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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Hydaticus flavolineatus Boheman 1848
Hydaticus flavomaculatus Chevrolat 1833
Hydaticus flavomarginatus Zimmermann 1920
Hydaticus fractifer Wlk.
Hydaticus fractifer Walker 1858
Hydaticus fulvicollis Dejean 1837
Hydaticus fulvonotalus
Hydaticus fulvosparsus
Hydaticus funebris
Hydaticus galla Guerin-M. in Lefebvre 1849
Hydaticus galla Guer.
Hydaticus galla G.-M.
Hydaticus gondaricus Reiche
Hydaticus gorii
Hydaticus goryi Aube
Hydaticus goryi (Aube)
Hydaticus goryi Aube 1838
Hydaticus grammicus
Hydaticus grammicus (Germ)
Hydaticus grammicus Sturm 1834
Hydaticus grammicus Germ.
Hydaticus grammicus (Sturm)
Hydaticus graueri
Hydaticus guignoti
Hydaticus hajeki Wewalka 2015
Hydaticus havaniensis de Laporte 1835
Hydaticus hendrichi Wewalka 2015
Hydaticus histrio
Hydaticus humeralis
Hydaticus humeralis R.
Hydaticus hybneri (Fab.)
Hydaticus i. var. a Gschw.
Hydaticus i. var. b Gschw.
Hydaticus incaustus Dupont in C. Aube 1838
Hydaticus incertus
Hydaticus inconspicuus
Hydaticus ineptus
Hydaticus insignis
Hydaticus insulanus
Hydaticus insularis de Laporte 1835
Hydaticus intermed. var. c Gschw.
Hydaticus intermed. var. d Gschw.
Hydaticus intermedius
Hydaticus intermediusexclamationis
Hydaticus interrogator
Hydaticus interrogator Guign.
Hydaticus interruptus Reg.
Hydaticus isabelii Dupont in C. Aube 1838
Hydaticus japonicus Sharp 1873
Hydaticus japonicus Shp.
Hydaticus jeanneli Guign.
Hydaticus jeanneli
Hydaticus jucundus Reiche in Ferret & Galinier 1850
Hydaticus jucundus
Hydaticus jucundus Reiche
Hydaticus laceratus
Hydaticus lacriusculus Poppius 1906
Hydaticus laecipennis
Hydaticus laetabilis
Hydaticus laetabilis Regimbart 1899
Hydaticus laevipennis
Hydaticus laevipennis Thoms.
Hydaticus laevipennis Thomson 1867
Hydaticus laevisculptus Zaitzev 1910
Hydaticus larsoni Wewalka 2015
Hydaticus lateralis de Laporte 1835
Hydaticus lateralis Laporte 1835
Hydaticus latior
Hydaticus lativittis
Hydaticus leander
Hydaticus leander (Rossi)
Hydaticus leander Rossi
Hydaticus leechi Sato 1961
Hydaticus leechi
Hydaticus len. Sato 1961
Hydaticus len. c.
Hydaticus lenzi Schonf.
Hydaticus lenzi conjugens (Regimbart 1899)
Hydaticus leveillei
Hydaticus liberus (Say)
Hydaticus lineatus F.
Hydaticus lineolatus (Men.)
Hydaticus litigiosus
Hydaticus litigiosus Regt.
Hydaticus litigiosus Reg.
Hydaticus litoralis
Hydaticus loetabilis
Hydaticus loevipennis
Hydaticus longulus
Hydaticus luczonicus Aube 1938
Hydaticus luczonicus Aube 1838
Hydaticus luczonicus Aube (ex Dej. Cat.) 1838
Hydaticus luczonicus
Hydaticus luzonicus Dejean 1833
Hydaticus macularis Regimbart 1899
Hydaticus macularis
Hydaticus maculatus
Hydaticus madagascariensis Aube 1838
Hydaticus marlenae Wewalka 2015
Hydaticus marmoratus Hope in Griffith's Cuvier 1832
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