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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Hydaticus servillianus Aube 1838
Hydaticus servillianus Guignot 1953
Hydaticus servillianus
Hydaticus servillianus ineptus (Guignot 1953)
Hydaticus sesquivittatus
Hydaticus setniniger
Hydaticus severini
Hydaticus sexguttatus
Hydaticus sexguttatus Regimbart 1899
Hydaticus sharpi Vazirani 1968
Hydaticus sharpi Vazirani 1969
Hydaticus signatipennis de Laporte 1835
Hydaticus signatipennis
Hydaticus signatipennis Lap.
Hydaticus smithii White 1847
Hydaticus sobrinus Aube 1838
Hydaticus sobrinus Dejean 1833
Hydaticus sobrinus
Hydaticus sp.
Hydaticus speciosus
Hydaticus stagnalis
Hydaticus stagnalis (Fab.)
Hydaticus stagnalis Fabricius
Hydaticus stagnalis (Fabricius 1787)
Hydaticus stagnalis F.
Hydaticus stagnalis (Fabricius)
Hydaticus stagnalls (F)
Hydaticus stagnolia F. nec Fourcr.
Hydaticus stappersi Peschet 1916
Hydaticus stastnyi Wewalka 2015
Hydaticus staudingeri
Hydaticus subfasciatus de Laporte 1835
Hydaticus subfasciatus Laporte 1835
Hydaticus subrutilus
Hydaticus subsignatus Harold 1879
Hydaticus subtilis (Er.)
Hydaticus suffusus Regimbart 1892
Hydaticus suffusus
Hydaticus swani
Hydaticus taraxias
Hydaticus tenuis
Hydaticus tenuis Gschw.
Hydaticus testudinarius
Hydaticus thermonectoides
Hydaticus tibetanus Shaverdo, Wewalka & Li 2012
Hydaticus transcersalis
Hydaticus transversalis (Fab.)
Hydaticus transversalis
Hydaticus transversalis (Pontopidan 1863)
Hydaticus transversalis (Pontop.)
Hydaticus transversalis (Pontoppidan 1763)
Hydaticus tschoffeni
Hydaticus tuyuensis Tremouilles
Hydaticus ugandaensis
Hydaticus ugandaensis Guign.
Hydaticus unilineatus
Hydaticus usshcrii
Hydaticus v.
Hydaticus variegatus Watts 1978
Hydaticus variegatus de Laporte 1835
Hydaticus vaziranii Wewalka 1979
Hydaticus verecundus Clark 1864
Hydaticus verecundus
Hydaticus verrucifer (Sahlb.)
Hydaticus vitattus Fabricius 1775
Hydaticus vittatus (Fab.)
Hydaticus vittatus (Blanch.)
Hydaticus vittatus
Hydaticus vitticollis Zimmermann 1928
Hydaticus vitticollis
Hydaticus wattsi Daussin 1980
Hydaticus wittei
Hydaticus wittei Gschw.
Hydaticus wittei galbinatus Guignot 1947
Hydaticus xanthomelas
Hydaticus xanthomelas (Brulle 1837)
Hydaticus zonatus
Hydaticus zonatus Panz.
Hydaticus zonatus (Hoppe)
Onychogyrodactylus hydaticus Kritsky, Vianna & Boeger 2007
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