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Welcome to the Index to Organism Names (ION)

ION contains the organism names related data gathered from the scientific literature for Clarivate Analytics' Zoological Record® database. Viruses, bacteria and plant names will be added from other Clarivate databases such as BIOSIS Previews®.

Hierarchy Results

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Adcrocuta Kretzoi
Adcrocuta Kretzoi 1938
Adcrocuta advena Kretzoi 1955
Adcrocuta australis Hendey 1974
Adcrocuta eximia (Roth & Wagner 1854)
Adcrocuta eximia
Adcrocuta eximia latro
Adcrocuta eximia latro (Pilgrim 1932)
Adcrocuta eximia praecursor
Adcrocuta eximia variabilis (Zdansky 1924)
Adcrocuta eximia variabilis Zdansky 1924
Adcrocutini Baryshnikov & Averianov 1995
Adcrocutini Baryshnikov & Averianov 1998
Ailurena Stirton & Christian
Ailurena johnstoni
Allohyaena Kretzoi 1938
Allohyaena (Allohyaena) sarmatica Semenov 1994
Allohyaena (Dinocrocuta) Schmidt-Kittler
Allohyaena (Dinocrocuta) leakyi (Howell & Petter 1985)
Allohyaena kadici
Allohyaena kadici Kretzoi 1938
Belbus Werdelin & Solounias 1991
Belbus djurabensis de Bonis, Peigne, Guy, Mackaye, Likius, Vignaud & Brunet 2010
Capsatherium Kurten 1976
Capsatherium luciae Kurten 1976
Capsatherium luciae Kurten 1978
Chasmaporthetes Hay 1921
Chasmaporthetes Hay
Chasmaporthetes australis
Chasmaporthetes bielawskyi (Schaub 1941)
Chasmaporthetes bonisi Koufos 1987
Chasmaporthetes exitelus Kurten & Werdelin 1988
Chasmaporthetes gangsriensis Tseng, Li & Wang 2013
Chasmaporthetes johnstoni (Berta 1981)
Chasmaporthetes kani Galiano & Frailey 1977
Chasmaporthetes kani anatolicus Ginsburg 1998
Chasmaporthetes kani kani Galiano & Frailey 1977
Chasmaporthetes kani progressus Qiu 1987
Chasmaporthetes lunensis (del Campana 1914)
Chasmaporthetes lunensis Del Campana 1914
Chasmaporthetes lunensis
Chasmaporthetes lunensis lunensis
Chasmaporthetes lunensis odessanus Sotnikova 1994
Chasmaporthetes melei Rook, Ferretti, Arca & Tuveri 2004
Chasmaporthetes nitidula (Ewer 1955)
Chasmaporthetes nitidula
Chasmaporthetes nitidula darelbeidae Geraads 1997
Chasmaporthetes ossifragus Hay 1921
Chasmaporthetes progressus (Qiu 1987)
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