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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Hydaticus martensi Wewalka 1972
Hydaticus matheroni White 1847
Hydaticus matruelis
Hydaticus meridionalis Melsheimer 1844
Hydaticus mexaformis Wewalka 1979
Hydaticus microdaemeli Watts 1978
Hydaticus mocquerysi
Hydaticus modestus Watts 1978
Hydaticus modestus Sharp 1882
Hydaticus modestus
Hydaticus mollucarum Sharp
Hydaticus myriophylli (Gyll.)
Hydaticus nebulosus
Hydaticus nepalensis
Hydaticus nigritulus
Hydaticus nigritulus Reg.
Hydaticus nigritulus Regimbart 1899
Hydaticus nigro-vittatus
Hydaticus nigromarmoratus Cl.
Hydaticus nigromarmoratus
Hydaticus nigrotoeniatus
Hydaticus okalehubyi Balke & Hendrich 1992
Hydaticus opaculus Gschwendtner 1933
Hydaticus orissaensis Nilsson 1999
Hydaticus ornatus
Hydaticus pacificus
Hydaticus pacificus Aube 1838
Hydaticus pacificus Guignot 1935
Hydaticus pacificus conspersus Regimbart
Hydaticus pacificus var. ceylonicus Guignot 1935
Hydaticus pacificus var. latihamatus Regimbart 1899
Hydaticus pacificus var. lunatus Regimbart 1899
Hydaticus paganus
Hydaticus palliatus Dejean 1833
Hydaticus parallelus
Hydaticus parallelus Clark 1864
Hydaticus peregrinus
Hydaticus pescheti Gschwendtner 1930
Hydaticus petiti
Hydaticus petitii (Dej.)
Hydaticus philippensis
Hydaticus piceus
Hydaticus piciventris Thoms.
Hydaticus pictus
Hydaticus plagiatus
Hydaticus planatus
Hydaticus planatus Reg.
Hydaticus platamboides
Hydaticus platteenwi
Hydaticus platteenwi Severin 1890
Hydaticus platteeuwi
Hydaticus poecilus
Hydaticus polygrammua Guignot 1935
Hydaticus polyyrammus
Hydaticus ponticus
Hydaticus pulcher Clark 1866
Hydaticus punctipennis
Hydaticus quadriguttatus
Hydaticus quadrivittatus Sato 1961
Hydaticus rectangulus
Hydaticus rectus
Hydaticus reductus
Hydaticus reductus Regimbart 1899
Hydaticus religatus
Hydaticus rhantaticoides Regimbart 1892
Hydaticus rhantaticoides
Hydaticus rhantoides
Hydaticus rhantoides Sharp
Hydaticus ricinus Wewalka 1979
Hydaticus ricinus
Hydaticus riehli
Hydaticus riehli Wehncke 1876
Hydaticus rimosus Chev.
Hydaticus rimosus Aube 1838
Hydaticus rivanolis Wewalka 1979
Hydaticus rochasi
Hydaticus rochei Camerano 1907
Hydaticus ruficollis F., nec Deg.
Hydaticus rufulus Chevrolat in C. Aube 1838
Hydaticus rufulus Aube
Hydaticus rugosus Poppius 1905
Hydaticus rugosus
Hydaticus satoi Wewlka 1975
Hydaticus satoi
Hydaticus satoi dhofarensis Pederzani 2003
Hydaticus satoi satoi Wewalka 1975
Hydaticus satoi satoi
Hydaticus schelkowinkovi
Hydaticus schultzei Zimmermann 1924
Hydaticus scriptus (Blanch.)
Hydaticus sellatus
Hydaticus sellatus sabahensis Wewalka 2015
Hydaticus sellatus sellatus Regimbart 1883
Hydaticus sellatus sellatus
Hydaticus sellatus var. ephippiiger Regimbart 1899
Hydaticus semiluteus
Hydaticus seminiger (Deg.)
Hydaticus seminiger (Degeer 1774)
Hydaticus seminiger
Hydaticus septemlineatus Zimmermann 1928
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