makhan 1994
Hydrochus insularis Lea 1926
Hydrochus insularis
Hydrochus interims
Hydrochus interioris Blackburn 1896
Hydrochus interioris
Hydrochus interruptus Heyden 1870
Hydrochus interruptus
Hydrochus irmae Makhan 2001
Hydrochus irregularis Perkins 2021
Hydrochus jaechi Makhan 1995
Hydrochus japonicus Sharp 1873
Hydrochus japonicus
Hydrochus jasodae Makhan 2002
Hydrochus jenniferiduae Makhan 1995
Hydrochus jenniferiduae
Hydrochus jethoeae Makhan 1993
Hydrochus jialalae Makhan 1993
Hydrochus jiawanae Makhan 1996
Hydrochus johannapietersenae Makhan 1995
Hydrochus kargisicus
Hydrochus kellymilleri Perkins 2019
Hydrochus kellymilleri
Hydrochus kiranae Makhan 1994
Hydrochus kirgisicus Motschulsky 1860
Hydrochus kowsiliae Makhan 2004
Hydrochus kunarajahi Makhan 1994
Hydrochus lachmoni Makhan 1996
Hydrochus lacustris Nietner 1857
Hydrochus laeteviridis
Hydrochus laevigatus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus laferi Shatrovskiy 1992
Hydrochus laferi
Hydrochus lateviridis Blackburn 1896
Hydrochus laticollis Notman 1919
Hydrochus laticornis Fallen 1823
Hydrochus latipennis Perkins 2020
Hydrochus latitans
Hydrochus leei Perkins 2019
Hydrochus leei
Hydrochus lescheni Perkins 2020
Hydrochus liquidus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus lobatus Perkins 2019
Hydrochus lobatus
Hydrochus lobissimus Perkins 2020
Hydrochus lobissimus
Hydrochus longicornis Fallen 1823
Hydrochus longissimus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus lubricus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus lucidus Balfour-Browne 1954
Hydrochus macroaquilonius Watts 1999
Hydrochus macronychus
Hydrochus madagascarensis Short & Hebauer 2006
Hydrochus mahunkai Makhan 1993
Hydrochus marginipennis
Hydrochus martinae Makhan 1996
Hydrochus mastersi
Hydrochus matthewsi Makhan 1995
Hydrochus mauriciogarciai Perkins 2019
Hydrochus maximus Perkins 2020
Hydrochus megaphallus
Hydrochus megaphallus van Berge Henegouwen 1988
Hydrochus megaphallus Berge Henegouwen 1988
Hydrochus megaphallus van Berge Henegouwen
Hydrochus membraneus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus merkli Makhan 1993
Hydrochus merkli Makhan 1994
Hydrochus merkli
Hydrochus mesoamericanus Perkins 2021
Hydrochus metallicus
Hydrochus metallipes Knisch 1920
Hydrochus metallipes
Hydrochus minimus Blatchley 1920
Hydrochus minimus Blatchley 1919
Hydrochus monishi Makhan 1995
Hydrochus multicolor Lea 1926
Hydrochus multicolor
Hydrochus multicostatus Oliva 1996
Hydrochus nadesui Makhan 1994
Hydrochus naraini Makhan 1993
Hydrochus nasutus Fallen 1823
Hydrochus nayaritensis Perkins 2021
Hydrochus neosquamifer Smetana 1988
Hydrochus nigeriensis Hansen 1998
Hydrochus niloticus
Hydrochus nitidicollis
Hydrochus nitidicollis Mulsant 1844
Hydrochus nitidicollis Dejean in E. Mulsant 1844
Hydrochus nitidicollis var. flavipennis Gozis 1919
Hydrochus nitidicollis var. funebrior Gozis 1919
Hydrochus nodulifer Reitter 1897
Hydrochus nodulifer
Hydrochus nooreinus van Berge Henegouwen & Sainz-Cantero 1992
Hydrochus nooreinus Berge Henegouwen & Sainz-Cantero 1992
Hydrochus nooreinus
Hydrochus numerosepunctatus Watts 1999
Hydrochus obliquus Perkins 2020
Hydrochus obnatus Balfour-Browne 1959
Hydrochus obnatus Balfour-Browne 1951
Hydrochus obscuroaeneus Fairmaire 1879
Hydrochus obscuroaeneus
Hydrochus obscurus Sharp 1882
Hydrochus obscurus
Hydrochus obsoletus Lea 1926
Hydrochus obsoletus
Hydrochus obtusicollis Fairmaire 1877
Hydrochus obtusicollis Fairm.
Hydrochus obtusicollis
Hydrochus octocarinatus
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