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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate's Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

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Hydaticus baeri
Hydaticus bakewellii
Hydaticus balkei Wewalka 2015
Hydaticus basinotatus Reg.
Hydaticus batchianensis Sharp
Hydaticus bengalensis Regimbart 1899
Hydaticus bengalensis
Hydaticus bifasciatus
Hydaticus bihamatus (Eschsch.)
Hydaticus bihamatus
Hydaticus bihamatus Aube
Hydaticus bihamatus Aube 1838
Hydaticus bilineatus (Deg.)
Hydaticus bilineatus
Hydaticus bimarginatus (Say)
Hydaticus bimarginatus
Hydaticus binttatus (Lap.)
Hydaticus bipunctatus
Hydaticus bipunctatus Wehncke 1876
Hydaticus bipunctatus Wenn
Hydaticus bipunctatus conjungenes Regimbart 1899
Hydaticus bivittatus de Laporte 1835
Hydaticus bowringi Clk.
Hydaticus bowringi Zimmermann 1919
Hydaticus bowringii
Hydaticus brackeli
Hydaticus brunnipennis Aube 1838
Hydaticus caffer Boheman 1848
Hydaticus capicola Dejean 1836
Hydaticus capicola
Hydaticus celebesanus
Hydaticus ceylonicus Ceylon
Hydaticus chevrolati Aube 1838
Hydaticus cinctipennis Aube
Hydaticus cinctipennis
Hydaticus cinctipennis Dejean 1837
Hydaticus cinereus
Hydaticus cinereus (L.)
Hydaticus clairvillii
Hydaticus collarti Guignot 1948
Hydaticus concinnaticius
Hydaticus concinnatus Wllngr.
Hydaticus concolor Sharp
Hydaticus concolor
Hydaticus concolorans
Hydaticus confusus Boheman 1858
Hydaticus congestus Klug 1833
Hydaticus congestus
Hydaticus congo
Hydaticus conjungens Reg.
Hydaticus conlinentalis Balfour-Browne 1944
Hydaticus consanguineus Dupont in C. Aube 1838
Hydaticus consanguineus
Hydaticus consimilis
Hydaticus consimilis Regimbart 1887
Hydaticus conspersus sakishimanus Nakane 1990
Hydaticus continentalis Balfour-Browne 1944
Hydaticus daemeli Sharp 1882
Hydaticus decorus Klug in Ehrenberg 1834
Hydaticus decorus Klug 1834
Hydaticus decorus (Klug)
Hydaticus definitus White 1847
Hydaticus dejeanii Aube 1838
Hydaticus devexus Tremouilles 1996
Hydaticus dineutoides
Hydaticus dintelmanni Balke, Hendrich, Sagata & Wewalka 2005
Hydaticus discindens Walker 1858
Hydaticus discoidalis Hope 1843
Hydaticus doemeli (Wehncke, MS.)
Hydaticus doemeli
Hydaticus dorsalis
Hydaticus dorsiger Dupont in C. Aube 1838
Hydaticus dorsovittatus
Hydaticus dregei Dejean 1837
Hydaticus dregei Aube
Hydaticus duplex
Hydaticus e. Aube
Hydaticus e. var. i. Reg.
Hydaticus ephippiiger Regimbart 1899
Hydaticus epipleuricus
Hydaticus exclamationis Gschw.
Hydaticus exclamationis Aube 1838
Hydaticus exclamationis Aube
Hydaticus exclamationis Guignot 1953
Hydaticus exclamationis
Hydaticus fabricii M'Leay
Hydaticus fabricii
Hydaticus fabricii McL.
Hydaticus fabricii confusus Boheman 1858
Hydaticus fabricii group MacLeay
Hydaticus fabricii loeffleri Wewalka 1979
Hydaticus fasciatus (Fab.)
Hydaticus fascicollis Harris
Hydaticus fascicollis (Harris)
Hydaticus fengi Falkenstrom 1936
Hydaticus festivus (Ill.)
Hydaticus figuratus
Hydaticus fijiensis
Hydaticus finus Watts 1978
Hydaticus flavocinctus (Guér.)
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